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If You Need Me, I’ll Be Watching Mic’d Up Julian Edelman Super Bowl Videos Till August

Earlier today, CJay talked about this insane video of Julian Edelman mic’d up during Super Bowl 51, when he yells “I caught it!” and tries to convince the Falcons DBs that he did. Julian Edelman is hands down my favorite mic’d up athlete ever, because as great of a person as I bet he is and as much as I love him as a football player, he’s a PSYCHO. Certifiably insane. And that’s why he fits the Boston fanbase so well; we’re all kind of psychotic (some would say annoying) fans when it comes to the Patriots. It’s just kind of what we do. Every fanbase has a small collection of these fans, but most would say a hefty amount of Boston sports fans have at least one screw loose – myself included.

So since he’s so crazy and so passionate about the game, we get awesome clips of how he acts on the field. Previously we had this from Super Bowl 49 (the best Edelman moments are at about the 1 minute mark and 7:30, but I encourage you to watch the whole thing; we may have just seen the best Super Bowl of all-time, but this one’s probably #2.)

And similar clips are popping up after the Patriots historic Super Bowl 51 victory. First there’s this gem of Jules not knowing if the game was over yet and coming within a few seconds of opening a can of whoopass on Jimmy G and some reporters.

I’m not gonna lie, I delayed my celebration a little bit at first too, because that last touchdown was so close. Kids were already in the hall of my dorm building smashing multiple lights in celebration (true story) and I was still standing by the TV with the girls (nbd) waiting to make sure it was a touchdown. So maybe Edelman and I are more similar than I thought.

Then there’s this awesome shot of the Patriots wide receivers celebrating after the win. Apparently, they hear all the talk about them being too small or not good enough.

CHILLS times infinity. And then from last night’s NFL Network SoundFX, we got Edelman reminding Tom Brady exactly what they were playing for.

And, of course, just a general montage of exactly what Jules is for this team. Facing a seemingly impossible deficit in the biggest game on the planet, and he and Tom are cool as cucumbers. And also, I’d really like to know who out of Edelman and Brady said “let’s go!” first; real ‘chicken or egg’ scenario here.

Bottom line is, these videos are more than just quick entertainment on Twitter; now that the season’s over, stuff like this is the only new Patriots Porn we get till August – or until Tom Brady does another commercial. Whichever comes first.

What I’m getting at here is that I realllyyy need the NFL or FOX or whoever has all these clips to ration them out a bit. Maybe limit to 1 per week? Just keep that pace all through the spring and summer and training camp will get here in no time. It’s just the right thing to do.


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