WANTED: Talented Media Makers and Creatives to Help Our Fantasy Football Company Explode

We need 'media makers' and 'creatives' to get to the moon.

The Visual / Media Team

Evolving from the common “Fantasy Football Blog” into a “Fantasy Football Media Company.”

Overall Mission: To create unique, engaging, and top-notch visual content that informs and/or entertains like no other fantasy football site ever has.

Why – The Motivation

After sitting (and swallowing back puke) through various NFL Network or ESPN Fantasy Broadcasts, the need for quality “Fantasy TV” became abundantly clear. By creating programming and graphics that informs and actually entertains in equal measures, Roto Street Journal can revolutionize the way fantasy content is delivered and establish a unique identity amidst this crowded pack. 

What – Example Products

Far from an exhaustive list, here’s a few examples of multimedia content we would like to produce or enhance for the future:


  • “Fantasy TV”— Both LIVE Broadcasts and Produced Episodes. Examples: 
    • Sunday Preview Show: A Mixture of Preproduced Segments with LIVE – Sit / Start Broadcasts
    • “Around the Fantasy Horn” – Roundtable Tackling of Burning Fantasy Questions each night / week
    • Monday Recap: Lessons Learned, Big Board Movement, and Waiver Wire Lookaheads
    • The Nightly Fantasy “Rundown” ala Barstool, with Fantasy Specific Angles
Barstool Rundown - December 18, 2017
  • Fantasy Stock Profiles – Video Montages on each player highlighting their “Stock Score” and Fantasy Outlook.  Similar to the NFL Top-100 Clips, but with a Fantasy Angle / Assigning of Stock Grades:
YouTube player
  • “Vlogs” –  that documents our journey and brainstorming, a sort of “Peek Behind the Curtain” of our evolution as a business and company (especially to build for a Summer Tour we are planning). I like Gary Vee’s style of Vlogs or Barstool’s “Stool Scenes” as templates. The goal would be telling the brand’s story, our own individual members’ stories, all while giving fantasy and life advice.
Why you need to focus on Facebook Watch | DailyVee 353
  • Humor / Viral Videos: 
    • “Mockumentaries”  – Like “American Vandal,” recreating a Last Place Punishment in an over-exaggerated “Documentary” way. The loss, the buildup to the event, interviews with the party and league members, watching the punishment itself. 
    • Face-Swapping: Example – Face swapping Dalvin Cook onto Leonardo Dicaprio as he’s let out into the ocean during the Titanic as a clip about releasing him to the Waiver Wire. A favorite example of quality FaceSwapping: 


  • Cartoons / Animations –  Short Animation clips of funny rambles we have (like Blake Bortles walking down the street in London…) or heated debates we are having. We also could run full time weekly animation series, depending on availability and talent. 


  • Consistent Infographics team that can take our written content and make it into easily digestible pictures and IG stories 


  • Humorous Photoshops and Memes for our more “Viral” Instagram Page (Roto Memes Coming Soon) 

  • Cartoons – NFL or RSJ Happenings in Cartoon Forms. 

Who – People We’re Recruiting:

Team Members Needed:

Essentially we are looking for our own versions of Barstool’s “Milmore” or Gary Vaynerchuck’s “DRock” to expand our product offerings, in addition to our own:

  1. Open Broadcast Software (OBS) Gurus – to revolutionize our live broadcasts 
  2. Video Editors – For all types of post production clips, segments, and full shows
  3. Photoshop Wizards – for the infographics + humor team 
  4. Cartoonists and Animators
  5. Filmers – for building “vlog” content 

In general, any visionaries and bright minds who are interested in brainstorming and working on visual content, projects, and are aligned with our goal of taking over the Fantasy Football world.

How to Apply:

Equally motivated to take over the fantasy world and join a venture with the upside, versatility, and raw potential of Tyreek Hill?

See a “desired product” that you’ve got the skills to execute like no other?

Then apply now!

Contact us at admin@rotostreetjournal.com in a way that stands out and let us know what you bring to the table. Send in samples of your past work, have a project assigned to you and prove you can execute like no others, send in a resume and explanation of your experience. Highlight yourself and your talents in a way that’ll separate from all other applicants.

For more General Information on the Rotos Street Journal Team, our core values, and our motivations, click Page 2:


  • Founder of Roto Street Journal. Lover of workhorse backs, target hog wideouts, and Game of Thrones. Aspiring to be the "Brady" and "Leo" of the fantasy universe.


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