Fantasy Football 2017: Week 9 Rankings (Updated x 3)

As owners plummet deeper into Bye Week Hell, making the right decision is even more imperative. Check out how we rank our players for Week 9 now!

Week 9 has arrived, and we’re even deeper into Bye Week Hell than ever before. Owners will be without their studs from Patriots, Steelers, Chargers, Vikings and (to a lesser extent) Bears Browns, meaning we’ll have to dig real deep for some solid options.

Below are my rankings. I will add notes throughout the day on players I am higher and lower on, and The Truth and myself will break it all down on tonight’s Fantasy Fullback Dive.  As always, personalized advice is the best kind, and we aim to be the most user-centered site around. As such:


Sit / Start Help: If you have any specific lineup questions, please let me know. While rankings are helpful, many factors are at play that can make a lower-ranked player more appealing to start. For example, you may be an underdog, and starting a “boom-or-bust” player is more recommendable versus a sure 7 or 8 points.

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Scoring Reminder: These rankings are based on 1/2 PPR, 4 Pt Passing TD Scoring.

Sunday Update

Leonard Fournette is a shocking inactive after missing team photos — get your head out of your ass rookie! Chris Ivory (25%) and TJ Yeldon (18%) become immediately viable streams that are widely available, which is huge for Bye Week hell.

Zach Ertz is also inactive, which means a creature named Trey Burton has some shocking upside. He’s also only $2500 on Draft Kings. Other streams include Ben Watson (16%), Rams Tight Ends Tyler Higbee (2%) and Gerald Everett (1%) versus a Giants D that has surrendered a TD to TEs every week,  and also AJ Derby (7%).

Fantasy Football 2017: Week 9 Rankings

Update: Deshaun Watson‘s soul-crushing injury definitely lessens the appeal of every Texan for Week 9 and especially beyond. A juicy matchup with the defense-less Colts means DeAndre Hopkins should still be treated like a WR1, just not a “tier above everyone” like he had been. Lamar Miller should see an uptick in work, but the quality decreases dramatically, so he sees a slight dump down. The largest impact will likely be Will Fuller, who was dominating not only because of his insane speed, but because Watson’s incredible deep accuracy and ability to extend plays was maximizing this. He takes the severest hit, both for Week 9 and beyond. Tom Savage is gross, but could be an OK streamer with this stacked of a weapons cabinet and this soft of a matchup.

Update x 2: The carnage doesn’t end there, as Pierre Garcon was placed on injured reserve. He wasn’t a great Week 9 option with the Patrick Peterson treatment looming, but this is a blow long term. Marquise Goodwin is likely to step into the No.1 role, which makes him a major risk as he could now see the blanket coverage and be taken completely out. Despite the Cardinals awful secondary behind Peterson, this seems like a matchup that’s too tough to predict. Avoid if possible.

Update x 3: Our legal system  continues to be exposed as a complete joke, as more money gets wasted while Ezekiel Elliott is again eligible to play. This ruins any “Streaming” appeal of Alfred Morris, Rod Smith, and Darren McFadden for at least Week 9, while Zeke is back to his locked in RB1 ways for at least another rodeo.


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