2016 Fantasy Football PPR Rankings: Week 16 Defenses

While annoying, defenses can be the difference between a title and a loss. Find out which ones could swing the game for you.

Losing your virginity. Graduating. Landing that job. Staring down the aisle at your beautiful wife and sealing a life together with a kiss.  Holding your little bundle of joy child for the first time.

These moments pale in comparison to what Week 16 could be — a fantasy football title.  Having that trophy as a centerpiece in your living room for a full year, reminding both you and your loser league mates of your dominance. Being able to sneak in barbs and brags into every conversation, no matter how irrelevant.

The way is simple: set the better lineup, and score more points. Make sure you’re doing so by checking out The Wolf’s rankings, and sending in some Sit/Start questions to our Twitter @RotoStreetJ or message our Facebook page.

As obnoxious as it can be, playing the right defense is often the difference between a title and the empty, hollow feeling of second place. Below lie The Wolf’s top Week 16 options.

Tier One – Potential Top Scorers

1) New England Patriots vs. NYJ

2) Kansas City Chiefs vs. DEN

Tier Two – High End Defensive Options

3) San Diego Chargers @ CLE

4) New York Giants @ PHI

5) Denver Broncos @ KC

6) Seattle Seahawks vs. ARI

Tier Three – Remaining Startable Defenses

7) Los Angeles Rams vs. SF

8) Green Bay Packers vs. MIN

9) Tennessee Titans @ JAC

10) Arizona Cardinals @ SEA

Tier 3.5

11) Buffalo Bills vs. MIA

12) Houston Texans vs. CIN

13) Pittsburgh Steelers vs. BAL

14) Cincinnati Bengals @ HOU

15) Miami Dolphins @ BUF

16) Minnesota Vikings @ GB

Tier Four – It’s not your fault

17) Carolina Panthers vs. ATL

18) Washington Redskins @ CHI

19) Dallas Cowboys vs. DET

20) San Francisco 49ers @ LA

21) Oakland Raiders vs. IND

22) Atlanta Falcons @ CAR

23) Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ NO

24) Jacksonville Jaguars vs. TEN

25) New Orleans Saints vs. TB


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