Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jerseys Found in Mexico

After an FBI investigation, Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey has been found.

After over a month of investigating in which even the FBI was involved, Tom Brady‘s Super Bowl jerseys have been recovered on foreign soil. It turns out that not only did this lunatic steal Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey, but also Brady’s Super Bowl XLIX victory. And by “lunatic”, of course I mean an officially credentialed international media member. What a strange world we live in.

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Honestly, when Tom Brady retires in three-to-seven years and we look back on his legacy, this may be the most important part. Yeah he won a few Super Bowls, an MVP or two, broke a bunch of records… whatever. But how many other athletes can say an international media member stole two of his game jerseys for what I can only assume is a TB12-themed man cave that has a big gap in the middle for when/if Brady dies and he can get his hands on his frozen head, ala Ted Williams? I’m thinking two or three, tops.

But that’s Tom for you. The guy’s got the power to turn a distinguished member of the international media (or possibly someone with fake credentials, I guess) into a kleptomaniac fanboy who risked his livelihood to get his hands on a jersey just because Tom wore it. And you all wonder why we got so pissed off about Deflategate.

PS – Speaking of Deflategate, it’s nice to see an NFL-backed investigation can actually yield positive results for a player every now and then. Couldn’t be bothered to conduct an independent or legitimate investigation when it concerned a 4-game suspension, a million dollars and a first round draft pick, but got the FBI involved and traveled over international borders to recover a friggin’ jersey. Priorities.


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