Fantasy Football Trophies: The Reason Why We Play

fantasy football trophy the reason we play
Taking a look at a homemade fantasy football trophy called 'The Reason We Play'.

the reason fantasy football trophyDIY fantasy football trophy

Trophy Name: The Reason We Play

League Name: Don’t Cry Over PSI

“After I won the inaugural season of our league I wanted to make a trophy. I didn’t have it ready until halfway through season 2. Since the guy in our league who was definitely going to win that year (and also won again in season 3), was going to be the first to actually be presented it, I decided to name it ‘The Reason.” It’s an inside joke poking fun of him based on some girl he liked and Hoobastanks’ song of the same name. But we just refer to it as “the reason why we play.” It’s made of plain wood and spray paint, but with some added beer inspired touches. The figure on the top is none other than Trent Green, mostly because his sports figure was in the $1.99 bin at the sports memorabilia store and had an epic pose. I went ahead and had an awards and trophy shop make a real plaque and each year the winner pays to have them add their information. It gets presented from last years winner to the next during the Super Bowl party we have each year.” – Ajay


fantasy football trophy the reason we play

There you have it, “The Reason We Play” from the “Don’t Cry Over PSI” league in Connecticut. SOLID craftsmanship from Ajay and some quality buddy to buddy tormenting sets the culture of this league. (Which as I said in our Raise the Stakes post, is a crucial piece in picking the right hardware.) Thanks for submitting Ajay and good luck in taking The Reason home this year. (Which shouldn’t be hard with the past three winners averaging just over .500 wins. Come on, Ajay you’re better than that.)

the reason we play trophy


Don’t have a fantasy football trophy for your league yet? Not a problem, I’ve compiled a list of beauties that are guaranteed to raise the stakes in your league. If you have a unique trophy that you think we should feature, email me at




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