2016 Fantasy Football PPR Rankings: Top 150 Big Board

Updated August 5th to reflect the Martellus Bennett and Rashad Jennings news

The day has finally come. The final step in the Stream of Gut: a lengthy, often painful, but crucial series in creating unbiased, but educated rankings. The hangovers have been unforgiving, but my own fantasy soul is now on the page, and it’s time to see what the rest of the Rotosphere is saying.

As the necessary preface, these rankings are based on PPR scoring, and rosters that feature 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE) + whatever for bench. I’ll release special teams rankings at some point, I have more important things to cover for ya’ll first.  Another reminder: just because I have Cam Newton at 30 does not mean I think 29 others will outscore him; it reflects the depth at QB, the opportunity cost and drop offs for the skill players, and the consistency with hitting on late QBs and playing match ups.  Different positions fall off cliffs at different times, which is why the tiering the pre 150 overall is crucial –you get a sense of the ebbs and flows and rank appropriately. To take a a look at my tiered positional cheat sheets, the links are below:

Enough blabber. I’m not trying to be the Talented Mr. Roto up in here, just better. On to the Top 150 overall:

Talent Tier 1 – The PPR Almighty – $70+

1. Antonio Brown (WR1, Pittsburgh Steelers)

Talent Tier 2 – Cases to be Antonio’s Robin – $60-$65

2. Odell Beckham (WR2, New York Giants)

3. DeAndre Hopkins (WR3, Houston Texans)

4. Julio Jones (WR4, Atlanta Falcons)

5. David Johnson (RB1, Arizona Cardinals)

6. Ezekiel Elliott (RB2, Dallas Cowboys)

7. Todd Gurley (RB3, St. Louis Rams)

Talent Tier 3 – Comfortable #1 Options at their positions – $55-60

8. Allen Robinson (WR5, Jacksonville Jaguars)

9. Lamar Miller (RB4, Houston Texans)

10. A.J. Green (WR6, Cincinnatti Bengals)

11. Rob Gronkowski (TE1, The Greatest Team the NFL has Ever Seen)

12. Dez Bryant (WR7, Dallas Cowboys)

13. Stock Up Brandon Marshall (WR8, New York Jets)

14. Stock Down: Le’Veon Bell (RB5, Pittsburgh Steelers)

15.  Adrian Peterson (RB6, Minnesota Vikings)

Tier 3.5 – $50-$55

16. Keenan Allen (WR9, San Diego Chargers)

17. Devonta Freeman (RB7, Atlanta Falcons)

18. Jordy Nelson (WR10, Green Bay Packers)

19. Alshon Jeffrey (WR11, Chicago Bears)

Talent Tier 4 – Mid to low #1 options + Cam Newton – $40-$45

20. Jamaal Charles (RB8, Kansas City Chiefs)

21. Stock Up: Lesean McCoy (RB9, Buffalo Bills)

22. Jarvis Landry (WR12, Miami Dolphins)

23. Sammy Watkins (WR13, Buffalo Bills)

24. Mark Ingram (RB10, New Orleans Saints)

25. Stock Down Eddie Lacy (RB11, Green Bay Packers) – Not enjoying this talk of a “shared backfield” with Starks, nor his “meh” weight photos.

