Paying Homage to Andre Johnson

Saying goodbye to another fantasy football legend.

Another week, another Houston legend throwing in the towel, in this case, Andre Johnson was projected to be great unlike the other Texans’ retiree we just paid homage to, the undrafted free agent Arian Foster. Johnson was coming off a junior year at the University of Miami where he had 52 receptions, 1,092 yards and 9 touchdowns, and this catapulted him to being drafted third overall by the Houston Texans. 

Andre Johnson gained the trust of Dom Capers, the Texans head coach at the time, and began starting right away in the Houston offense. I’m sure we all remember the quarterback at the time, David Carr (brother of Oakland Raiders quarterback, Derek Carr). Johnson immediately saw success, coming less than 30 yards shy of a 1,000 yard rookie season, and managed his first 1,000 yard season the very next year. He became the dominant all-around wideout we knew and loved in 2007, when he started his four-year streak of 8-plus touchdowns per season.


Andre Johnson was a PPR king, going over 100 receptions five times during his 12-year stint in Houston, he also went over 1,000 yards seven times. In 2008, Johnson was projected to be the fifth overall fantasy wide receiver but finished the season WR1 with 320.5 fantasy points — averaging 20 points per game — thanks to his career high 115 reception season. The next year, there was no change in production for Johnson, as he averaged 19.5 PPR points per game and remained the best fantasy receiver in the league.

Johnson was a lock in fantasy football every single game he was wearing a Houston jersey averaging over 84 receptions, 1,138 yards, and 5 touchdowns in his 12 year career with the organization.


Unfortunately, Johnson might be more recognized by the common fan from his infamous bout with Cortland Finnegan. In November of 2010, Finnegan — who is well-known for being a dirty/mouthy player — got under the skin of Johnson, which led to a helmet-off brawl. The typically reserved receiver stated in a press conference after, “I would like to apologize… What happened out there today was not me.” And it wasn’t like him. Johnson was one of the most civilized and mild-mannered players in the league and continued to be so up until his retirement besides that one mistake. Johnson did get some good shots in though, so maybe he’ll consider boxing in his retirement from the NFL.

Image result for andre johnson fight gif

All jabs aside, Johnson was one of my all time favorite players to watch and has left quite a legacy on the game as well. He’s ending his 14 year career with 14,185 receiving yards, which is 10th all-time and also has 1,062 receptions, which is ninth all time. All-in-all, Johnson was a legend on the field and a legend on our fantasy football teams. We’d just like to sign off saying we appreciate the 7-time Pro Bowler and the all-time leading receiver in Houston Texans history.

I think I speak for all of us here at RSJ when I say it was a pleasure watching a legend like you perform week in and week out, and watching you and Arian Foster dominate in the Houston offense together.

Thank you Andre Johnson.





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