Bill Polian Says The Patriots ‘Are Not As Great As People Think They Are’

Bill Polian is a salty, salty old man.

WEEI — Former Colts vice chairman Bill Polian has never shied away from taking jabs at the Patriots, and he was at it again Tuesday night.

On his show on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Polian was asked by a caller how the Bills can ever compete with the Patriots in the AFC East?

“Tom Brady was a quarter away from losing the Super Bowl last year pretty decisively,” Polian said. “They are a great team. They are not as great as people think they are. They’re not invincible. What they are is exceptionally well-constructed and exceptionally well-coached. But, Tom Brady isn’t going to play forever. He showed some signs of being human last year on a number of occasions, including in the Super Bowl.”

Polian is most famously known for saying he had a first-round grade on Brady before the 2000 NFL draft.

Ugh, this again. We’ve been down this road before. Pretty recently, actually. NFL guys and members of the media (Bill Polian here happens to be both) coming at the Patriots. Like this instance, it’s typically unwarranted. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady aren’t parading around various media outlets talking about how great a franchise they’ve built and how nobody can possibly hope to stop them this year. That’s not how they roll, we know that. All business here in New England. But that’s not how the rest of the league operates. Coaches like Mike Tomlin are gonna accept offers to do commencement speeches just for an opportunity to publicly poke fun at the Patriots. Hometown writers and bitter New Yorkers are going to write hit pieces on ill-formed conspiracy theories. And apparently, former Colts employees are going to, completely out of the blue, make sure their opinions on the NFL’s model franchise are heard.


I love it. Come at the king! There’s no use. Yeah Bill, you’re right — the Patriots were a quarter away from an embarrassing playoff loss. But the fact that they staged the most historic comeback in sports history is a bad thing? I don’t think so, pal. That’s not how it works. But if that’s what you need to help you rest your little head at night, I can live with it. Is that noble of me? I think it is. I have no problem being the punching bag the rest of the league needs to get their anger out in safe ways. Not to toot my own horn, but I think that’s pretty nice of me.

No, the Patriots aren’t invincible. They’re not perfect. But they’re just as bit as good as everyone thinks they are, if not better. This is a team that lost 2 games last season, 1 with an injured rookie 3rd-string QB, and did more in free agency than the rest of their division combined. This is the best team in the NFL, and for the time being it’s not all that close. So say what you need to help you feel better, but you’re wasting your breath, and all of our time.

And sleep with one eye open, Polian. Pats fans never forget a hater — just ask Trent Dilfer.


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