If We Helped You in 2017, Please Let Us Know (Seeking Testimonials and Reviews)

We're seeking testimonials and reviews if we led you to a successful fantasy football season.

Dear Wolves,

In just our second season, we were absolutely thrilled to reach and help far more people than we imagined possible. Our main goal has and always will be to create long term fantasy wolves, answer every question as accurately as possible, and bring our viewers the titles and bragging rights they so desperately seek.

Humblingly, we’ve received many messages suggesting we did just this, and we couldn’t be more proud or have our work feel more validated.

Now, we feel it’s our turn to ask something of you:

In order for us to continue on this meteoric ascension to the peak of the fantasy football world, we need to prove our worth to the fantasy sheep who are skeptical of an industry newcomer. Thus, we hope to gather testimonials and success stories from our amazing viewers to help get our name out there to the entire fantasy football community.

If you’re willing to help us grow and establish our name further, here are a few ways to do so


1. Leave a review on Facebook. We believe that our Facebook page will separate us from the old nerds who strictly dominate one platform. Showing positive testimonials on Facebook will entice people to ‘like’ the page and interact with us.



2. Leave a voicemail for us to play on The Fantasy Fullback Dive. On the right side of our homepage, there is an option to leave a SpeakPipe message. If you are a loyal listener to the podcast, or a viewer of the Sunday Show, give The Wolf, CJay, and The Truth a shout out with a voice message. We’d love to compile an audio testimonial segment.


3. Leave a review on iTunes. If you don’t feel like hearing your own voice on The Fantasy Fullback Dive, we understand. What would actually be just as good, if not better for our growth would be a simple 5 star rating and a review on iTunes. We would put our podcast up against any podcast in the industry, but our growth will be capped with the amount of iTunes reviews we currently have. Leave the rating and review on your iPhone app, or on your laptop through iTunes.

General Review Note – The more specific and concrete your review, the better. If there’s a specific move we helped with (i.e. giving you faith in Blake Bortles for your finals), that’s awesome. If there’s a mindset or philosophy we helped with, even better. If there’s a platform or specific tactic of ours you found was better than all others, we’d love to know! This helps everything read more genuinely, as well as let us know where we were most helpful.

Thank you for supporting our growth #RSJWolfPack. We are humbled, honored, and proud to serve you, and cannot wait to bring more titles in 2018.


Roto Street Journal


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