5 Do’s and Don’ts of Setting Your Fantasy Football Lineup

Prior to embracing The Wolf’s methodology on fantasy football, I would often suffer from bouts of anxiety on Sunday morning.  Do I start Ben Roethlisberger or Tom Brady?  Should I take a chance on an unproven running back who is filling in for a stud, or do I stick with my regular starter?  There are a hundred scenario-driven questions that cross the fantasy football owner’s mind each Sunday morning and I am here to encourage you to put that worry to rest.  Here is my NFL Sunday routine that helps me truly own all of my decisions, enabling me to stand by my team win or lose.

  1.  DON’T ask all of your friends/co-workers/family members for advice.  They don’t know any better than you do and will often arouse second-guessing and uncertainty.
  2. DO develop a start/sit philosophy.  For me, this strategy is simple.  I examine the average weekly performance of all of my players and start the highest scoring players regardless of name recognition, or previous success.For example, if a rookie, undrafted, no-name running back is averaging 15 points this season and I have DeMarco Murray on my team who is averaging 10,  I start the no-name despite the fact that some might be conditioned to think that you HAVE to start Murray.  You don’t HAVE to start anyone.  You should start whoever you think will put you in the best position to win the game.  You could use this philosophy or develop one of your own based on things that you learn from the great content on this site.
  3. DO stick to your plan.
  4. DO set a fake lineup to toy with your opponent.  This one is my favorite.  I have used this multiple times and it is a great way to get inside your opponent’s head.  Have Eli Manning against the Seahawks and Andy Dalton playing against the Browns?  Throw Eli in there on Thursday afternoon and swap in Dalton at 12:58 on Sunday.  Your opponent will set there lineup based on your lineup without even knowing it.
  5. DO set it and forget it.  Once you’ve committed to a strategy, have set your lineup and are ready to kick back, eat some wings and watch RedZone… Relax.  Once you start believing in your own system, the results will follow.


Do you have any common do’s and don’ts that you use when setting your lineup? Comment below or tweet us at @RotoStreetJ!


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