2016 Fantasy Football PPR Rankings: Big Board Part II

Updated Sunday, August 21st to reflect the Dion Lewis and Karlos Williams news, and preseason action from over the weekend.

Round Two, here we go. The past two weeks have featured plenty of value shaking developments, both on the preseason field and in the news; as such, it’s time to reconsider and re-rank all the players for our second Big Board.

As the necessary preface, these rankings are based on full PPR scoring, and rosters that would feature 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE) + whatever for bench. Another reminder: just because I have Cam Newton at #34 does not mean I think 33 others will outscore him; it reflects the depth at QB, the opportunity cost and drop offs for the skill players, and the consistency with hitting on late QBs and playing the match-ups. Different positions fall off cliffs at different times, which is why the looking at a Big Board and getting a sense of the ebbs and flows of each position is crucial before a draft.

Below, I include some thoughts on specific risers and fallers, as well as a few market trends and general strategy I’ve picked up on while doing about 10,000,000 mock drafts since our first edition.

Here’s a printable version to bring to your draft!

If you’re looking for thoughts on specific positions, the tiered cheat sheets are linked below:


Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends


? = guy I’m significantly higher on.

? = guy I’m significantly lower on

↗️ = slight bump up.

↘️ = slight bump down

⬆️ = major bump up.

⬇️ = major bump down

? = 30+ .

? = rookie

? = health risk

Talent Tier 1 – The PPR Almighty – $70+

1. Antonio Brown (WR1, Pittsburgh Steelers)

Talent Tier 2 – Cases to be Antonio’s Robin – $60-$65

2. Odell Beckham (WR2, New York Giants)

3. Julio Jones (WR3, Atlanta Falcons)

4. ↗️David Johnson (RB1, Arizona Cardinals)
Stayed In – The options that I’d consider at #2 overall have been widdled down to four. In a no huddle attack that could approach the league lead in plays run and points scored, Odell Beckham remains locked in as my #2 option. Sterling Shepard’s presence will only help him.

Julio is the play for the risk adverse, as he remains a dead lock for another insane tsunami of targets as Shanahan’s X horse. David Johnson might just be the play in a high-stakes format where you’ll need differentiation among a diverse field i.e. the NFFC. He offers the potential highest edge of all: a true three down back in an explosive offense that’s done it at this level, comes with no red tape, and is quite possibly ascending.

Moved out – With Osweiler looking like a ceiling capper, Hopkins takes a bump down. Hopkins will still be very good and carries a QB-proof floor, but guys like A.J. Green, Allen Robinson, and Dez Bryant might have higher upside with stronger QB play. Hopkins no longer belongs in a tier above those three. Zeke Elliott’s hamstring does make me pause, but should be a non factor. He can’t be considered at #2 any longer, and monitoring his progress and play in Week 3 action will be a major story line.

Talent Tier 3 – Remaining First Rounders $55-$60

Note – this tier was very hard to organize, with guys as far down as Le’Veon entering the #5 conversation. Plenty of flip flopping throughout. For now, because I want to nail production with my Round 1 pick + I’m getting more comfortable with the Round Two RBs, I like going WR at the top. I think there’s quality RB talent available throughout the draft, but WRs thin out fast.

5. DeAndre Hopkins (WR4, Houston Texans)

6. ↗️A.J. Green (WR5, Cincinnati Bengals)

7. ↗️Allen Robinson (WR6, Jacksonville Jaguars)

8. Dez Bryant (WR7, Dallas Cowboys)

9. Todd Gurley (RB2, St. Louis Rams)

10. ?Ezekiel Elliott (RB3, Dallas Cowboys) – Elliott’s fantasy set up is so ripe, he could easily jump to the top of this tier if he erases his hamstring concerns on the field. Perhaps even a vault to the above tier if he does so in emphatic fashion. For now, I feel more comfortable with Gurley, even in PPR settings, as I know Todd’s floor and still don’t know his true ceiling, yet after he missed serious time to begin the year. Elliott will fall to the bottom of this tier without a strong Week 3 showing.

11. Lamar Miller (RB4, Houston Texans)

12. ↗️ ? Le’Veon Bell (RB5, Pittsburgh Steelers)  – After seeing the cheap cost of DeAngelo Williams, Le’Veon has grown a whole lot more appealing. A late first + eighth or beyond pick is a very fair price for the Steelers’ backfield, and Williams’ admirable RB1 performance in Bell’s absence makes this investment appealingly safer. This is especially true since Le’Veon will now only miss three games. If the other four guys are gone, or you’re nervous about Elliott’s hamstring, give Bell a look at the turn.