26. T.Y. Hilton (WR14, Indianapolis Colts)

27. Doug Baldwin (WR15, Seattle Seahawks)

28. Mike Evans (WR16, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

29.  Julian Edelman (WR17, New England Patriots)

30. Brandin Cooks (WR18, New Orleans Saints)

31. Cam Newton (QB1, Carolina Panthers)

32. Doug Martin (RB12, Tampa Bay Bucanneers)

33. Latavius Murray (RB13, Oakland Raiders)

Talent Tier 5 – Ideal #2 options + Jordan Reed – $30-$40

34. Amari Cooper (WR19, Oakland Raiders)

35. Dion Lewis (RB14, New England Patriots)

36. Thomas Rawls (RB15, Seattle Seahawks)

37. Demaryius Thomas (WR20, Denver Broncos)

38. Kelvin Benjamin (WR21, Carolina Panthers)

39. Randall Cobb (WR22, Green Bay Packers)

40.  Matt Forte (RB16, New York Jets)

41. Jordan Reed (TE2, Washington Redskins)

42. C.J. Anderson (RB17, Denver Broncos)
Talent Tier 6 – High End QB1s, Ideal WR3s – $25-$30

43. Russell Wilson (QB2, Seattle Seahawks)

44. Andrew Luck (QB3, Indianapolis Colts)

45. Aaron Rodgers (QB4, Green Bay Packers)

46. Stock Up: Donte Moncrief (WR23, Indianapolis Colts)

47. Larry Fitzgerald (WR24, Arizona Cardinals

48. Jeremy Maclin (WR25, Kansas City Chiefs)

49. Greg Olsen (TE3, Carolina Panthers)

50. Drew Brees (QB5, New Orleans Saints)

51. Tom “The GOAT, Our Savior, The Reincarnate” Brady (QB6, New England Patriots)

Talent Tier 6.5 – Still Ideal WR3s, some RB2s sprinkled in – $15-$25

52. Ryan Mathews (RB18, Philadelphia Eagles)

53. Golden Tate (WR26, Detroit Lions)

54. Stock UpJosh Gordon (WR27, Cleveland Browns)

55. Matt Jones (RB19, Washington Redskins)

56. Delanie Walker (TE4, Tennessee Titans)

57. Danny Woodhead (RB20, San Diego Chargers)

58. Stock UpEric Decker (WR28, New York Jets)

59. Carson Palmer (QB7, Arizona Cardinals)

60. Carlos Hyde (RB21, San Francisco 49ers)

61. Stock up:  Arian Foster (RB22, Miami Dolphins)

62. Jonathan Stewart (RB23, Carolina Panthers)

63. John Brown (WR29, Arizona Cardinals)

64. Ben Roethlisberger (QB8, Pittsburgh Steelers)

65. Gary Barnidge (TE5, Cleveland Browns)

66. Allen Hurns (WR30, Jacksonville Jaguars)

67.  Michael Floyd (WR31, Arizona Cardinals)

Talent Tier 7 – Last Acceptable Starters at WR and RB – $10-$15

**Ideally you have at least 3 WRs, 2 RBs and a flex (6 of 7 top picks) made up from these top 85 guys; adding further depth from all these tiers is highly encouraged until the talent runs out

68. Jeremy Langford (RB24, Chicago Bears)

69. DeAngelo WIlliams (RB25, Pittsburgh Steelers)

70. Kevin White (WR32, Chicago Bears)

71. Tyler Lockett (WR33, Seattle Seahawks)

72. DeMarco Murray (RB26, Tennessee Titans)

73. DeVante Parker (WR34, Miami Dolphins)

74. Coby Fleener (TE6, New Orleans Saints)

75. Giovanni Bernard (RB27, Cincinnati Bengals)

76. Jordan Matthews (WR35, Philadelphia Eagles)

77. Chris Ivory (RB28, Jacksonville Jaguars)

78. Justin Forsett (RB29, Baltimore Ravens)

79. Jeremy Hill (RB30, Cincinnati Bengals)

80. Duke Johnson (RB31, Cleveland Browns)

81. DeSean Jackson (WR36, Washington Redskins)

82.Stock up:  Rashad Jennings (RB32, New York Giants)

83. Isaiah Crowell (RB33, Cleveland Browns)

84. Emmanuel Sanders (WR37, Denver Broncos)

85. Willie Snead (WR38, New Orleans Saints)

86. Frank Gore (RB34, Indianapolis Colts)

87. Travis Kelce (TE7, Kansas City Chiefs)

**Big drop off in WRs here

**Reminder, at this stage of the draft the actual ranking does not matter so much as ceiling and team need. Though I have Theo Riddick all the way down in my 90s, I might have to plunge on him before an upside guy like Derrick Henry if I still need a reliable RB starter; perhaps I went RB heavy, and depth at WR makes more sense here. In general, though, I try to shoot for the highest possible ceilings with team need in mind, but not dictating, my late round selections.

Talent Tier 8 – Last QB1s + TE1s, highest upside RB and WR bench stashes – $5-$8

88. Blake Bortles (QB9, Jacksonville Jaguars)

89. Phillip Rivers (QB10, San Diego Chargers)

90. Eli Manning (QB11, New York Giants)

91. Derrick Henry (RB35, Tennessee Titans)

92. Melvin Gordon (RB36, San Diego Chargers)

93. Stock upMartellus Bennett (TE8, New England Patriots)

94. Julius Thomas (TE9, Jacksonville Jaguars)

95. Tyler Eifert (TE10, Cincinnati Bengals)

Tier 8.5 – Equal upside, slightly lower floors $3-$5

96. Torrey Smith (WR39, San Francisco 49ers)

97. Charles Sims (RB39, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

98. Theo Riddick (RB37, Detroit Lions)

99. Ameer Abdullah (RB38, Detroit Lions)

100. Tavon Austin (WR40, St. Louis)

101. Michael Crabtree (WR41, Oakland Raiders)

102. Marvin Jones (WR42, Cincinnati Bengals)

103. Steve Smith (WR43, Baltimore Ravens) * Could rise big time if healthy, or fall huge if not.
104. Ladarius Green (TE10, Pittsburgh Steelers)

