Three Guys I Think I Like – Wide Receiver Edition

Let’s be clear, we all like AB, Julio, OBJ – if you need someone telling you to draft those guys you shouldn’t be playing fantasy sports.  When I say I like these guys, I mean I like them above their current average draft position.  Drafting the superstars is easy, but it’s the late rounds, the flex picks, the bye week guys that will make or break your team.  And here are 3 you shouldn’t be afraid to “reach” for…

Stefon Diggs – Vikings

Diggs was a monster October pick up for fantasy players last season – in his first four games he put up 419 yards, 2 TDs, and averaged 10 targets a game – kid looked like he was the next big thing. Then he came back down to Earth.  After his season high 12 targets during Week 7, Diggs averaged just 4.88 targets the remainder of the year. I know that looks bad, but let’s dig a little deeper – weeks 1 thru 7 Teddy Bridgewater averaged just over 30 pass attempts a game, 5 times breaking 30 attempts or more and including his season high 41 attempts week 4.  Starting with week 8 Bridgewater’s attempts per game plummeted to 26.2 and he broke 30 attempts just twice.  Why such a drastic falloff? How about weather in Minnesota? It gets cold quick in Minnesota and when you have AP on the ground it makes it a simple decision to reign in the passing game.  Peterson is now 31 years old, Bridgewater is a young QB on the rise, and most importantly, the Vikings will now play indoors.

Current Average Draft Position – 100th overall, 9th round

Suggested Draft Position – I’m ok with taking him as early as the 7th round, even late 6th if you still need a WR. The move indoors should be a game changer for Diggs.  I’m passing on guys like DeVante Parker, Michael Crabtree, Kevin White,  and Sterling Shepard, and rolling the dice on Diggs.

Travis Benjamin – Chargers

In 2015, Benjamin was the model of inconsistency, not only in terms of production, but in terms of even being used by the team.  He had six games last year where he saw 10 or more targets, he also had six games last year where he saw 5 or less targets. He’s absolutely not an elite pass catcher – hauled in just 54.4% of his targets last season – but he is the definition of a home run threat. Think of a poor man’s Martavis Bryant, but of course not suspended. Finally out of the football hell that is Cleveland, TB gets to work with a real QB – Philip Rivers who threw for 4,792 yards on 661 attempts – and all signs are pointing up for  the 5th year playmaker. He’s currently slotted in as the #2 WR across from Keenan Allen and there’s no reason to think Rivers won’t continue to sling the rock.

Current Average Draft Position – 112th overall, 10th round

Suggested Draft Position – Don’t hate waiting on Benjamin until the 10th, also don’t hate jumping to grab him in the 9th / late 8th.  Love the potential his new situation gives him, and by no means am I in love with the trio of WR that are grouped around him – Devin Funchess (ADP 105), Corey Coleman (ADP 110), Torrey Smith (ADP 115).

Image result for travis benjamin gif

Kamar Aiken – Ravens

The biggest argument I’ve heard against Aiken has been that Steve Smith Sr. is coming back and all of those targets KA ate up last season are going away. But I’m not understanding how other people aren’t comprehending that Smith Sr is 37 years old and coming off an Achilles Tear.  “No one works as hard as Steve Smith.” You guys ever hear of Kobe Bryant?  I just don’t see the production there. What I do see is Joe Flacco coming back and dropping in 3,600 yards and 20 plus TDs, just like he does every year. And if that happens, someone has to be catching the ball and that someone will be Aiken.

Current Average Draft Position – 126th overall, 10th round

Suggested Draft Position – Go and get this man, 8th round and I am in, hell, maybe even the 7th.  In his last 8 games he went for 50 catches / 611 yards –that’s half a season and without his starting QB.  I honestly don’t understand the lack of love for KA this draft season, in the real deep leagues (14 or more teams) I like him as a WR2, in a standard 12 I love him as a WR3/Flex.


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