Trade Deadline PPR Big Board: Rest of Season Top 150

Use this big board to make trades and see where your roster stacks up.

A summer favorite, The Big Board has emerged from hibernation for one last 2016 ride, just in time for your trade deadline needs. Admittedly, this Board takes the Fantasy Playoff Schedule into very heavy consideration, hence a whole tab dedicated to the ease of matchups (1st = easiest, 32nd = hardest). See where your favorite players or trade targets rank and finish this final stretch run with a trophy in your hand. 


Overall RANK PLAYER (Team) Positional Rank Playoff Schedule Rank Comments

Talent Tier 1

The elite RBs and WRs (plus Gronk)

1 David Johnson (ARI) RB1 13th Turns out I was too low way back in April when I deemed him the #2 overall player. This is the most unique talent the league has seen in awhile.
2 Julio Jones (ATL) WR1 2nd The second easiest playoff schedule gets Jones the #1 WR nod.
3 Ezekiel Elliott (DAL) RB2 20th Matchup-proof behind that line.
4 Antonio Brown (PIT) WR2 17th My “unquestioned” #1 overall pick has been great, but a relative disappointment. We still haven’t had one of those 15 catch, 200 yard days.
5 Le’Veon Bell (PIT) RB3 25th The tough playoff schedule is minimally worrisome for such a versatile talent.
6 Melvin Gordon (SD) RB4 11th The #1 non-QB PPR scorer, Gordon is a true stud. Enough with the TD dependency already.
7 Mike Evans (TB) WR3 12th On pace for 206 targets, which would be the second most of all time. He also gets NOLA twice in the fantasy playoffs. Clean yourself off already. The  top scoring WR in fantasy as of now.
8 LeSean McCoy (BUF) RB5 6th He looked fully healthy versus Seattle, and should carry owners to titles with a cake playoff run.
9 DeMarco Murray (TEN) RB6 12th Trails only Melvin Gordon and David Johnson in PPR scoring. Health is the only concern with this horse, which can be erased with a Henry-sized handcuff.
10 Rob Gronkowski (NE) TE1 25th He’s still the unquestioned king of TEs, but Reed, Olsen, a revived Jimmy Graham and the returning Eifert (plus weekly streaming options) make the edge less significant.
11 A.J. Green (CIN) WR4 29th Given Green’s proneness to disappearing acts, the 29th ranked playoff schedule makes me very nervous. He’ll dominate Cleveland in Week 14 but could be a Houdini act against Pit (29th) and Hou (30th) for 15 and 16.

Talent Tier 2

Remaining #1 WRs and RBs

12 Amari Cooper (OAK) WR5 9th He’s already the 5th ranked PPR receiver, and has only scored 2 TDs.
13 Jordy Nelson (GB) WR6 25th On pace for over 1,000 yards and 14 TDs, and reportedly just starting to feel himself.
14 Odell Beckham (NYG) WR7 15th This is a knock on Eli, not Odell.
15 Jay Ajayi (MIA) RB7 28th Ajayi has been flat out dominant in the workhorse role, carrying his team to two straight wins. Gase offered some wood-producing music, perhaps straight out of The Notebook: “I’m never going away from Ajayi.” He’d be a top-tier shoo-in if not for a BRUTAL playoff stretch.
16 Dez Bryant (NYG) WR8 5th Still flashing “Dez Beastliness” despite his inconsistencies. A notorious fantasy playoff warrior now gets the 5th easiest slate.
17 Lamar Miller (HOU) RB8 10th He’s been utilized in the foreseen workhorse role, but hasn’t carried over his efficiency or explosion. A cakey late season schedule still makes him a solid second half target.
18 DeAndre Hopkins (HOU) WR9 19th Among the busts of the year thanks to his horrible quarterback. Still a top-3 talent at his position that could explode for a huge stretch.
19 Matt Forte (NYJ) RB9 7th After a Week 3-7 slump, Forte has exploded for some monster efforts in his past three and looks like a low-end RB1 yet again. Stir in an easy playoff schedule, and Forte makes a prime trade target. Only issue is his age.
20 T.Y. Hilton (IND) WR10 31st Ranked in most experts ROS top 10, I think Moncrief’s return and a BRUTAL playoff schedule really lower Hilton’s appeal.
21 Spencer Ware (KC) RB10 15th A TD monster that should keep feasting with JaCha shelved.
22 Brandin Cooks (NO) WR11 7th I’ve never been the biggest Cooks guy, but two dates with the slutty Tampa defense in Weeks 14 and 16 certainly appeal to me.
23 Latavius Murray (OAK) RB11 4th Severely undervalued by the “expert” community right now. Outside of the game he was knocked out in, Murray has scored double digit PPR points in every contest he’s played, including 50% over 20 points. Other backs being sprinkled in has blinded people from Murray’s true RB1 status, so capitalize during his bye and ride his cake playoff schedule to a title.
24 Devonta Freeman (ATL) RB12 9th I love Freeman as a player, but Coleman’s impending return caps his upside. The other backs here have more “workhorse” potential.