13. Brandon Marshall (WR8, New York Jets)

14. Rob Gronkowski (TE1, New England Patriots) – After doing various mock drafts and Draft Wizards, I always feel better about my team when I go RB and WR early, as compared to Gronk. Given how fast the RBs and WRs thin out, I prefer targeting a value TE like Gary Barnidge or Gronk’s teammate Martellus Bennett while I boost my multi-starter depth.

15. ?Adrian Peterson (RB6, Minnesota Vikings)

16. ⬆️ ?LeSean McCoy (RB7, Buffalo Bills) – Shady’s rapid rise up the Big Board continues as his three-down workhorse status was emphatically confirmed on Saturday. First, Karlos Williams was released, giving Shady a clear path to Buffalo’s goal line carries all season. Moreover, Shady flashed his third down skills against the Giants, absolutely dusting their coverage for four catches, 58 yards and a TD. He’s scheduled for one of the highest workloads in the league in Greg Roman’s run-obsessed scheme, and is now a highly viable RB1 option. If you’re getting him anywhere beyond the middle of Round 2, you’ve landed a steal.

Talent Tier 4 – Last acceptable RB1 and WR1s $45-$50

At this stage, team need becomes relevant. I like to generally have a top WR and top RB in my first two picks, as I feel the drop off after this tier is real at both positions & I want #1 options I’m comfortable with in both slots.  Consequently, my first round pick will often influence this selection, as will general draft flow. Example – I have Gurley, so I go Landry over Ingram even though the Saint is technically ahead on the Big Board.

17. ?Keenan Allen (WR9, San Diego Chargers)

18.? Jordy Nelson (WR10, Green Bay Packers)

19. Devonta Freeman (RB8, Atlanta Falcons) – Devonta looked far better in Preseason Week 2, ripping off 42 yards, including a 19 yard TD, on only four carries. His vision and wiggle in the hole were far better, and Freeman was the back in for every red zone, third down, and short yardage carry. Moreover, Tevin Coleman looked pretty horrible, so this might not end up a committee no matter how badly the team would love that.

20. ↗️?Mark Ingram (RB9, New Orleans Saints) – An every-down back in an explosive offense? He’d be in the tier above without such high health concerns. Ingram and Hightower are a poor man’s Le’Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams. Preseason Week 1 was a preview of the many goal line capping chances Ingram will see in 2016, as he scored two short yardage TDs in under a half of action.

21. ?Jamaal Charles (RB10, Kansas City Chiefs) – I’m happy he finally returned to the practice field this week, and he stands for a boost if he’s looking like prime JaCha.


22. ↗️Eddie Lacy (RB11, Green Bay Packers) – Though I’m still a little leery of James Starks and a committee situation, Lacy made it over his biggest hurdle: regaining his on-tape burst. He looked far more spry, and was breaking tackles like old times in his preseason debut; he looked even stronger in Week Two, rumbling for 45 arms and a TD on nine carries. I feel much better about him as my second round RB1 now.

23. ?Alshon Jeffrey (WR11, Chicago Bears)

24. ?Jarvis Landry (WR12, Miami Dolphins)

25. ⬆️Demaryius Thomas (WR13, Denver Broncos) – Here’s a guy I was too low on. Sanchez is going to be fine, and Kubiak will continue funneling him the rock given his Shanahan coaching roots.

26. Sammy Watkins (WR14, Buffalo Bills)

27. Mike Evans (WR15, Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – That fade TD against Jacksonville was a thing of beauty, and confirms reports that Evans and Winston have greatly improved their rapport.

Talent Tier 5 – Elite #2 Options $35-$40

While I wouldn’t be comfortable with any of these guys as my top WR or RB, I’d be ecstatic to see them in my #2 spot. In general, I feel WR thins out faster than RB this year, particularly in PPR when starting four WRs is a recommended play. Plus, there’s plenty of mid and late round backs with upside who I love, so I’m far more inclined to go WR heavy in these next few rounds.

