What are Dynasty Fantasy Football Leagues all about?

Despite public perception, I am not simply a Daily Fantasy Baseball guru.  I live and breath fantasy sports like everyone else at RotoStreet.  I get up, I check scores, check my player news feed at Rotoworld, send out a random trade offer because I’m addicted, and then do all the other bullshit I have to do before work.

I have been in every type of league you can imagine and my absolute favorite format is the Dynasty Auction.  With that being said, Dynasty leagues aren’t for everyone.  If you’re the kind of person who likes to draft, spend 10 minutes setting your line up each week, and ignore trade offers, I offer two parting thoughts (since you don’t deserve the blessings of a dynasty format):

1. Fuck you. I don’t respect you as a fantasy football player and, as such, we’ll probably never be friends.

2. Pull your head out of your ass.   We live in a world where we can degrade our friends and take their pride by drafting a bunch of real players, who score make believe points in systems built by people smarter than me.  If you love sports (hell, even TV) but don’t care about fantasy, you are missing out.

Now that the scum is removed, if you are a worthwhile person and love fantasy football to the point you’ve already done a mock draft or three hundred, a dynasty league might be for you.  Have you ever been watching a football game, the camera pans over to the owners box, and you think to yourself “I wish I owned a football team?” Read on, and learn more about the greatest fantasy football format no one is using yet.

Robert Kraft


Outside of the financial freedom to do anything in the world your heart desires, I’m telling you there is a way to feel what it’s like to be an owner.  Dynasty League’s (Specifically Auction Drafts) are the closest we will ever get to being Robert Kraft without wearing a fresh pair of Nike’s and a suit.

Keep in mind there are multiple ways to run a dynasty league but this is how mine is set up.  First, we draft our players auction style with a budget of $300.  For those unfamiliar with how auction leagues work, each owner starts with the same budget and they bid on players who are put up for auction by other owners.  What’s nice about this is every player is available.  If you are stuck with the 7th pick in your league, you aren’t landing Antonio Brown.  In an auction league, you can pick your spots and go get your guys.

Once the Auction draft is complete, you are then able to assign a certain amount of contract years (4 Max) to that player with their contract increasing each year (15% 2nd year, 12.5% third year, 10% fourth year).  This makes getting a guy on a cheap contract signed to multiple years invaluable.  I signed Russell Wilson to a 4 year deal coming out of college on a $1 contract and have had the luxury of not having to spend on a QB the past 3 years.

The real reason I love dynasty leagues, is everyone remains involved all year.  In redraft leagues, when a person falls out of contention, they become irrelevant and lose interest in the league. In a dynasty auction format, however, when you aren’t making the playoffs and have guys on expiring contracts, the trade deadline is almost as exciting as the draft.  Owners who are expecting to make the playoffs come out of the woodwork offering cheap players on great contracts for a stud on a one-year deal.  That’s how you ensure that next year you are relevant.  In addition to that, we have a rookie draft before each auction draft every year with predetermined salaries.  The draft order is determined the same way the NFL draft is.  Worst record picks first, and so on and so forth.  My league allows you to trade draft picks for future years so trades are more complex than just players.  We also have extensions and the option to franchise tag expiring contracts which keeps the offseason interesting.  Is Jordy Nelson recovering from his ACL injury? Should I resign him or franchise him?

In the end, dynasty leagues are perfect because it turns my seasonal fantasy football league into a year round fantasy football league.  More opportunities to remind someone they have yet to make the playoffs.  More opportunities to bring up the stupid trade that Frank made when he was drunk.  Less opportunities to hide from the true fantasy player you really are.  The question is, what type of fantasy player are you?


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