Why I Hate T.J. Yeldon

I was a big supporter of TJ Yeldon coming out of Alabama, but after last week, I officially hate him. He’s almost at Doug Martin status.  The reason isn’t so much that he’s terrible, it’s more so that he’s so terrible he can’t even take advantage of a very favorable match-up. I dedicated an incredible amount of time last week in discrediting Spencer Ware’s value based on how poor the Charges run defense is, and then Yeldon comes out and makes it look like the fucking Steel Curtain.

  1. Ware is still not THAT good, Jamaal Charles is the guy to own in the Kansas City backfield
  2. The Chargers’ run defense is still fucking atrocious

But anyway, back to hating Yeldon.

In Week 1, he salvaged a horrid 39 yards and a touchdown on 21 carries. Then once Chris Ivory was officially ruled as OUT, Yeldon’s stock skyrocketed for Week 2 –- then the game kicked off and Yeldon owners across the country couldn’t find ways to get drunk fast enough. He totaled 28 yards on 7 carries – Blake Bortles rushed for 34 yards.

So let’s break out our calculators for some quick math — 67 yards on 28 carries equals 2.39 yards per carry — against two teams that combined to allow 4.65 yards per carry in 2015.  The Packers were 28th overall at 4.5, the Chargers 29th overall at 4.8 and Yeldon is checking in at 2.39! Are you kidding me?  Seriously, as a fantasy nerd it makes me want to throw up in mouth. I can’t even imagine how actual Yeldon owners feel.

Image result for tj yeldon fumble gif

You might not believe his, but the former Bama back has only broken 70 yards on the ground twice in his short career – Week 4 of last season (105 yards at the Colts) and Week 7 of last season (115 yards vs. Bills). Since that Week 7 performance, he hasn’t even topped 65 yards, never mind sniffing the century mark. Chris Ivory –- the same guy who was one of just seven 1,000 yard rushers last year — is only getting healthier and healthier, while Yeldon just continues to keep the door wide open for Ivory to walk in and become the RB1 in Jacksonville.

At this point I’m out on Yeldon. Not only is he not startable, he’s borderline not ownable, and that’s only until we officially hear Chris Ivory isn’t going to go Chris Bosh on us. Once Ivory is back, Yeldon is going to become a rich man’s Trent Richardson. My advice is do everything you can to move him ASAP. At this point, if you can still get a WR3, consider yourself lucky and hit accept instantly.

A few stats before I leave you:

Fozzy Whittaker – 19 attempts, 113 yards

Jalen Richard – 10 attempts, 101 yards

Shane Vereen – 20 attempts, 80 yards

Terrance West – 23 attempts, 74 yards

T.J. Yeldon – 28 attempts, 67 yards


Honestly, forget the WR3, you’d be lucky to get a kicker back at this point.