28. ⬆️C.J. Anderson (RB12, Denver Broncos) – Denver RBs, I just can’t quit you. Anderson looked to be in fantastic shape on Saturday, which is crucial given his historic slow starts and past conditioning concerns. Now that he appears truly ready to be a bellcow, there’s a real chance we get a classic Kubiak workhorse type of season, which has yielded high-end RB1 numbers to lesser talents. Booker’s impressive preseason is the only minor pause I have with Anderson now.

29. ↗️??Julian Edelman (WR15, New England Patriots) –  The PPR Dynamo is back at practice, looking in prime form. The foot scare was obnoxious, but just a scare.

30. T.Y. Hilton (WR17, Indianapolis Colts)

31. ?Doug Baldwin (WR18, Seattle Seahawks) – While I like Baldwin to finish this high, you can generally get him a round or even two later. I might go another guy here if I think Baldwin will fall to me on the way back.

32. Brandin Cooks (WR19, New Orleans Saints)

33. Amari Cooper (WR20 Oakland Raiders)

34. Doug Martin (RB12, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

35. Cam Newton (QB1, Carolina Panthers)

36. Randall Cobb (WR21, Green Bay Packers)

37. ?Latavius Murray (RB13, Oakland Raiders)

38. Jordan Reed (TE2, Washington Redskins)

**Wide Receivers drop off big here**

Talent Tier 6- Intriguing RB2s, Solid WR3s, High End QB1s + TE1s – $25-$35

I’m hoping to have my RB2 and WR3 by the end of this tier; the QBs also represent an edge over the pack at this stage of the draft, despite how deep the position is. Locking up safe points at the TE spot is also a highly viable option here.

39. ↘️?Thomas Rawls (RB15, Seattle Seahawks) – Health concerns and Christine Michael’s strong preseason might render Rawls into a dreaded committee. Even with less volume, I think Rawls can do a lot of damage, so I’m not overreacting here…at least not yet
40.? Donte Moncrief (WR22, Indianpolis Colts) – My favorite to be 2016’s Allen Robinson rises as the number of trustworthy RBs drop.

41. ↗️Greg Olsen (TE3, Carolina Panthers) – This represents the fall in quality RB options here, as I’d rather grab a sure thing and guaranteed production among a shallow TE spot than roll the dice on a risky RB.

42. ⬆️ Jeremy Langford (RB16, Chicago Bears) – For all the committee talk earlier this offseason, Langford has sure looked like a feature back. He’s taken virtually all first team reps, stayed in on passing downs, and received all of the early red zone carries against the Patriots. More importantly, he’s looked very solid in all three phases. Week 3 will mark an extended showing of the first team offense, and Langford could rise even higher if he continues showing a stranglehold on the touches again.

43. ?Matt Forte  (RB17, New York Jets) – He could go off in Gailey’s system which milks the most out of versatile backs, but I need to see him get on the field sooner than later. He could shoot up into the Elite #2 options tier with a strong preseason performance.
44. Russell Wilson (QB2, Seattle Seahawks)

45. Aaron Rodgers (QB3, Green Bay Packers)

46. Andrew Luck (QB4, Indianapolis Colts)

47. Drew Brees (QB5, New Orleans Saints)

48. ?Larry Fitzgerald (WR23, Arizona Cardinals)

49. Eric Decker (WR24, New York Jets)

50. ↗️?????Ryan Mathews (RB18, Philadelphia Eagles) – Clearly I understand the health risks, but man is he going to do some solid things when on the field. His backups become must owns.

51. ⬆️?? Demarco Murray (RB19, Tennessee Titans) – How one game can change everything.  I previously thought DeMarco had lost a step after receiving so much work in 2014, but he sure seemed to have regained it against the Chargers. Perhaps all the scheme fit talk was valid, as Murray looked far more explosive back in a downhill, power based scheme. More importantly, this line looked dominant and I loved how creative the pulling schemes were.  If Forte and Rawls. continue missing valuable time and Murray keeps shining, he could rise even further. Derrick Henry becomes a must draft. Exotic Smashmouth, 2016.

52. ⬆️ Jeremy Hill (RB20, Cincinnati Bengals) – He looked very powerful on his three carries, particularly on his nine yard TD  slam. He seems ready to bounceback to rookie year form, and the Bengals could resort to a power-based offense behind their massive line and Hill with so few options in the passing game.

53. ?Delanie Walker (TE4, Tennessee Titans) – The dominant run game could open up the seams and play action game for Delanie to feast.


