Fantasy Football Implications of Pierre Garcon Injury and 49ers Backfield Moving Forward

Grant Cohn joined The Wolf to talk Pierre Garcon's season-ending injury, the 49ers backfield and Jimmy Garoppolo.

We welcomed our friend of the program, Grant Cohn of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat on short notice to discuss the Pierre Garcon season-ending neck injury and how the 49ers will replace Garcon’s targets. Cohn and The Wolf also touched on the 49ers backfield competition between Carlos Hyde and Matt Breida. Lastly, they talked about the major Jimmy Garoppolo trade and what Grant would like to see the team do with the quarterback for the 2017 season. Should they let Garoppolo learn the playbook and make sure he re-signs? Or throw him into the fire for a few meaningless games?

Per usual, Grant brought the heat and the inside scoop (scroll to 1:10).

Grant Cohn Discusses Pierre Garcon's Season-Ending Injury and the Jimmy Garoppolo Trade

Grant’s Main Points

— No WR is going to just step in and replicate Pierre Garcon’s production. Marquise Goodwin is more of a deep guy and they don’t have the line for him to execute those longer developing plays. Aldrick Robinson will likely become a new starter, but doesn’t bring much to the table

— Expects running backs to see a lot more of the work now. Carlos Hyde in particular is more useful than expected because he seems to be in a tryout for a contract. Maybe they are testing him for long-term durability? Seeing how versatile he can be? Either way, it seems they want to get an answer if they should extend him or not, and so expect him to remain involved moving forward.

Matt Breida should still pick up some receiving slack, but probably wouldn’t carry too much value without an injury. But he scored TDs, so hopefully Shanahan will go back to his guy.

George Kittle has been dropping the ball too much and might just ultimately be an in-line guy as a strong blocker

— Jimmy Garoppolo should sit out this season. The 49ers should focus on selling him Shanahan’s offense and get him to re-sign. There’s no point in throwing him into meaningless games only to expose a potential injury and hurt draft position.

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