J.J. Watt being placed on IR means he can tell us how hard he’s working via social media

Houston Texas hardo J.J. Watt was placed on injured reserve Tuesday night, after re-injuring his back against the Patriots on Thursday Night Football. The Patriots once again made Watt a non-factor, but it looks like he was dealing with a back injury during the game.

The three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year is the most dominant and unblockable defender in the game, but what makes him especially polarizing is the fact that he is the biggest social media tough guy and try-hard on the internet.

In not-so-breaking news, he has already let us know that this is the first time he has missed a game since his sophomore year of high school and that he will be back:

Watt loves to take to Instagram to let his fans/haters know how high he box jumped that day and how much weight he has been pushing or dragging, up at his secret workout cabin in the woods.

This is Watt on his birthday — because of course he takes #nodaysoff:

Here is Watt proving that he was back to box jumping after playing last season with five torn groin muscles:

There should be odds in Vegas that Watt will be the first person to let us know how his surgery went and most importantly, how his recovery is going via Instagram. With the attention off of the NFL’s biggest social media narcissist/ least self-aware player, expect a barrage of social media posts to keep us all in the loop.

Wait, don’t forget this:


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