Talent Tier 7- Still starter worthy talents, with a few more ?s


54. ⬇️Kelvin Benjamin (WR25, Carolina Panthers) – The reports of him being out of shape and struggling with conditioning, combined with Devin Funchess’ ascension, have me very nervous about Kelvin. The ceiling is still very high, but the floor is a lot lower than previously imagined.

55. ? Golden Tate (WR26, Detroit Lions)

56. ? Jeremy Maclin (WR27, Kansas City Chiefs)

57. ??Tom Brady?? (QB6, New England Patriots)

58. ⬆️Marvin Jones (WR28, Detroit Lions) – He looks like the real deal, and his rapport with Stafford is clearly strong.

59. ?Desean Jackson (WR29, Washington Redskins)

60. ? Carlos Hyde (RB21, San Francisco 49ers)

61. ?Gary Barnidge (TE5, Cleveland Browns) – Similar to Baldwin, I am way higher on Barnidge than most, so I’ll probably take him a round or two later than this and abuse the ADP.

62. ⬆️?Melvin Gordon (RB22, San Diego Chargers) – Gordon showed more power and burst in that one 44-yard TD reception than we saw all last season. Ken Whisenhunt has frequently stated his intention to get the running game jump-started, and he oversaw Ryan Mathew’s career year. Though I took a little while arriving, I’ve officially joined the Gordon post-hype bounceback train. He could emerge as a high-end RB2 when all’s said and done.

63. Duke Johnson (RB23, Cleveland Browns)

64. Coby Fleener (TE6, New Orleans Saints)

Talent Tier 8 – Upside WR4s, Desirable QB1s, Last Startable RBs

Note – As your starting stable of WRs and RBs fills out, it’s important to start going after your favorite high-upside talents in these rounds.  I won’t just draft a QB because I already have three wideouts if there’s a talent I love still out there. Building depth, and finding the guys you explode, is what the late rounds are all about.

65. ?Josh Gordon (WR30, Cleveland Browns)

66. Tyler Lockett (WR31, Seattle Seahawks)

67. Michael Floyd  (WR32, Arizona Cardinals)

68. Allen Hurns (WR33, Jacksonville Jaguars)

69. Devante Parker (WR34, Miami Dolphins)

70. ↗️Blake Bortles (QB7, Jacksonville Jaguars)

71. ?Ben Roethlisberger (QB8, Pittsburgh Steelers)

72. ?Jordan Matthews (WR35, Philadelphia Egles)

73. ?Sterling Shepard (WR36, New York Giants)

74. ??Derrick Henry (RB24, Tennessee Titans) – I’m clearly all-in on Exotic Smashmouth. Henry will win people leagues if/when he becomes the starter.

75.↗️? Corey Coleman (WR37 Cleveland Browns) Though we haven’t seen Coleman play yet, RGIII’s deep ball has me very excited about this offense’s upside.

76.⬆️?Michael Thomas (WR38, New Orleans Saints) – There’s a lot of mouths to feed, but damn did Thomas look special in his first live game action. A talent like this in such an explosive aerial attack cannot be ignored.

77. ↘️Carson Palmer (QB9, Arizona Cardinals)

78.⬆️ ?Rashad Jennings (RB25, New York Giants)

79. ↘️. Danny Woodhead (RB26, San Diego Chargers) – Gordon’s newfound emergence, particularly as a red zone threat, limits Woodhead’s appeal. He’ll outperform this spot, and makes sense earlier than this if your team is full of risky investments.

80.?↗️ Martellus Bennett (TE7, New England Patriots) – My love for Bennett has been no secret. He’s one of 2016’s biggest steals at his current ADP.

81. ⬆️ James White (RB27, New England Patriots) – White shoots up the Big Board in light of Dion Lewis’ second knee surgery. He’ll spend the majority of 2016 as the team’s primary third down back, which has always played a role (albeit unpredictable at times) in the Patriots offense. White’s looked strong in the preseason, and he scored double digit PPR points in five of eight games without Lewis, including three above 18 points. He’ll be a useful RB2 most weeks.

82.⬇️ John Brown (WR38, Arizona Cardinals) – These lingering concussions are very concerning, particularly if they were to ever arise again during the season. They should be a non-issue come Week 1, but he’s missing time to establish himself as the #2, and re-injury would be devastating.

