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Raise the Stakes: The 7 Ultimate Fantasy Football Trophies

raising the trophy

We are just 6 Sunday’s away from the NFL returning, and even less until fantasy drafts begin. While your waist deep in player scouting and mock drafts, make sure to dedicate some think time to the ultimate trophy for your league.  Yes, winning is great, but a symbol of your dominance and superiority makes taking home a title all the more satisfying.

Choosing a fantasy trophy for your league is no decision to take lightly. It’s important to factor in both the history and members of your league.

With that, lets take a look at some of the top prizes available.

1. The Ultimate Loser Winner – ($139-$189)

Year to Year – Room for 24 names

toilet fantasy football trophy

Originally, this trophy was created for the fantasy football losers out there. However, the only thing worse than a participation trophy is awarding the “ultimate loser.”  Let’s stop acknowledging anything less than greatness. Anyway, why should we give such a thing of beauty to the worst manager in our league? Nope, I’m taking an optimistic approach on this one. Instead of representing an absolute crap of a team, instead it should represent the massive crap you took on your opponents. A sculpture to honor the numerous Monday mornings you spent on the toilet, reflecting on the countless number of wings and beers you consumed on Sunday’s while tweaking and watching your team win.

2. The Armchair Quarterback – ($325 – $375)

Year to Year – Room for 36 names

armchair qb fantasy football trophy

This ones for the league of OG’s, the guys who can recite off their full fantasy rosters from the last 10 years. This is a classic piece of hardware, like the Heisman.  It represents an honor to those who started it all for us. If one or more of the people in your league still crunches stats the old fashioned way, with a newspaper, (just to be sure) this is the trophy for your league.

3. Crystal Fantasy Football Column – ($39.99)

Keeper Trophy

fantasy football crystal trophy

Crystal, it belongs on a mantle, and this things so pretty your wife may actually let you keep it there. If not, it will blend in fine with your fine china or in your man-cave. There are three sizes available and if your league is big on gifting a new trophy every year, this makes for an excellent option.

4. Fantasy Football Championship Belt – ($150, 4 colors)

Year to Year or Keeper

fantasy football championship belt

Ooooh yeahh brother! Trophies are great and all but lets face it, they’re not practical to bring along with you everywhere. This belt however, IS. Why? Because you can wear it anywhere! The golf course, bars, movie theatres, night clubs, weddings it works fashionably for all of them. Plus, think of your entrance potential.

seth rollins belt entrance

It’s perfect for never letting your buddies forget who the world champ is and channeling your inner WWE star.

5. Fantasy Football Jacket – ($69)

Keeper Trophy

fantasy football jacketdeion sanders hof jacket

Classiness, this jacket just drips it. It’s also another option that fantasy football league champions can bring everywhere with them, (including future drafts) minus the WWE flair. The Hall of Fame has the gold, the Master’s has the green, and now thanks to the guys over at Fantasy Jock, fantasy football leagues everywhere can have the burgundy. Just like the hall of fame or the masters, wearing this enters you into another league, one of extraordinary gentlemen. If you’re league is willing to let the winners keep the hardware, this is an excellent option that’s sure to please all.

6. The Ring ($71-$150)

Keeper Trophy

tom brady 4 rings

You don’t have to be the GOAT to rock some pretty sweet bling, all you need to do is win your league. Classy like the jacket with a touch of flash like the belt, makes championship rings the perfect middle ground. There are many places to get rings with a variety of style and price options making them crowd pleasers. Pro Tip – Change the style of the ring every year, to keep each one unique.

7. The Lombardi Replica ($40-$430)

Year to Year or Keeper Trophy

Lombardi trophy

The iconic prize of the Super Bowl champions. What more is there to say? This trophy represents every aspect of the word Champion, a true honor to bring home. There are a variety of different sizes and qualities with the most expensive being an exact replica of the real deal. One glimpse of that spectacular shine and you’ll forget all about that hefty price tag. For more inexpensive versions, try this one.


Do you have a unique fantasy football championship trophy or tradition? Let us know, and we may feature you on the blog!


  • A molder of young minds, The Trillest takes great pride in being both a glorified babysitter and member of the RSJ staff. Suffering from heartburn and rewatching the same shows 800 times, I rely of my gut when it comes to fantasy.


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