The Fantasy Consultant: Episode 1 ft. The Wolf and Simply Shamus

Simply Shamus joined The Wolf for his first Fantasy Consulting class.

The Fantasy Consultant: Episode 1

Thursdays with The Wolf and Simply Shamus

Roto Street Journal - The Fantasy Consultant (Ep.1) with Simply Shamus and The Wolf

What is the Fantasy Consultant?

Thank you to everyone who tuned into the premiere of “The Fantasy Consultant” — Thursdays with Simply Shamus and The Wolf! My areas of expertise include ballroom dancing, Bachelorette parties, wedding do’s and don’ts, The Walking Dead and Justin Timberlake. Given that list, you probably understand why I’ve been chosen as the first ever “Wolf in Training” for the Roto Street Journal.

Therefore, I’m apologizing in advance for my lack of knowledge, expertise, rationale or blonde moments that I’m sure will continue to shine through as the summer progresses. What you don’t know is that I’m a reigning Fantasy Champion — outwitting, outlasting and outplaying many manly men. That of course is how I found the Roto Street Journal. My endless questions, agonizing stupidity and late game panics were all answered promptly and professionally by the experts here. They helped me win before and I’m looking to win again. Except this time I’d like to have a little more knowledge, credibility and skill under my belt before my encore victory dance.

Here’s what I learned during Episode 1:

Wait for a quarterback

This is probably the one thing I’ve been harassed, hated and shamed upon most by ALL members of the Roto Street Journal. Just because Aaron Rodgers is hot — physical appearance wise and the fact he’s about to throw 300 TD’s with only 72 interceptions — I can’t take him with my first pick. Although last year the majority of the highest scoring fantasy players were quarterbacks, that’s the EXACT reason to wait. There’s plenty of points to be had there in later rounds. You’ll feel pretty miserable when your starting lineup is weak and you’re stuck starting players that’ll end up getting you inconsistent or mediocre scoring. However, let it be noted, while doing my mock draft Rodgers was taken in the second round. Upon seeing that, my heart sank. Then I remembered he’s now single.

Build Up Your Bench

I found what The Wolf said about building my bench very useful. Although the idea was sort of in my head, he brought me far superior reassurance. Putting people on the bench from those later rounds with perhaps the ones you think could explode. Even being as brave to put some wild card or high upside players there. I safely assume this is where more in depth research of not just the big hitters, but all players in the off season becomes crucial. In my previous two seasons I’ve found myself asking, “who is this guy?” Or, “who did I just draft?” Further proof that my tried and tested (and won, Wolf, just saying) theory of drafting the NFL version of Magic Mike is not always ideal.

I’m looking forward to next week and getting into more specifics of how to draft, who to draft, why to draft, etc. More mock drafts are in my future. Much more time spent reading the Roto Street Fantasy Football Market Report and googling whatever else. And there are MANY more questions that remain unanswered — point format, defensive strategies, the key to a good TE (seriously though), how to propose a trade, how does the trade deadline even work. Fortunately, The Wolf taught me last year about the waiver wire but I’m eager to know more. So as you can see, I’ve got much to learn. But this ballroom dancing cheesehead means serious business when it comes to perfecting this craft. Revenge will come when I attempt to teach the experts a thing or two about dancing.

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