Arian Foster vs. A Wolf: Who You Got?

Arian Foster went on a great Twitter rant last night.

Yesterday, completely out of the blue, retired running back Arian Foster posed an idea on Twitter:

Right off the bat, it sounds a little crazy. Maybe just fire off that one tweet, reply to a doubter or two, and leave it at that. Realistically any human is probably getting mauled by a wolf, and 99.9% of people are ok with accepting that. But not old Arian Foster, no sir. Instead, he rattles off 50+ tweets defending himself, and through his weight arguments, obsession with opposable thumbs, and a bunch of other nonsense that makes little to no sense to anyone but Arian, actually tried to convince some people that he could take down a grown wolf 1 v 1.

The guy’s retired and obviously has a lot of time on his hands, so I won’t go too hard on him for this thing. All I ask is, if he does end up fighting a wolf at any point, somebody’s gotta Facebook Live that shit.


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