Josh Gordon is (almost) Back, Should You Care?

The short answer, yes.

The long answer, hell yes.

Let’s not forget the kid is only 25, this isn’t Ray Rice at 30 here. The last time Gordon suited up for an entire season, he went for 1,646 and 9 TDs – on 87 catches for us PPR junkies (and if you aren’t playing PPR, GTFO). That would have ranked him third in yards, T14 in TDs, and T12 in RECs if he put those numbers up in 2015.

Kid can (hopefully) still do things like this…

Listen, I know about the suspension, I promise no one forgot. Being suspended is bad for fantasy owners, but when you come back and your main competition for targets are Corey Coleman, Andrew Hawkins, and Terrelle Pryor, clearly that is good for fantasy owners.

I’m not saying draft him in the first round, I’m not even suggesting to draft him in the 5th round (his current ADP is WR38), but once you start debating between Rueben Randle and Rishard Matthews, pull the trigger on my boy J Flash instead.  If your squad can’t spare one roster spot for a  couple of weeks, your 2016 season is going to be a long one anyway.  GMs who play it safe make the playoffs, GMs who swing for the fences and connect, win championships.  If I’m wrong, fuck me, drop him mid-season and scoop up the current flavor of the week, but if I’m right and you can insert a must start receiver into your lineup midway through the season – take a second, close your eyes, and envision fantasy glory – because that my friends is how you spell CHAMPIONSHIP.




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