105. Zach Ertz (TE11, Philadelphia Eagles)

106. Antonio Gates (TE12, San Diego Chargers)

Tier 9 – Usable bench options – $1-3

107. Derek Carr (QB12, Oakland Raiders)

108. Tevin Coleman (RB40, Atlanta Falcons)

109. Jameis Winston (QB13, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

110. Kirk Cousins (QB14, Washinton Redskins)

111. Tyrod Taylor (QB15, Buffalo Bills)

112. Stefon Diggs (WR44, Minnesota Vikings)

113. Dwayne Allen (TE13, Indiaanapolis Colts)

114. Kendall Wright (WR45, Tennessee Titans)

115. Vincent Jackson (WR46, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

116. Bilal Powell (RB41, New York Jets)

117. C.J. Prosise (RB42, Seattle Seahawks)

118. Jay Ajayi (RB43, Miami Dolphins) *Might be too low, but reports he’s behind Arian make me nervous. Plenty of value to be had behind such an injury prone starter though.

Talent Tier 10 – Upside “Penny Stocks” – $1-3

119. LeGarrette Blount (RB44, New England Patriots) *If he secures a roster spot, he’ll get a big bump

120. Phillip Dorsett (WR47, Indianapolis Colts)

121. Sammie Coates (WR48, Pittsburgh Steelers)

122. Michael Thomas (WR49, New Orleans Saints)

123. Stock up Sterling Shepard (WR50, New York Giants)

124. Zach Miller (TE15, Chicago Bears)
125. Wendell Smallwood (RB45, Philadelphia Eagles)

126. Darren Sproles (RB46, Philadelphia Eagles)

127. Eric Eron (TE16, Detroit Lions)

128. Tony Romo (QB16, Dallas Cowboys)

129 Stock Up: Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB17, New York Jets)

130. Marcus Mariota (QB17, Tennessee Titans)

131. Andy Dalton (QB18, Cincinnati Bengals)

132. Corey Coleman (WR51, Cleveland Browns)

133. Laquon Treadwell (WR52, Minnesota Vikings)

134. Chris Johnson (RB47, Arizona Cardinals)

Talent Tier 10 – Remaining draftable WRs, useful handcuffs, TE2s – $1

135. Shaughn Draughn (RB48,  San Francisco 49ers)

136. T.J. Yeldon (RB49, Jacksonville Jaguars)

137. Shane Vereen (RB50, New York Giants)

138. Jason Witten (TE17, Dallas Cowboys)

139. Markus Wheaton (WR53, Pittsburgh Steelers)

140. DeAndre Washington (RB51, Oakland Raiders)

141. Josh Ferguson (RB52, Indianpolis Colts)

142. Spencer Ware (RB53, Kansas City Chiefs)

143. Javorius Allen (RB54, Baltimore Ravens)

144. Devontae Booker (RB55, Denver Broncos)

145. Jimmy Graham (TE18, Seattle Seahawks)

146. Tim Hightower (RB56, New Orleans Saints)

147. Travis Benjamin (WR54, San Diego Chargers)

148. Mike Gillislee (RB57, Buffalo Bills)

149. Clive Walford (TE19, Oakland Raiders)

150. Ryan Tannehill (QB19, Miami Dolphins)

Others to consider:

QB: Matthew Stafford (Det.); Matt Ryan (Atl.); Brock Osweiler (Hou); Joe Flacco (Bal.) RGIII (Cle)

RB: Kenneth Dixon (Bal.) Paul Perkins (NYG); Darren McFadden (Dal.); Jordan Howard (Chi); Jams Starks (GB); Charcanrick West (KC); Alfred Morris (Dal.); Jerick McKinnon (Minn.)

WR: Devin Funchess and Ted Ginn Jr. (Car.); Josh Doctson (Wash.); Jeff Janis (GB); Chris Hogan (NE); Dorial Green Beckham (Tenn)

TE: Jordan Cameron (Mia); Will Tye (NYG); Austin Sefarian Jenkins / Cameron Brate (TB); Jared Cook / Richard Rodgers (GB)
Where was The Wolf 100% right? Who is he way too high and way too low on? Any name glaringly absent? Sound off below!

From here, we will be comparing these rankings alongside FantasyPros excellent Expert Consensus and ADP tools. This will give us a sense of who The Wolf believes is Undervalued & Overvalued, as well as highlight the Penny Stock players – guys going for dirt cheap that could explode and win you a league. We’ll also be providing Positional Previews, Bold Predictions, Expert League Mock draft with insight from all the owners, plus more unique articles like Posthype Bouncebacks and Unsexy Values; in sum, stick with us all summer and you’ll be getting the fantasy works. Cheers to dominating Roto Street in 2016!


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