Talent Tier 3

Quality #2 options, stud TEs, and GOAT sightings

25 Greg Olsen (CAR) TE2 4th An every-week edge with a cake playoff schedule? Sign me up
26 Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) WR12 18th The timeless vet seems to be fading (slightly) down the stretch.
27 Kelvin Benjamin (CAR) WR13 11th Has faded quickly after looking like an elite WR during Weeks 1 and 2, but has the size and talent to be a force down the stretch.
28 Brandon Marshall (NYJ) WR14 21st Highly underwhelming, but remains a true #1 with size and speed.
29 Alshon Jeffery (CHI) WR15 22nd A true second-half blow up candidate with his boy Jay Cutler back.
30 Tom Brady (NE) QB1 28th Just the GOAT doing GOAT things. As predicted, a revenge-driven Brady is spreading cheeks and looking primed to haul in  Lombardi trophy, MVP award, and of course fantasy titles.
31 Todd Gurley (LA) RB13 2nd As much as Gurley’s a product of his shithole environment, he hasn’t looked nearly like the explosive product he was last year. At least he’s got the second half schedule to turn things around.
32 Jordan Reed (WAS) TE3 23rd Elite weekly, just needs to maintain health.
33 Theo Riddick (DET) RB14 31st Among the biggest steals of the draft, Riddick is far more matchup proof and isn’t impacted greatly by a tough playoff schedule.
34 Jonathan Stewart (CAR) RB15 1st Stewart’s ceiling has been elevated dramatically by Cam Newton’s increased hesitancy to run the ball, especially at the stripe. Should he stay healthy, Stewart has the playoff schedule to carry owners.
35 Doug Martin (TB) RB16 3rd Despite being useless all year, no one is in Martin’s path to workhorse duties in Koetter’s RB dream boat scheme. Add bangfests with New Orleans in Weeks 14 and 16, and Martin offers true explosion potential for stretch runs.
36 Drew Brees (NO) QB2 4th Just the chance to bomb TB twice in the fantasy playoffs is worth whatever it costs to get Brees. Vintage.
37 Jordan Howard (CHI) RB17 22nd Steamrolled a formidable VIkings defense in his last game on the field, suggesting his tough schedule shouldn’t be an issue
38 LeGarrette Blount (NE) RB18 18th Blount’s been a true RB1 and among the draft’s greatest values in 2016; however, Dion Lewis is set to return, which could eat into Blount’s workload quite a bit. He’ll still be a strong weekly TD bet.
39 Donte Moncrief (IND) WR16 31st The schedule is rough, but Moncrief is every bit of the TD monster we predicted.
40 Tyler Eifert (CIN) TE4 9th In his first full game, Eifert was as destructive as ever: 9 catches, 102 yards, and a TD. Expect him to remain a difference maker at a thin position all year.
41 Demaryius Thomas (DEN) WR16 14th Still seeing serious targets, Thomas has a few big games left in him; a run-first system and inconsistent QB limit his appeal.
42 Jarvis Landry (MIA) WR17 23rd His weekly target shower has been greatly reduced amidst Ajayi’s emergence. The team insists he’ll see more looks moving forward, but that’s difficult to envision with the running game rolling.  
43 Michael Crabtree (OAK) WR18 9th Crabtree’s TD upside remains sky-high with Carr playing some of the best ball in the league.
45 Terrelle Pryor (CLE) WR19 24th All those elite WR tools are starting to translate on the field. Pryor’s among the year’s Waiver MVPs
46 Jimmy Graham (SEA) TE5 30th One of 7 true difference makers at TE, Graham’s recovery from patella surgery has been remarkable. Wilson’s trust in the red area should lead to plenty more TDs.
47 Michael Thomas (NO) WR20 7th Quickly developing into the best wideout on his own team. The future couldn’t be brighter for Thomas.
48 Allen Robinson (JAC) WR21 32nd Has submitted a worthy application for bust of the year, and now gets the hardest playoff schedule among WRs. Sell if at all possible.
49 Matt Ryan (ATL) QB3 3rd The top-scorer in all of fantasy has the schedule to keep rolling as he cements his MVP claim (behind Brady, of course)

