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WATCH: A Mic’d-Up Julian Edelman Argues With Falcons Defender Over ‘The Catch’

At first glance, it looked like Tom Brady’s pass to Julian Edelman hit the turf. There was no way Edelman caught the deflected ball while sandwiched on the ground between three defenders, right? Wrong.

On Showtime’s Inside the NFL, Edelman was mic’d up while he made the biggest and most absurd catch in NFL history. He immediately knew he got his hands under the football and snagged it before it touched the turf, screaming “I caught it! I caught it! I caught it!” while wrestling the ball away from a trio of Falcons defenders. JE11 was then seen pointing at the replay in the stadium — while the play was under review –, stating his case against Falcons’ corner Brian Poole. It was great stuff.

Edelman wasn’t done there. After James White plunged into the end zone, he was screaming at the Patriots players  to “get the fuck off the field” as he knew the play was under review. He continued to tell people to get off the field until Bill Belichick came over to hug him and tell him it was indeed over. The Patriots were champions.

If you don’t like Julian Edelman, there’s something wrong with you.


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