Matt Harvey’s No-Show was Because Julian Edelman and Adriana Lima are Getting Back Together

The Mets pitcher went MIA after Julian Edelman stole his supermodel girlfriend.

WEEI — Matt Harvey failed to show up at Saturday’s Mets game after becoming emotionally distraught when he saw girlfriend Adriana Lima with her ex-boyfriend Julian Edelman at a Met Gala after party, according to Page 6.

Harvey’s distress began on May 2 when he saw pictures of Lima with Edelman at Rihanna’s Met Gala party at 1 Oak in Manhattan. Edelman and Lima split a few months ago and she has since been spending time with Harvey. Lima and Edelman were said to be flirty inside the party and shortly after this Lima unfollowed Harvey on Instagram. Drama!

“Adriana’s relationship with Matt was never serious. They are no longer seeing each other,” a source told the NY Post.

Harvey reportedly partied at 1 Oak himself into early Saturday morning to drown his sorrows about Lima and this is why he was a no-show on Saturday.

Well, if it wasn’t already tough enough to be a Mets fan, it just got tougher. I really feel for Mets fans, because they typically have the talent to be a playoff team, but something always goes wrong. And this year’s been no different, with injuries to guys like Yoenis Cespedes and Noah Syndergaard and now this situation involving Matt Harvey. But still… you can’t blame anyone involved here.

If you’re Adriana Lima — first off, sup — and you have to choose a man to show up at big public events with, who’re you choosing: the pitcher who had one good half season a few years ago, or the 2-time Super Bowl champ? It’s a no-brainer — Julian Edelman is a bona fide winner, and Harvey has alienated the majority of his own fanbase. Our girl Adriana had a taste of both lives, and she’s choosing winning 10 times out of 10. Also, celebrity couples are just as much about having someone good standing next to you in photos as they are about love, and Adriana Lima’s making a business decision for her brand. And it’s the right one, for sure.

But you really can’t blame Matt Harvey here. Imagine hitting the relationship lotto in the form of a Victoria’s Secret Angel and how great you feel about yourself, then the minute you turn your back she’s strutting around the Met Gala with a Super Bowl champion. You’re telling me you wouldn’t go on a bender and call in sick to work the next day? The only difference is that Harvey lives in the spotlight of professional sports. So while it’s obviously not a great look for him, I kinda get it.

Name a better duo. I’ll wait.


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