Tier 3.5

Remaining #2s / Quality TEs

50 Travis Kelce (KC) TE6 11th Loser. Tool. Solid fantasy tight end. Scum bag. All the above.
51 Carlos Hyde (SF) RB19 16th Hyde was leading the league in rushing TDs near midseason, but (per usual) health has been a major issue.
52 Doug Baldwin (SEA) WR22 13th With Russell Wilson looking healthy finally, Baldwin could be looking at another second half explosion.
53 Julian Edelman (NE) WR23 28th Normally Tom’s first option, Edelman is at best his third look. The chemistry and timing hasn’t appeared half as strong, and now Dion Lewis returns as yet another mouth to feed.
54 Golden Tate (DET) WR24 6th After appearing to be Marvin Jones second fiddle, Tate has reestablished dominance, scoring 30,15, 11, and 25 in his last 4. An easy schedule should keep the good times rolling.
55 Stefon Diggs (MIN) WR25 10th In his first game under dip-and-dunk playcaller Pat Shurmur, Diggs hauled in 13 balls. PPR leaguers should be inquiring.
56 Delanie Walker (TEN) TE7 29th Despite the run-heavy endencies, Walker remains a weekly focal point.
57 Davante Adams (GB) WR26 25th 38 targets in three straight have made Adams a must start. Despite many mouths needing to be fed, Adams seems to have a premier seat at Rodgers’ table

Talent Tier 4 – Remaining Starters

58 Darren Sproles (PHI) RB20 19th  After logging 80% of the snaps in two straight weeks, Sproles is finally being acknowledged as Philly’s lead back.
59 Ty Montgomery (GB) WR+RB20s 25th  Montgomery’s newfound dual eligibility makes him an invaluable commodity; monitor his usage once Starks is back
60 Mark Ingram (NO) RB21 17th  171 yards and 2 TDs is one way to claw out of the dog house.
61 Marvin Jones (DET) WR28 6th  Has been largely invisible since his early three week explosion.
62 Randall Cobb (GB) WR29 25th  Adams + Montgomery’s emergence, his own health, a tough schedule all have me far lower on Cobb than the “experts”
63 Frank Gore (IND) RB22 22nd  A true timeless warrior. He’ll be 50 and still plowing over people. Perfect high floor, low ceiling acquisition if you just need a sturdy 10-12 weekly RB points
64 Devontae Booker (DEN) RB23 21st Originally had the look of this year’s Odell of waivers, but has falle non his face. Even if he tears up NO this weekend (as he should), his remaining schedule + a bye make him unappealing. Plus, I believe in Bibbs.
65 Aaron Rodgers (GB) QB4 31st  There’s only 3 QBs I’m getting a guaranteed weekly edge from, and Rodgers isn’t one of them. Especially with his brutal playoff sched. Sell if you can.
66 Dion Lewis (NE) RB24 18th  Probably the highest boom-or-bust guy on this list; Lewis could explode and be a top-10 RB the rest of the way, or used lightly and be near useless. This ranking reflects the huge ceiling and bottomed out floor.
67 Andrew Luck (IND) QB5 27th  See Rodgers, Aaron.
68 Tevin Coleman (ATL) RB25 9th In the wake of some injury trouble, people seem to forget Coleman: 14+ FPs in 5 of 7 contests, including a 29 and 26 point effort. As the goal-line hammer role in the leagues top offense, expect these numbers to continue. Buy on him everywhere.
69 Cam Newton (CAR) QB6 6th  The lack of running / contact (re: vagina) has capped his ceiling tremendously. With such an easy schedule, however, he could be an interesting Buy Low
70 Tyrell Williams (SD) WR30 4th  Entrenched as Rivers’ #1 WR and with a cake remaining schedule, Tyrell is my bet to be this years WR4 that explodes for quality WR2 numbers. If his owners don’t recognize this, scoop him up now.
71 Jordan Matthews (PHI) WR31 16th Never been a huge fan
72 Emmanuel Sanders (DEN) WR32 14th  See Matthews, Jordan

Tier 4.5


73 Mike Wallace (BAL) WR33 26th  Pegged as an inconsistent deep threat, the team is truly using his speed in catch-and-run situations, ala Odell in NYG. A sturdy WR3.
74 Jamison Crowder (WAS) WR34 3rd Crowder’s been a closet PPR stud all year, and has the schedule to be a real difference maker in the payoffs. Expect his usual double digit consistency with a few blow ups to finish 2016.
75 Derek Carr (OAK) QB7 9th  Playing some of the best ball in the NFL, has two dangerous WRs to sling to, and a quality schedule for the stretch run. What’s not to love?
76 Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) QB8 17th  If these were based on bravery, he’d be atop The Truth’s board. Since it’s on actual fantasy worth, Ben and his second-half explosion upside land at #76.
77 Corey Coleman (CLE) WR35 24th This is a bit rich, but reflects his “Hail Mary” upside. Tough to trust the Browns QBs to allow Coleman to reach his full ceiling though
78 Jeremy Hill (CIN) RB26 5th Was fed 20 carries in his last game, and has scored in two straight. If this workload continues, Hill would be a steal at 78. Clearly, I believe the committee will still be in full effect.
79 Giovani Bernard (CIN) RB27 5th Consistent, but so limited in his ceiling. The Emmanuel Sanders of RBs.
80 Christine Michael (SEA) RB28 32nd He’s completely disappeared lately, and the worst schedule among running backs certainly won’t help him return.
81 Kenneth Dixon (BAL) RB29 14th  TNF we saw the changing of the guard. As we predicted, Dixon will be the guy to own by the end of the season, and he has the looks of a PPR dynamo.
82 Isaiah Crowell (CLE) RB30 8th  Plod.
83 Philip Rivers (SD) QB9 1st  CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE Playoff Schedule.
84 Eric Ebron (DET) TE8 19th  A consistent TE1 when on the field at a highly inconsistent position. Somehow the 19th best TE on “Experts Consensus”
85 Will Fuller (HOU) WR36 19th  Might be tough to climb over this rookie wall with his lingering injuries, but the immense ceiling remains.

