3 Fantasy Football Punishment Ideas for Drafting Felons

The RSJ has created several punishment recommendations to address these ethical missteps. The Owner with the most suspension games for illicit off-the-field activity will pay the price. Here are 3 ideas.


You Drafted a Criminal, Now You Pay the Price

We can no longer ignore the fact that domestic abuse, murder, and other heinous felonies are rampant among NFL players.  Think about it.  There was the Ray Rice elevator incident.  The Adrian Peterson switch story shortly thereafter.  Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction.  What is even more disturbing is that some Fantasy Owners specifically seek out these low-lifes to create a thug-like aura about their squad.  Well, ladies and gentleman, now there is a price to pay.

Now, let’s be clear on something.  I am not so concerned about a guy like Le’Veon Bell smoking a doob and getting suspended for it.  Hell, I think that’s a superior option to drinking a few beers!  But, let’s not get political.

Here’s the good news: The RSJ has created several punishment recommendations to address these ethical missteps.  The Owner with the most suspension games for illicit off-the-field activity will pay the price.  Here are 3 ideas:

1.  “The Prisoner”

Have your friend dress in prison garb and pick up Burger King cups, cigarette butts, used condoms, and anything else strewn on the side of the highway.  That level of humiliation will surely keep him away from wife-beaters and gang-bangers.

highway trash pickup

2. “The Handcuffs”

During the following year’s draft, the player with the most infractions will draft handcuffed.  He will be allowed enough range of motion to reach the keyboard but will probably have a tough time reaching into the bowl of popcorn for a snack.


3.  “The Suspension”

If your league has a destination draft or weekly game-watches, establish a two-week suspension for this scum bag.  Maybe excluding him from the destination draft is too cruel, but let him watch the games in solitude while the more morally grounded of you enjoy the game together.


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