Ranking the 2016 Color Rush uniforms

The NFL unveiled the 2016 Color Rush uniforms, which will be used on Thursday Night Football this season. After last season’s colorblind debacle — where folks who were colorblind could not differentiate between two color-on-color uniform combinations — the NFL decided to introduce a few white-on-white uniform combinations.

Here are the official Roto Street Journal 2016 Color Rush rankings:

1. New Orleans Saints – These are fire flames and the Saints need to make these their permanent away uniforms, now.

new orleans color rush 1

2. Cincinnati Bengals – They call this the “white tiger” look and they couldn’t look more fresh. They should have went full white tiger and changed the helmet to white and black.

cincinnati color rush 1

3. San Diego Chargers – The powder blue alternates are the best jerseys in the NFL. These are a little darker and I love the gold facemasks. The Chargers consistently put out fresh uniforms.

san diego color rush

4. Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys wore these last year and they’re sweet.

nfl color rush cowboys 3

5. Green Bay Packers – They’ll be wearing white pants for the first time since 1958. Classic look, but very sharp.

green bay color rush

6. Oakland Raiders – The Raiders would cheat and wear silver pants with white jerseys. Either way, these are nice.

oakland color rush

7. Carolina Panthers – Carolina stuck with their 2015 Color Rush uniforms. Those pants are electric.

Carolina Panthers ColorRush

8. New England Patriots – The red and white stripes on the jerseys are a nice touch. I might like these jerseys better than their current ones.

new england color rush 1

new england color rush

9. Denver Broncos – I really like these. They should use these jerseys with white pants, instead of their current home uniforms. Also, the helmet will use the throwback logo with the “D” — which is a very nice touch.

denver color rush

10. Houston Texans – Uh, hey Houston… You’re playing the Patriots in Foxboro and you literally copied their Color Rush. I like them, but they’re wearing white this year, and these next year.

houston color rush

11. Buffalo Bills – The Bills kept their 2015 look. I love the tone of this color red and it looks very American — Colin Kaepernick wouldn’t approve.

nfl color rush bills 2

12. Indianapolis Colts – I like the blue-on-blue color rush. Unfortunately, they won’t be wearing these until next season.

Indianapolis color rush

13. Tennessee Titans – The Titans are bringing back their powder blues from last season and I like them. Bad news though, they’ll be playing against the worst Color Rush uniforms for the second straight year.

Image result for titans color rush

14. Seattle Seahawks – Okay, these are bright as fuck and a little overboard. But I think I like them, more than I should.

Seattle color rush

15. Pittsburgh Steelers – Here’s the run of black-on-black uniforms. When you think of the Steelers, you think bad ass. These are basic and bad ass.

pittsburgh color rush

16. Arizona Cardinals – These are pretty sweet. I wish they could rock black helmets, but I’m a fan of the white piping around the numbers.

arizona color rush

17. San Francisco 49ers – The 49ers used their all-black alternate uniforms. These are similar, but I like the Cardinals’ better.

49ers Black 1(2)

18. Philadelphia Eagles – Just like the 49ers, these are the Eagles’ all-black alternate uniforms. They’re nice, but lets be more creative next time.

philadelphia color rush

19. New York Giants – These are a throwback to the 80’s, when Lawrence Taylor was dominating the league. I like ’em.

new york giants color rush 1

ny giants color rush 2

20. Miami Dolphins – Just like the Seahawks, these are pretty wild. This shade of  orange is a little too bright compared to the Broncos’ ones, which is why the Broncos are up so high.

miami color rush

21. Atlanta Falcons – Kinda boring, but I like the jerseys — especially if they matched them with white pants. Kinda high school’ish.

atlanta color  rush

22. Detroit Lions – Meh, boring. Should have done silver or blue.

detroit color rush

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Bucs are running with their 2015 Color Rush unis again, which aren’t terrible, but their logo should create more potential. I prefer the Bills’ shade of red.

nfl color rush bucs 8

24. Kansas City Chiefs – Again with the red-on-red, but I prefer the Bills and Bucs’ unis.

kansas city

25. Chicago Bears – Boring. Change it up.

chicago color rush

26. Cleveland Browns – Like a few others, these won’t be seen until 2017, due to a color clash. They should have just went full-Browns and made them gross and Browns’ orange.

cleveland color rush

27. Minnesota Vikings – These look like your local high school team’s uniforms.

minnesota color rush

28. Baltimore Ravens – I love their all-black uniforms and I hate their purple uniforms. Be better, Baltimore.

baltimore color rush

29. New York Jets – These are the same as last season, but they’ll be wearing a white facemask for the colorblind folks, which should make them a little better. Still gross.

nfl color rush jets 4

30. Washington Redskins – Holy shit, these are gross.

washington color rush

31. Los Angeles Rams – The Rams are wearing the uniforms they wore for their last game in St. Louis, but not until 2017. Thank you for saving our eyeballs for a year. Disgusting.


32. Jacksonville Jaguars – PUKE. These guys kept their 2015  Color Rush uniforms. Big mistake. Black-on-black with some gold would have boosted them into the top-half.

nfl color rush jaguars 2

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