83. ⬆️?Devin Funchess (WR39, Carolina Panthers) – Nothing but positive praise has been heaped onto Funchess this offseason, with people close to the team predicting he could outperform more heralded teammate Kelvin Benjamin. I don’t buy this clearly, but also feel his production could be damn close. He’ll keep rising if these reports continue.

84. ↘️Matt Jones (RB28, Washington Redskins) – For a guy who will be dependent on volume, this AC Joint injury is highly discouraging to see. Jones still has upside with heavy volume in an explosive offense, but none of that matters if he can’t sustain the load. I’m very intrigued to figure out how work will be distributed in his absence.

85. ↗️?Isiah Crowell (RB29, Cleveland Browns)- I’m a buyer in the Browns offensive revival in 2016, and think Crowell is a real threat for double-digit TDs with more red zone chances.

86. ?DeAngelo Williams (RB30, Pittsburgh Steelers) – A necessary investment for  Le’Veon Bell drafters, and useful  for anyone uncomfortable with their RB2 who could use three weeks to figure it out. Would draft him higher than a few of these guys as a pure upside bench stash as well.

87. ?Stefon Diggs (WR41, Minnesota Vikings)


Tier 9 – Useful Depth, last QB1s, Startable TEs


88.? ?Frank Gore (RB31, Indy Colts)

89. ↘️ Kevin White (WR42, Chicago Bears) – White’s imposing physical skills have been on display, but he’s apparently playing tentatively and coming along slowly. Some of these rookies appear more ready for an immediate impact.

90. ?Travis Kelce (TE8, Kansas City Chiefs) – Would be the starting TE on the all-hype, no production team

91. ?Jonathan Stewart (RB32, Carolina Panthers) – Nothing excites me about Stewart, other than the ability to get a fair floor for cheap. Cam’s goal line abilities really cap his ceiling.

92. ?Chris Ivory (RB33, Jacksonville Jaguars) – I love his TD upside in Jacksonville, but don’t love he started below Yeldon, or that Yeldon looked pretty solid in his carries.

93. ⬇️? Giovanni Bernard (RB34, Cincinatti Bengals) – Although I once thought Gio might be a sneaky bet to lead RBs in receptions, the latest reports suggest his role should remain unchanged. He’ll outperform the RB30 spot for sure, but I see minimal ceiling here.

94.? Emmanuel Sanders (WR43, Denver Broncos) – The Gio Bernard of WRs. He’ll outperform plenty above him, but his ceiling just doesn’t excite me in the least.

95. Phillip Rivers (QB10, San Diego Chargers)

96. Eli Manning (QB11, New York Giants)

97. ?Julius Thomas (TE9, Jacksonville Jaguars)

98. ? Tyler Eifert (TE10, Cincinnati Bengals, TE10) *Monitor him closely in camp. He could rise with an early season return or plummet if he is stuck missing 6+ games.

99. ??Antonio Gates (TE11, San Diego Chargers)

100. Zach Ertz (TE12, Philadelphia Eagles)


Talent Tier 10 – Bench options with some upside

101.↗️ T.J Yeldon (RB35, Jacksonville Jaguars) –  Yeldon is growing on me as a late round investment. He seems firmly entrenched as the starter, even though he’ll cede most of the six point chances to Ivory. He’ll have room to roam underneath with this aerial attack looking very solid. I was admittedly too low on Yeldon and underrated his ceiling.

102. Michael Crabtree (WR44, Oakland Raiders)

103. Jay Ajayi (RB36, Miami Dolphins). Ajayi has operated as the clear #1 guy, and he’d be ranked far higher if he had shown any competency in his carries. Unfortunately, he hasn’t, and this looks like a ripe fantasy set up that could rot away with no sufficient talent to capitalize on it.

104. ⬆️LeGarrette Blount (RB37, New England Patriots) – He seemed to have run away with the big back role in preseason Week 2, posting 69 yards on 11 carries (6.3 YPC). More importantly, after both Brandon Bolden and Tyler Gaffney failed to convert multiple goal line attempts, Blount pounded in his first chance in emphatic fashion. If he indeed has a stranglehold on the “goal line back” role, Blount will be a fair bet for a weekly TD. With Lewis coming along slowly, LeGarette has more upside than he’s currently given credit for.

Note – his value is largely unaffected by the Lewis news… Perhaps the team runs the ball a few more times a game, but Blount’s role as the hammer back shouldn’t change.
105. ↘️Justin Forsett (RB38, Baltimore Ravens) – The other backs all flashed in Forsett’s absence, which makes me nervous of a major committee. He could receive a big bump with a solid showing and/or news that he’s still the clear lead guy.