Talent Tier 5

Quality bench options + Last desirable QB and TE starters

86 Rob Kelley (WAS) RB31 27th  Endorsed as the guy, so he’ll give you 15-20 safe, plodding carries a week.  Has an outside chance at exploding, but a tough schedule makes this very unlikely.
87 Steve Smith (BAL) WR37 26th  I just love him.
88 Cole Beasley (DAL) WR38 5th  Dak just loves him.
89 Zach Miller (CHI) TE9 5th Cutler just loves him. So much love!
90 Marcus Mariota (TEN) QB10 26th How many guesses would it take to know Mariota is the 5th ranked QB in fantasy scoring right now? Mind, Blown. Exotic Smashmouth is averaging 31.0 points a game in their last three games.
91 Jameis Winston (TB) QB11 18th He loves to sling it and has Mike Evans to do so. Shootouts with NO in Weeks 14 and 16 await.
92 Duke Johnson (CLE) RB32 8th  Josh McCown being named the starter would be huge for Duke. He looks solid every time he touches the field, but is used far too sparingly.
93 Tim Hightower (NO) RB33 17th Locked into a committee and unexciting as a talent, but has blow up potential should Ingram go down, per usual.
94 Chris Ivory (JAC) RB34 26th  New OC Nathaniel Hackett seems intent on feeding Ivory, who does far better when he can wear out defenses and build momentum. The tough schedule is the only thing holding me back.
95 Kyle Rudolph (MIN) TE10 23rd  Has really slowed after a torrid start, but remains the clear #2 and a favorite of noodle-armed Bradford.
96 Antonio Gates (SD) TE11 1st  Has found the fountain of youth in recent weeks, but always a threat to breakdown at his age. Henry’s return won’t help either.
97 Sammie Coates (PIT) WR39 17th  A weekly threat for 0 or 40, here’s hoping he finds some consistency down the stretch.
98 Quincy Enunwa (NYJ) WR40 21st  A pleasant surprise for fantasy owners and the Jets alike, Enunwa’s late inconsistency makes him for a desperation flex than desirable one.
99 C.J.Fiedorowicz (HOU) TE12 3rd  This year’s “Great White Hope” at TE, Fiedorowicz has been a lock TE1 over the past five weeks. He has the schedule to secure a top-8 finish.
100 Russell Wilson (SEA) QB12 25th  Did Russell Wilson really just flash late season explosion upside on MNF? Oh boy…

Next Up:


Dak Prescott (DAL, QB13); Carson Palmer (ARI, QB14); Tyrod Taylor (BUF, QB15)

Running Back:

Terrance West (BAL, RB35); Kapri Bibbs (DEN, RB36); Ryan Mathews (PHI, RB37); James Starks (GB, RB38); C.J. Prosise (SEA, RB39); Paul Perkins (NYG, RB40)

Note – No bench stash carries more upside than Derrick Henry, who still could be this year’s David Johnson if/when DeMarco goes down.

Wide Receiver:

Robert Woods (BUF, WR40); Rishard Matthews (TEN, WR41); John Brown (ARI, WR42); J.J. Nelson (ARI, WR43); Sterling Shepard (NYG, WR44); Chris Hogan (NE, WR45); Kenny Britt (LA, WR46); Mohamed Sanu (ATL, WR47); Allen Hurns (JAC, WR48); Cameron Meredith (CHI, WR49); Tavon Austin (LA, WR50)

Tight End:

Coby Fleener (NO, TE13); Martellus Bennett (NE, TE14); Hunter Henry (SD, TE15); Jason Witten (DAL, TE16); Ladarius Green (PIT, TE17); Dennis Pitta (BAL, TE18); Jack “Beanstalk” Doyle (IND, TE19); Cameron Brate (TB, TE20)

Good luck to all in your stretch runs! If you have any specific trade questions, hit us up on Twitter @RotoStreetJ or slide into our Facebook DMs @ Roto Street Journal.


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