How to Recover From Your 0-2 Start

The team you drafted just isn’t getting it done, and it’s time to start thinking outside the box, folks.

Not to worry!  This is where you dig deep and find the difference-makers that can make you a champion.  The Wolf wrote a great waiver wire piece earlier this week that highlighted many excellent players that are available to pick-up.

On a personal note, I am in a tough position myself this week against the mighty “Diggs out for Harambe” in the Roto Street Journal League and I have to make some ballsy changes if I want a serious chance at winning (or avoiding a night at a Connecticut Sun game with a serial killer).


For this week’s sit/start, I’ll share some insight on my sit/start strategy when I am in desperate need of a win:

1. Look at total points scored or weekly average to determine starters. NOT projections

This strategy doesn’t change no matter what shape my team is in. Yahoo and ESPN both default to weekly projections to aid owners in setting their lineups. I’ll write a separate article at some point on how projections are simply not reliable. To use the stock market analogy, betting the average is the bearish method that I choose to abide by when playing fantasy football. That’s why I elect to start players who average the most points per week.  I believe that by following this strategy, your floor is the highest that is can possibly be. If you gamble on the upside of another guy who has the potential to absolutely blow it out, but hasn’t really shown us that ability yet this season, you are risking that he will continue to put up mediocre numbers and leave your squad behind the eight ball.

It’s like putting your money into a pharma company that is producing a drug that cures cancer, but hasn’t received an FDA approval yet. Big upside, big risk. It depends on what your risk tolerance is, but I tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to players that are unproven. The one exception to this rule would be a running back who is replacing an injured stud who has produced consistently.

2. Rid Yourself of the Dead Weight

If you drafted a first or second-rounder who is struggling out of the gates, sit him. Find somebody on the wire who can fill the gap. The Wolf has named plenty of serviceable receivers who were available in many leagues this week. I like Quincy Enunwa and Eddie Royal off the wire this week to START. In full point PPR, both of these guys are averaging about 15 points a week — solid production.

Image result for Quincy Enunwa gif

3. Get Weird

Start some guys that you feel a little uncomfortable starting. I know it will feel wrong to start a guy like Enunwa and sit someone such as Tyler Lockett, but you should do it. Gary Barnidge owners should sit him and start a Jacob Tamme or Dennis Pitta. Once you make an uncomfortable decision and see the benefit, you’ll be dumping the guys you drafted for more hidden gems on the waiver wire.

I also like the idea of picking up a guy like Matt Asiata if you are in a pinch.  When Adrian Peterson was out in 2014, Asiata had several big weeks — spotty, but if you’re lucky you could catch him on a 3 TD monster performance week. If he can do that again it could spark a fire in your team and allow you to claw your way back to playoff contention, and who knows, maybe even a championship.

Image result for matt asiata gif

Don’t you worry. It’s a long season and there’s no need to wave the white flag after an 0-2 start.


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