106.? Ameer Abdullah (RB39, Detroit Lions)

107.  Derek Carr (QB12, Oakland Raiders)

108. Jameis Winston (QB13, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

109. Kirk Cousins (QB14, Washington Redskins)

110. Tyrod Taylor (QB15, Buffalo Bills)

111. Dwayne Allen (TE13, Indianapolis Colts)

112. Charles Sims (RB40, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

113. ⬇️??Arian Foster (RB41, Miami Dolphins) – Before preseason Week Two action, I wrote: “Cannot wait to see how Foster looks. He could rise or drop heavily depending on his performance.”

After a horrendous showing, Foster indeed fell hard…50-plus spots on the Big Board and 20 spots among the RBs. Well, his preseason debut could not have been a bigger nightmare. Foster was clearly behind Ajayi, and he was wholly unimpressive in his brief action, as he lacked any sign of explosion while struggling to get to the edge. Perhaps he was just shaking off the rust, and Foster does profile as a better fit for Gase’s system if he can find his form. Unfortunately, this seems unlikely, and Arian’s glaring talent and volume question marks make him impossible to trust as anything more than an unused stash.

114. ⬆️? Mike Wallace (WR45, Baltimore Ravens) – I loved the report that Flacco and Wallace are clicking for highlight plays on a daily basis. Wallace has always been at his best with a strong-armed signal caller, and neither Bridgewater nor Tannehill fit that bill. Flacco, however,throws one of the most frozen ropes in the league, and the thought of the two meshing has me giddy. OC Marc Trestman will call one of the pass-heaviest scripts every week, and Wallace should have a few chances for monster plays on a weekly basis; Steve Smith was 8th in PPG in this scheme last year. A poor man’s Desean Jackson.

116. ↘️ Willie Snead (WR46, New Orleans Saints) – Snead gets a slight drop given Michael Thomas’ emergence. He’ll still be a viable bye-week option.

116. Torrey Smith (WR47, San Francisco 49ers)

117. Tevin Coleman (RB42, Atlanta Falcons)

118. Bilal Powell (RB43, New York Jets)

119. ⬆️ ?Christine Michael (RB44, Seattle Seahawks)- I love what I saw in preseason Week 1, and he followed this up with an impressive 10 carries for 55 yards in Week 2. Even more encouraging, Michael caught a pass while split out as a wideout, suggesting he has featured back upside. He continues to rapidly climb this list, and would shoot up even higher if Rawls’ recovery continues chugging along slowly. I have a feeling this guy will win people some games in 2016.

120.⬆️? RGIII (QB16, Cleveland Browns) – I’ll write at length about this in my Preseason Recap, but RGIII’s QB1 upside is real.

121. Theo Riddick (RB46, Detroit Lions)

122. Phillip Dorsett (WR48, Indianapolis Colts)

123 ?⬆️ Tyler Boyd (WR49, Cincinnati Bengals)

124. Vincent Jackson (WR50, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

125.  ↗️Steve Smith (WR51, Baltimore Ravens) – Smith was finally activated off the PUP, and instantly should be on fantasy radars. He was #8 in WR PPG, but his Achilles injury was terrifying. He could fly up the board if he shows he still has it.

126. ⬇️Tavon Austin (WR52, LA Rams) Those Gooddell socks on Hard Knocks really changed my opinion on Tavon as a human. Don’t think I could stomach drafting him now.

127.⬆️Will Fuller (WR53, Houston Texans)

Tier 11 – Remaining Bench Names

128.? Tony Romo (QB17, Dallas Cowboys)

129.⬇️⬇️ ?Dion Lewis (RB45, New England Patriots) – We have our first true preseason casualty, with Lewis expected to miss at least eight to ten weeks after needing a second knee clean up. Lewis still belongs on fantasy rosters as a potential difference maker for your stretch run, and at this stage of the draft RBs are likely stashes anyways. Nonetheless, this is a terrible blow for the Patriots and anyone who’s already drafted. If he is not practicing by Week 6, Lewis will be done for the season.

130. Darren Sproles (RB47, Philadelphia Eagles)

131. ↗️ ?DeAndre Washington (RB48, Oakland Raiders)

132. ?⬆️Devontae Booker (RB49, Denver Broncos) – He’s essentially taken Ronnie Hillman’s job, meaning he only has CJ Anderson (a historically slow starter) in between him and Kubiak’s wildly successful zone scheme.

