2016 Fantasy Football PPR Rankings: QBs (Preseason Week 3)

With Fantasy Draft Season full in swing, The Roto Street Journal has you covered. We’ll update our Cheat Sheets and Big Board throughout “dress rehearsal” weekend to reflect all the latest news and preseason action, providing you the most up-to-date rankings to dominate your draft.

*UPDATED August 27th to reflect Friday’s preseason action and Tony Romo news.


? = guy I’m significantly higher on.

? = guy I’m significantly lower on

↗️ = slight bump up.

↘️ = slight bump down

⬆️ = major bump up.

⬇️ = major bump down

? = health risk

Tier 1 – Unquestioned #1 

1. Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers)

Tier 2 – Challengers for the No.1 Spot

2. ?Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks) – He didn’t have room to rise as our #2 QB anyways, but Week 3’s contest with the Cowboys reaffirmed our belief in Wilson’s immense fantasy upside. As promised by head coach Pete Carroll, the Seahawks 2016 offense has been a clone of the spread, timing-based pass attack that lead to Wilson’s 2015 post-bye statistical explosion. The team’s taking to the air early and often, and Wilson was dropping dimes en route to a 16-0f-21, 192 yard, and two TD line. His pocket awareness and escapability was as high as ever, especially on his TD strike to Tyler Lockett. If anyone has the set up to outscore Cam, it’d be Wilson.

3. Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers)

4.Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts) – After a solid 8/8, 69 yard showing in Week 2 of the preseason, Luck no longer has to be drafted with skepticism.

5. ↗️Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints) – Michael Thomas’ emergence gives Brees his most stacked cast in years. A vintage 5,000 yard, 35+ TD season seems like a near certainty.

Tier 3 – Upside QB1s 

6. ???Tom Brady? (New England Patriots) – *Obviously paired with a high-upside QB2 late*

7. ↗️Blake Bortles (Jacksonville Jaguars)

8. ?Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers)

9. Carson Palmer (Arizona Cardinals)

Tier 3.5 – Remaining QB1s (unsexy, but solid)

10. Phillip Rivers (San Diego Chargers)

11. Eli Manning (New York Giants)

Tier 4 – Upside QB2s who I’d love in a committee

12.?↗️ Jameis Winston (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – August 27th update – We’ve been high on Winston since Day 1, as he was our QB13 during OTAs. Here’s what I wrote in June when I released my first round of QB rankings:

“Here’s my favorite upside QB2. I love Winston’s dedication throughout the offseason, with countless reports noting he’s been slimming down and spending time with his receivers establishing rapport. New head coach Dirk Koetter has coordinated some explosive attacks in Atlanta, and the first year head coach has the weaponry (Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson, Austin Seferian-Jenkins) for similar production… if Winston can deliver the mail. Up all the way at 13, I clearly expect a sophomore leap from Jameis.

Similarly, offensive coordinator Todd Monken has made his affinity for the long ball known, and Koetter confirmed the offense will be more aggressive in 2016. I think we’ve got an under-the-radar offensive juggernaut brewing in Tampa Bay, and Winston will be leading the charge. Did we mention the rushing TD upside? Winston ranked second behind Cam with six, and is now leaner and more mobile than ever in his career.”

Well, everything on the field has validated this aggressive ranking, and then some. The offense has been pushing the pace with a no-huddle attack, and the vertical game has been the focus, as Winston has repeatedly connected with his receivers for major chunk plays. Winston’s improved chemsitry with top dawg Mike Evans has been most notable, as these two could form a dangerous duo. 

This all led to a dominant 16-for-25, 259 yard, two TD performance in preseason Week 3.  Winston was putting the ball wherever he wanted it, and the touch on his deep balls was superb. He also showed great escapability and pocket awareness throughout the night, especially on his first TD throw to Charles Sims. Reports about him losing weight and improving his mobility were spot on.  When I write The Next Blake Bortles, Winston will likely be my cover boy. 

