2017 NFL Playoffs Fantasy Football Experts Draft and Team Grades

Check out the results of The RSJ's first ever playoffs fantasy football draft...of course including some courtesy grades and judgments from The Wolf

All week we’ve been throwing the best NFL Playoff Fantasy Football knowledge at you. From a basic “how to set up and dominate,” to individual Team Rankings, and all the positional rankings (QuarterbacksRunning BackWide ReceiverTight Ends) and “Big Boards” in between, you should be 100% ready to destroy the playoff competition.

Now, all that’s left is to actually draft. The RSJ did just this yesterday, and here are the results, judgments, and grades for your viewing pleasure.

Teams / Draft Order

  1. Forecaster
  2. TheKid
  3. The Truth
  4. CJay
  5. The Wolf
  6. JimboSlice

Round 1 

1)  QB Tom Brady (NE) -Forecaster 

2)  RB Le’Veon Bell (PIT) – TheKid 

3) RB Ezekiel Elliott (DAL) – The Truth

4) QB Dak Prescott (DAL) – CJay

5) QB Aaron Rodgers (GB) – Wolf

6) QB Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) – JimboSlice

Round 2

7) QB Matt Ryan (ATL) – JimboSlice

8) WR Antonio Brown (PIT) – Wolf

9) QB Russell Wilson (SEA) –  CJay:

10) WR Julian Edelman (NE) –  The Truth

11)  RB LeGarrette Blount  (NE) – The Kid

12) WR Odell Beckham (NYG) –  Forecaster

Round 3 

13) QB Eli Manning (NYG)

14) QB Alex Smith (KC)

15) QB Matthew Stafford (DET)

16) WR Doug Baldwin (SEA)

17) WR Jordy Nelson (GB)

18) WR Julio Jones (ATL)

Round 4 

19) RB Devonta Freeman (ATL)

20) TE Martellus Bennett (NE)

21) TE Travis Kelce (KC)

22) WR Dez Bryant (DAL)

23) TE Jimmy Graham (SEA)

24) WR Tyreek Hill (KC)

Round 5

25) RB Dion Lewis (NE)

26) WR Davante Adams (GB)

27) TE Jason Witten (DAL)

28) RB Lamar Miller (HOU)

29) RB Thomas Rawls (SEA)

30) WR DeAndre Hopkins (HOU)

Round 6

31) RB Ty Montgomery (GB)

32) RB Tevin Coleman (ATL)

33) RB Jay Ajayi (MIA)

34) RB Latavius Murray (OAK)

35) WR Malcolm Mitchell (NE)

36) RB Spencer Ware (KC)

Round 7

37) TE Ladarius Green (PIT)

38) QB Brock Osweiler (HOU)

39) QB “Fucking” Connor Cook (OAK)

40) WR Michael Floyd lol (NE)

41) QB Matt Moore? Is he it? (MIA)

42) TE Jared Cook (GB)

Round 8

Impromptu Flex Round – With plenty of talent still available + rosters fully filled out, The RSJ writers unanimously agreed to a sudden flex addition.

43) WR Cole Beasley (DAL)

44) WR Chris Hogan (NE)

45) RB James White (NE)

46) WR Amari Cooper (OAK)

47) WR Michael Crabtree (OAK)

48) WR Jarvis Landry (MIA)

Undrafted: RB Paul Perkins?!?!?!? HOW!!!

Final Rosters


  • QB1: Tom Brady (NE)
  • QB2: Eli Manning (NYG)
  • RB1: Dion Lewis (NE)
  • RB2: Spencer Ware (KC)
  • WR1: Odell Beckham (NYG)
  • WR2: Tyreek Hill (KC)
  • TE: Ladarius Green (PIT)
  • Flex: Jarvis Landry (MIA)

Grade: A-

Wolf’s Take:  With the QBs from my Super Bowl projections, the enormous upside of Odell + Tyreek at WR, and a high upside TE,  Forecaster’s team is an early favorite. His RBs are serviceable for their draft slot, and my only real gripe is his avoidance of Paul Perkins after a heavy NYG contingency.