133.?↗️. Kenneth Dixon (RB50, Baltimore Ravens)

134. ⬆️Bruce Ellington (WR53, San Francisco 49ers) – The positive drum continues to beat loudly, but I want to see some on-field translation before I go all in.

135. ⬆️Terrance West (RB51, Baltimore Ravens) -One of 2016’s preseason darlings, West didn’t disappoint in his Week 1 debut. He scored two TDs, and if this backfield wasn’t so congested, he’d be far higher. This is a situation I will continue paying very close attention to.

136. Shaughn Draughn (RB52, San Francisco 49ers)

137. ?Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB18, New York Jets)

138. ↗️Markus Wheaton (WR54, Pittsburgh Steelers) – Wheaton gets a bump strictly because of Sammie Coates’ struggles. Mike Tomlin and Big Ben will roll strictly with who they trust, and Wheaton will be that guy. The #2 guy in this explosive attack is always worth a look.

139. ⬆️ Terrelle Pryor (WR55, Cleveland Browns) – Why not? Pryor’s an athletic freak, and is showing good chemistry with RGIII so far. He also dusted Marcus Trufant, 2015’s least targeted CB due to his cover skills, by a solid few steps. I’m a believer in the Browns in 2016.

140.⬆️ ?Tajae Sharpe (WR56, Tennessee Titans) – Following Dorial Green-Bekcham’s trade and a strong 6 catch, 68 yard preseason Week 2, Sharpe appears locked into a starting gig and needs to be on fantasy radars. No, this run-heavy offense isn’t the most appealing place for WRs, but Sharpe has looked like Mariota’s go-to guy on pressured situations. A #1 WR is always exciting, epecially one who’s gotten as much positive press as Sharpe.

141.  ⬆️Kenny Stills (WR57, Miami Dolphins) – After hauling in three catches for 71 yards and two TDs, Stills has to be on fantasy radars. He’s reportedly had a strong camp and is highly motivated to improve on his sub-par 2015. His chemistry with Tannehill was very real, and Gase should maximize his deep ball skills

142. ⬇️ Sammie Coates (WR58, Pittsburgh Steelers) – Coates’ preseason is making him look like an undeserved ball of hype, but I’ll wait until he plays with Big Ben before completely writing him off. There’s still upside.
143. Zach Miller (TE14, Chicago Bears)

142. ?Shane Vereen (RB53, New York Giants)

144.  ⬆️ Alfred Morris (RB54, Dallas Cowboys) – The Dallas line can clearly make anyone look solid, and Morris was hitting the gaping holes hard. If the former Redskin secures the #2 gig, he’d offer high-end RB2, perhaps even low-end RB1 value if Elliott were to miss time. You can do worse with a late round stab.

145. Chris Johnson (RB55, Arizona Cardinals)

146. ↗️Spencer Ware (RB56, Kanas City Chiefs) – He was the starter and primary ball carrier during Week 1 of the preseason, which makes him Jamaal Charles #1 backup.

147. Eric Ebron (TE15, Detroit Lions)

148.?⬇️ C.J. Prosise (RB57, Seattle Seahawks) – His continued absence, and Christine Michael’s rapid Ascension, have Prosise falling down my rankings.

149. Marcus Mariota (QB19, Tennessee Titans)

150. Andy Dalton (QB20, Cincinnati Bengals)
On the bubble:

QBs: Ryan Tannehill (Mia), Matthew Stafford (Det.), Matt Ryan (Atl.)

RBs: Javorious Allen (Bal), Tim Hightower (NO), Wendell Smallwood (Phi), Josh Ferguson (Colts), Mike Gillislee (Buf), Darren McFadden (Dal), Charcandrick West (KC), Paul Perkins (NYG), Jordan Howard (Chi), James Starks (GB)

WRs: Malcolm Mitchell (NE), Travis Benjamin (SDG), Laquon Treadwell (Minn), Ted Ginn Jr. (Car.), Chris Hogan (NE)

TEs: Jason Witten (Dal), Ladarius Green? (Pit), Jimmy Graham (Sea), Cameron Brate (TB)


Where was The Wolf 100% right? Who is he way too high and way too low on? Any name glaringly absent? Sound off below!


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