13. Derek Carr (Oakland Raiders)

14. ↗️Kirk Cousins (Washington Redskins) – August 27th update – ?Cousins’ 12-of-23, 188 yard, three TD half of action emphasized two main points: A) His supporting cast is completely stacked. B) This offense is going to throw the ball A TON. Even if Cousins isn’t all that special himself, everything is in place for strong fantasy numbers
15. Tyrod Taylor (Buffalo Bills)

16. ?RGIII (Cleveland Browns) – August 27th update – While Week 2 (still below) gave me a major pants tent, Week 3 achieved minimal movement. On the positive side, Josh Gordon looks like his vintage self, hauling in two catches for 87 yards and a TD in which he hung dong on Brent Grimes. I no longer have any on-field concerns with the elite wideout. This ensures RGIII will have a trio of dangerous, atheltic freaks to maximize his beautiful deep ball.

On the flip side, Corey Coleman and Terrelle Pryor underwhelmed, as did RGIII’s line. He was under duress for the majority of the game, and Griffin will need more time to capitalize on his beautiful deep ball. For me, his night was neutral, as RGIII’s upside remains very real, as do his risks.

I wrote this before preseason Week 2: “I won’t lie, I’m intrigued by his raw skills, particularly his running ability, in Hue Jackson’s system. If Josh Gordon rebounds, Griffin’s cast is fairly explosive. I wouldn’t be shocked if he exploded.”

Well, after going 6/8 for nearly 100 yards and 2 TDs, plus another 36 on the ground, I think it’s safe to say he could make some waves. I’d love to stash him and see what happens… I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s the late round guy to explode for QB1 numbers by any means.

17.↗️ Marcus Mariota (Tennessee Titans) – After completing 14-of-15 passes for 149 yards and a TD through the first two weeks of the preseason, Mariota jumps up into my high-upside QB2s. He’s shown tremendous pocket awareness and seems far more comfortable in his sophomore campaign, resulting in a higher completion rate. Plus, coach Mike Mularkey has continually stated his desire to use Mariota’s legs more. There’s a ton of upside here.

18. ⬆️Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys) – August 27th update – Now opening 2016 as the starter, Prescott immediately enters the fantasy radar following Tony Romo’s broken back bone. Dak was a preseason sensation, completing 39-of-50 passes (an insane 78% completion rate) for 454 yards and five TDs, while also collecting 53 yards and two TDs on the ground; indeed, the rushing makes him particularly attractive, but Prescott also showed sound decision making with zero turnovers. He also appeared pro-ready in performing well against Seattle, one of the league’s top defenses, without his top target Dez Bryant. Prescott has the weapons and natural skillset to make some serious fantasy noise, and is well worth a late round look.

Tier 5 – Lesser halves of a committee

19.? Ryan Fitzpatrick (New York Jets)

20. ↗️ Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions) – OC Jim Bob Cooter’s heavy emphasis on the no-huddle, coupled with Marvin Jones’ emergence, have me higher on Stafford in the cold, post-Megatron world.

21. Andy Dalton (Cincinatti Bengals)

22. Ryan Tannehill (Miami Dolphins)

Tier 6 – Remaining players to consider

23.↗️ Brock Osweiler (Houston Texans) – He looked far more composed and accuarate in preseason Week 2, and has a very strong cast of weapons at his disposal. There’s upside here.

24. Joe Flacco (Baltimore Ravens) – A big-armed QB with a ton of speed on the outside who’s also in a pass-heavy scheme? There’s some unrecognized upside here.

25.↘️ ?Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons) – I couldn’t be less intrigued to draft someone than Matt Ryan.

26. Alex Smith (Kansas City Chiefs)

27. Blaine Gabbert (San Francisco 49ers) – Gabbert does have some athleticism to run the read option. If he’s picking up points with his legs, I can see myself streaming him.


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