Daily Fantasy Football Stock Report: 8/3/17 Ryan Tannehill goes down with knee injury, Dolphins in trouble?

Fantasy Football news for 8/3/17, featuring a scary Ryan Tannehill injury

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Tier 1 – Genuinely Impactful Notes

These blurbs will undoubtedly cause moves and shakes on the ranks. This could range from significant injury, job promotions and demotions, unexpected volume or role changes, etc.

1) Ryan Tannehill (QB – MIA), Jay Ajayi, Jarvis Landry, DeVante Parker

The big news of the day has been Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill after a knee injury in today’s practice. It looked like his left knee buckled when scrambling, which is the same knee he injured last season that forced him to sit out the end of the season and playoffs. If this is a serious injury, it will be a big time problem for all Dolphins fantasy players. Miami is obviously better with Tannehill at QB than backup Matt Moore or any other QB they sign to start.

If Tannehill is out, the offense is likely to run through RB Jay Ajayi. As nice as that sounds, Ajayi would find himself across from a stacked defensive box and likely little room to run. It would be a lot harder to invest a first round draft pick in Ajayi knowing that he’s going to be stuck in an offense with a below average QB.

Receiver Jarvis Landry would also be heavily hurt with a potential loss of Tannehill. Landry’s numbers dipped in both receptions and targets when Moore took over in Week 14 last season. One of the most talented receivers in the league, Landry excels in the slot and with quick short passes that Tannehill used to pepper him with. He doesn’t share the same chemistry with Moore, so an already declining stock of Landry’s would take an even bigger hit if Tannehill is out long term.

This potential injury would hit the previous two players hard, but it appears that DeVante Parker wouldn’t see his stock depleted as much as the others. Parker has had a nice off-season and OTAs performance that he’s one of the penny stocks that The Wolf is high on in 2017. Parker actually saw a slight boost in his numbers for two games once Moore took over as the teams quarterback. He’s been such a “potential” guy ever since Miami selected him in the first round of the NFL draft. Obviously, his chances at finally breaking out are much better with Tannehill than they are with Moore, but Parker has the proof that he can still produce with either on the field.

We’ll monitor Tannehill’s status and hopefully it’s nothing too severe. In the meantime, can we get a live look in at Colin Kaepernick?

 page colin colin kaepernick kaepernick GIF

 2) Rob Kelley (RB – WAS), Samaje Perine 

Post NFL Draft, we were relatively high on rookie Samaje Perine and the thought that he would supplant plodder Rob Kelley as the lead back in Washington’s offense. Once OTA’s started and players got on the field, Kelley appeared to have the inside track to the Redskins job, while the rookie was busy playing catch up. Now, it’s all but official that Kelley is destined to be the starting running back for 2017 in a significantly higher powered offense.

The tid bit on coach Gruden leaning on “experienced” backs as opposed to the rookies is something to note as Kelley builds his foundation into the Redskins’ backfield. Don’t be fooled though, Perine will still see work in the offense and will be a factor at times. Perine is obviously worth a bench stash based on the possibility of supplanting Kelley as the lead back. The opportunity is very real, but it might just take longer than we initially expected.

3) Cameron Meredith (WR – CHI)

As talked about earlier today on The Fantasy Consultant, featuring The Wolf and Simply Shamus, it’s about time people woke up and realized the value of penny stock Cameron Meredith. The Wolf hasn’t been too fond or high on Meredith this pre-season, as he’s unsure if Meredith is capable of handling a WR1 role, and if he’ll even assert himself into that role. With the departure of Alshon Jeffery to the Eagles, and alongside All-Glass team member Kevin White, Meredith appears ready to slide into that WR1 role in Chicago.

The problem with Meredith last year was consistency, as he blew up in some weeks but would vanish for others. Meredith had a very strong start to 2016 and got his name out there in the spotlight. Between Weeks 5-11 though, he failed to catch more than six balls in one game. Post Week 11 though, once QB Matt Barkley (LOL) got into a “rhythm” with the offense and started putting up some numbers, Meredith was the biggest beneficiary. Now with newcomer Mike Glennon at the helm, the two are reportedly building a strong connection in what’s hopefully going to be a consistent and solid year from Meredith who currently possesses an ADP of roughly 100, could be a later round steal if this rapport with his new QB is as good as it looks in writing.

Tier 2 – Fodder to File

Interesting stories to file away, though they might not cause immediate waves on the rankings quite yet. This is the puff stories that we want to see some actual tape / action backing up, stories or injuries that need more concrete developments before we move people in the ranks, etc.

 1) DeMarco Murray (RB – TEN), Derrick Henry?

Obviously, not something you want to see when looking at an RB1 and potential first round draft pick. It’s just a tweak, so there’s nothing major here yet, but knowing DeMarco Murray’s injury history paired with his age isn’t the most promising sign. Murray has no room for error knowing that second year back Derrick Henry is breathing down his neck and anxiously awaiting to be released so he can wreck havoc on opposing defenses. As soon as this steam-roller gets his chance in a glove-like fit “Exotic Smashmouth” scheme… look out. Bonafide top-five RB upside right there.

2) Corey Davis (WR – TEN)

Another Titan, another hamstring injury. First year receiver Corey Davis is one of the more electrifying rookies in this year’s class, and everyone is dying to see what he can do to send the Titans offense to the next level. If the MRI brings out more negative news, then we might have some adjusting to do on our end.

3) Jimmy Graham (TE – SEA)

Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham was coming off an injury heading into the 2016 which had lowered his draft stock considerably compared to his past rankings in New Orleans. You could see he wasn’t truly healthy, despite being in every game. He showed flashes of dominance last year, but we’re all waiting for Graham to regain that alpha form that made him one of the best tight ends in football. Now that he appears to be at full health, things are looking up for his draft stock.

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4) Matt Forte (RB – NYJ), Bilal Powell

The name Matt Forte doesn’t have that same sexy ring to it as it did back around 2010, but he’s still relatively newsworthy. Forte was the lead back for the Jets starting in 2016 before current starter Bilal Powell ran away with the job and had an ABSURD end to the season — once he was starting, Powell scored the third most FPs of ANY player, outscored only by Aaron Rodgers and Le’Veon Bell. Yes, that means Powell outscored David Johnson, Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham, among others to end 2016.

Thus, Powell is  clearly an intriguing fantasy pick this year. Owners are rightfully skeptical about his role, tas well as he Jets suckiness as a whole, and how much Forte will eat into his work, but the upside is mountainous. With Forte getting up there in age, and the injuries already starting to come out, maybe Powell’s status and value are starting to gain clarity. He has legitimate RB1 upside with the right usage, making this a must monitor for the time being.

Top Plays of the Day

Stop sleeping on DeAndre Hopkins.


Corey Davis put this stop-and-go on Logan Ryan yesterday.




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