Three Creative Ways to Determine Your Fantasy Football Draft Order

Knowing where you fall in draft order is a crucial part of the preparation process.  If you don’t have an idea of who will be available when, it will be difficult to come up with a plan and map out what success looks like.

When it comes to actually deciding that draft order, you have two options: You can be a loser and let an automated system pick the order for you OR you take the opportunity to add another element of competition to your league.

Here are three creative ways to decide your league’s draft order:

1.  The Wonderlic Test:  The rules are simple. Everyone takes the Wonderlic Test and based on the results, you have your draft order.  You can set it up so the highest score gets the 1st pick, 2nd highest score gets the 2nd pick, and so on and so forth.  You could also make it so that the highest score gets to choose their position and take the same approach down the line.  This site, Wonderlic Sample Test, has a 50 question and a 10 question version. The 50 question has a 12 minute time limit and to make things even more interesting you could set a minimum number of beers you need to consume in order to complete.  That number, I will leave up to your discretion.  Current Dallas Cowboys cornerback, Morris Claiborne scored a 4 on the Wonderlic, the lowest in NFL history.  If you don’t beat a 4, you are kicked out of the league and your friends should tell your boss too, because you should probably also be fired.

2. The Pizza Order:  Everyone in your league gets together and orders a small cheese pizza from pizza shops in similar proximity.  Everyone plays drinking games in the mean time and you set up a podium by the door for when the pizza arrives.  When the pizza arrives, everyone sets up their chairs so they are all facing the podium, and your commissioner asks the delivery person who the pizza is for.  The pizza delivery person then becomes a part of your draft and announces the draft order.  You can go from 12-1 or 1-12, it works either way, and you get pizza.

3.  Talladega Nights: Everyone in your league gets together to watch a NASCAR race.  “That seems fun Shark, let’s watch cars drive around in a circle.”  NASCAR isn’t really my thing but fantasy football can get me to do just about anything.  In this scenario, everyone in your league picks a driver, and your draft order is determined by the order the drivers finish.  I know next to nothing about NASCAR but I do know that some racers are better than others.  This provides an opportunity for another draft, and who doesn’t want that.  Your league can draft NASCAR racers, to determine your fantasy football draft order.  A draft inside of a draft… Inception.


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