Ezekiel Elliott Granted Temporary Restraining Order, Likely to Play Full Season

It looks like Ezekiel Elliott will play the entire 2017 season after all...

All that fuss for nothing.

As RJ Ochoa of Blogging The Boys told us on The Fantasy Fullback Dive a few weeks ago, Ezekiel Elliott will [likely] play the entire 2017 campaign, after the judge ruled that Elliott “did not receive a fundamentally fair hearing.” The NFL Players Associated added, “it also demonstrates the continued lack of integrity within their own League office.”

So what does this mean for fantasy? Well, if you took our advice and took him in the second round, your team is loaded. You were able to draft a first round stud and parlay it with the third best fantasy player in the league. One can only imagine how pissed off Elliott will play this season after having his name dragged through the mud by Roger Goodell and the NFL.

Adding a premiere running back to the backfield will make things easier for Dak Prescott by keeping the safeties closer to the line of scrimmage. This will give Dez Bryant more one-on-one coverage on the perimeter, which obviously makes his situation better.

Overall, Ezekiel Elliott will be on the field for all 16 games and congratulations if you took our advice and made sure he was on your roster.

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