Are you in the best fantasy football league of all time? Prove it

Now taking applications for GOAT Fantasy Football Leagues.

What makes for a quality fantasy league?

How many times have you heard some fantasy nerd spew out the following garbage:

“Oh gee, I’m in the best fantasy football league ever… Me and 9 other buddies, most researched guys around… been doing it since the pen & paper days…”

Yeah, longevity is a strong sign. Ten teams? Disgraceful. Get back in the locker.

Or how about the the hardass, spray-tanned gambler, who loves to chime in his league’s credence with a heavy dose of verbal vomit:

“Oh me & my buddies, plus cousin Vin, we all go to Vegas, literally burn so much money, biggest buy-in. Strip clubs. Fantasy football.”

Sure, high stakes, Vegas, and the act of blowing money are all awesome — I’m always down to toss a whopping Harriet Tubman on the table for just about any proposed action: over / under on how many times that god awful “Don’t tell me what to do?” Corolla commercial will air throughout a single game = 6.5? Give me $50 on the over all day.

Did anyone else have no idea this was happening? Love it. 

But a truly genuine, high quality league? That’s not solely measured in league dues or start date.

The true merit and value of a league, rather, is directly in it’s soul.  The human bonds this league maintains, and often strengthens, regardless of where you’ve all landed in life. The unforgettable, degrading side bets and shameful punishments absorbed along the way.  A championship prize capable of inducing the purest joy and pride, rivaled only by a Tom Brady Super Bowl.  The competition is fierce, and the memories innumerable, and life is unimaginable without this league.

From the most ruthless and creative shame acts, to the most awe-inspiring championship, we are out to crown the GOAT Fantasy Football League.   So if you’ve got a league that belongs at the top of Mount Roto, then send in an application.  Simply copy, paste, and fill in the form below, and submit your entry to and be sure to tune in tomorrow where I’ll be setting the bar with the current GOAT: Beverly’s own Fight for the Fez.

Cute animal portrait of a small goat looking happy and cheerful

GOAT Fantasy League Application

Process: Applications will be judged and shared on a rolling basis, with a winner crowned at the end of the football season. All applications will receive air time, but a league must be truly outstanding to win the crown.

Please click on and fill in the form below to highlight your own league’s greatness. Note – evidence submission is not required, but highly encouraged. Please use the link below the application, or email, to share any evidence of prizes, punishments, and trophies.

Evidence Submission:

Please visit this link, or email files to



Here’s The Wolf’s application for his longest-running and most competitive league, The Fight for the Fez.


Are we missing any important criteria? Let us know!

Even better – Think your league has what it takes for The GOAT title?  Prove your worth and send the above application in to be featured on our site, and potentially crowned as the greatest league ever.


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