Coward Roger Goodell avoids going to New England, chooses to attend NFC Championship Game

Roger Goodell continues to be a gigantic fraud.

Once again, Roger Goodell shows he is once again terrified of anything that has to do with the New England Patriots. After already attending the Seahawks-Falcons game in Atlanta last Saturday, Goodell decided that he just loves the beautiful city of Atlanta so much, that he has to go back for the second time in as many weeks.

Lets get this straight… That little rat, coward who makes roughly 30-40 million per year is scared of a bunch of drunk Massholes who most likely won’t even see him, so much so that he can’t even step foot into the stadium and sit in a secured luxury box? Honestly, what is the worst that would happen? He’s afraid of a little “fahk you Rodgah!” What a fraud.

In all reality, this might be the better move for Patriots fans. Imagine the uproar when they pan the camera to Bob Kraft’s luxury box and they see him laughing it up with Goodell? All hell would break loose.

Just remember folks, it will all be worth it in when that rat has to hand the Lombardi over to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick on February 5th in Houston.