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Super Bowl 51: Patriots vs Falcons Drinking Game

Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday and us as American citizens have an obligation to watch the Super Bowl (typically with Tom Brady featured in it), eat some food that the lovely women in our lives have worked hard to cook for us and of course drink a shitload of beers… What’s more fun than drinking with a real purpose? Such as a drinking game? Well, us at the Roto Street Journal are here to help.

Tip: There are a lot of rules, so print this out and pass this sheet out to everyone at your party and maybe assign a section of a few rules to each person.

Print Here

Drink one gulp when:

  • The Patriots run out of the tunnel as a team *tear streams down face*
  • A player visibly cries during the National Anthem
  • Roger Goodell is shown on TV
  • A local Boston celebrity or Bon Jovie is shown in Kraft’s luxury box
  • Arthur Blank is shown on TV
  • The Georgia Dome closing is mentioned
  • Aikman brags about playing in a Super Bowl
  • Dan Quinn is mentioned as the former Seahawks Defensive Coordinator
  • Brady and Belichick’s “7th Super Bowl” appearance is mentioned
  • Bracket coverage” or “safety over the top” on Julio Jones is mentioned
  • A ball carrier signals the “first down” motion with his arm/hand
  • Julian Edelman talks shit to an Atlanta Falcons defender
  • Either team records 25-plus yards on a play
  • Julio Jones gains 15-plus yards on a reception
  • Julian Edelman gains first down yardage
  • Malcolm Butler breaks up a pass (and tells the receiver about it)
  • Tevin Coleman or Devonta Freeman record a reception
  • Dion Lewis or James White record a reception

Drink two gulps when:

  • Tom Brady screams “LETS GO!” (you also have to change your pants after)
  • Chris Hogan playing lacrosse in college is mentioned
  • Chris Long and any of his family members are mentioned in the same sentence
  • Buck mentions his lover, Aaron Rodgers
  • DeflateGate” is mentioned
  • Rutgers” is mentioned
  • Patriots trading Jamie Collins and/or Chandler Jones is mentioned
  • Donald Trump and any member of the Patriots are mentioned in the same sentence
  • Gisele is shown on TV
  • An anti-Trump commercial is played
  • A play goes under replay review
  • The sweet ‘pylon cam‘ view is used
  • Matt Ryan is referred to as “Matty Ice”
  • A white Patriots wide receiver scores a touchdown
  • Tom Brady gains a first down on a QB sneak
  • Julian Edelman or Taylor Gabriel carry the ball on a reverse, Wildcat, etc.
  • Tom Brady complains to a referee on a (not-so) late hit
  • An interception is dropped by either team
  • Vic Beasley records a sack
  • Trey Flowers records a sack
  • Mohamed Sanu throws a pass
  • Chris Hogan gains 20-plus yards on a reception
  • Danny Amendola catches a clutch third down reception or a touchdown
  • Eric Rowe is flagged for a penalty
  • An extra point is missed

Chug when:

  • fat guy scores a touchdown
  • Gronk is shown on TV (obviously)
  • Tom Brady spikes the football in the end zone
  • A player jumps the long snapper on a field goal/ extra point
  • Tom Brady hoists the Lombardi Trophy

Take a shot when:

  • A player kneels during the National Anthem
  • Lady Gaga has a “wardrobe malfunction”
  • Donald Trump is shown on TV
  • Buck mentions the spread or knowledge of a prop bet on purpose
  • An Eli ManningDavid Tyree or Mario Manningham highlight is shown
  • Robert Kraft is visibly drunk on stage

Run a naked lap when:

  • Tom Brady bashes Roger Goodell over the head with the Lombardi Trophy

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