2017 Fantasy Football Rankings, Cheatsheets and Player Profiles (LDW Update)

Fantasy values have changed since "Dress Rehearsal Week." Don't miss a beat, especially if you're drafting this weekend.

Real-Time Rankings

Tired of being in the middle of a fantasy football draft, only to find out your super sleeper blew up… and got stolen right beneath your nose?

Sick of making a selection only to find out after the draft he was carted off with tears in his eyes (and now in yours)?

Introducing Real Time Rankings: Fantasy Football Cheatsheets. Updated literally by the minute.

Thanks to the incredibly user-friendly Fantasy Pros Experts Rankings Tool (much love), we are now able to update our rankings real time. The Fantasy Stock Market is constantly turning, and only The Roto Street Journal’s rankings capture this fluidity. While other lists grow static (especially amidst D-Day), ours are evolve with every swing and shake of Preseason and camp action.

This is especially crucial during Week 3 of the Preseason, aka “Dress Rehearsal Week.” This is the closest to a real game we’ll see, with starters often playing deep into the third quarter, or at least a half. The most meaningful trends from the preseason are often drawn from these games, so having a constantly updated list is crucial if drafting this weekend.

Not only do we have up-to-date rankings, but we just dropped our Fantasy Football Investing Guide: Draft Day Edition on August 30th. Sign up here for your FREE and up-to-date 100-plus page draft guide.

Two Important Notes / Disclaimers:

1. I put genuine thought into the Top 180, as this represents a full 15 Rounds.

The Top 156 are my player rankings, followed by 12 defenses, and then 12 kickers. If you need to go deeper at any specific position, just check out that individual spot or the cheat sheets.

2. My STD (Standard, pervert) Rankings are actually 1/2 PPR.

When using this rankings tool / widget, you cannot change the 1/2 PPR Rankings or add tiers. Instead, the tool automatically blends my PPR and Standard Ranks. Since I consider tiers crucial, STD now = 1/2 PPR. PPR = PPR. If you play standard… grow up.

Article Organization: I’ll keep a running collection of each night’s important stats and news at the top of this article. Below them will be a table of rankings. On the next page is a Cheat Sheet, or just an organized list of the names. Page Three is “Article” format; you’ll notice many players have new “Profiles” updated besides them — for clearer read of these, go to Page 3.

Stock Scores: The players have been assigned Stock Scores that “Grade” their fantasy value. Players are graded using our Fantasy Stock Formula that assigns them a grade, 1-10, on these five driving factors:

  • Talent
  • Usage
  • Coaching Scheme
  • Surrounding Talent
  • Risk

In the profiles, this looks like (Talent, Usage, Coaching Scheme, Surrounding Talent, Risk = Number, Letter Grade)

Example: Antonio Brown = (10, 10, 10, 10, 9.5 = 49.5, A+)

Updated 9/1 for Willie Snead’s 3 game suspension


Read on for a printable cheatsheet, or go to Page 3 for an “Article Format” for more insight and analysis on specific players.


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