The Kid

  • QB1: Alex Smith (KC)
  • QB2: Brock Osweiler (HOU)
  • RB1: Le’Veon Bell (PIT)
  • RB2: LeGarrette Blount (NE)
  • WR1: Davante Adams (GB)
  • WR2: Malcolm Mitchell (NE)
  • TE: Jimmy Graham (SEA)
  • Flex: Michael Crabtree

Grade: D –

Wolf’s Take:  Clearly someone hasn’t been reading our playoff strategy pieces… Do we really need to go much further than the frightening QB Combo of Alex Smith and Brock Osweiler?  Just the chunkiest of vomit all over the floor.  True, his running backs are terrifying, but there’s no way they’re enough to buoy the horrible remains of this shit-my-pants squad.

The Truth

  • QB1: Matthew Stafford (DET)
  • QB2: Connor Cook (OAK)
  • RB1: Ezekiel Elliott (DAL)
  • RB2: Latavius Murray (OAK)
  • WR1: Julian Edelman (NE)
  • WR2: Dez Bryant (DAL)
  • TE: Jason Witten (DAL)
  • Flex: Amari Cooper (OAK)

Grade: F+

Wolf’s Take:  I haven’t been able to draw wood since looking at those god-foresaken QBs.  Truth did a solid job sticking to his teams… unfortunately, one of those squads is the Connor Cook-led Raiders. PUKE.  Meanwhile, Dallas has very real early exit potential too.  Without a ridiculous run from his Cowboys, Truth is a near lock for the basement.


  • QB1: Dak Prescott
  • QB2: Russell Wilson
  • RB1: Lamar Miller
  • RB2: Jay Ajayi
  • WR1: Doug Baldwin
  • WR2: Michael Floyd
  • TE: Travis Kelce
  • Flex: James White

Grade: B –

Wolf’s Take: I might not love Dak / the Cowboys in general, but I do love CJay’s thought process in securing two elite signal callers (one of my big draft regrets is not pouncing on Wilson).  If both last until they meet up, CJay will have six games of some quality QB production, which should be enough to bolster his floundering RBs and lackluster WRs. Passing on Dez Bryant for Travis Kelce was a grave mistake here with Dak at QB.

The Wolf

  • QB1:  Aaron Rodgers
  • QB2: Matt Moore
  • RB1: Thomas Rawls
  • RB2: Tevin Coleman
  • WR1: Antonio Brown
  • WR2: Jordy Nelson
  • TE: Martellus Bennett
  • Flex: Chris Hogan

Grade: B+

Wolf’s Take:  My WRs might be stacked with Antonio and Jordy both elite options, but I really regret passing on Russell Wilson after seeing Dez fall to Round 4.  I also am heavily reliant on a Packers win and long stretch here, which I personally don’t feel great about since I’m feeling a Giants upset. But I’m going for the win here, and four games of Rodgers and Jordy would likely carry me there, even with the lug ass of Rodgers and an uninspiring backfield.


  • QB1: Ben Roethlisberger
  • QB2: Matt Ryan
  • RB1: Devonta Freeman
  • RB2: Ty Montgomery
  • WR1: Julio Jones
  • WR2: DeAndre Hopkins
  • TE: Jared Cook
  • Flex: Cole Beasley

Grade: A-

Wolf’s Take: After winning The RSJ Regular season league, JimboSlice comes out with another juggernaut. While I personally don’t love Atlanta’s chances at a deep run, he’ll undoubtedly win a title should it happen. He has bonafide QB1s from both conferences, and high upside at all the skill positions, minus a gross DeAndre Hopkins WR2 selection. Overall, this team will be tough to beat if the Falcons aren’t bounced in their first game.


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