2016 Fantasy Football PPR Rankings: QB Cheatsheet

All of our 2016 Fantasy Football QB rankings compiled into one spot.

**Updated 8/1/16 to reflect Ryan Fitzpatrick’s signing. He’ll immediately slot into the highly usable QB2s tier.

Tier 1 – Unquestioned #1 (link here)

1. Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers)

Tier 2 – Challengers for the No.1 Spot (linked above)

2. Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)

3. Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts)

4. Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers)

Tier 3 – Upside QB1s (link here)

5. Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints)

6. Tom Brady (New England Patriots) *Obviously paired with a high-upside QB2 late*

7. Carson Palmer (Arizona Cardinals)

8. Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Tier 4 – Remaining QB1s (linked above)

9. Blake Bortles (Jacksonville Jaguars)

10. Phillip Rivers (San Diego Chargers)

11. Eli Manning (New York Giants)

Tier 5 – Upside QB2s who I’d love in a committee

*All remaining QBs are linked here*

12. Derek Carr (Oakland Raiders)

13. Jameis Winston (Tampa Bay Bucanneers)

14. Kirk Cousins (Washington Redskins)

15. Tyrod Taylor (Buffalo Bills) – Since I inexcusably didn’t cover him in my original tiers, here’s a quick write up. Taylor really turned it on late in the season, particularly when Sammy Watkins demanded the ball more and the team started to air it out. I’d love to have those two in an upside QB + WR hookup, as I expect them both to build off their late season success and perform a viable #1 options by the end of the season. Plus, Tyrod offers the rare dual threat upside. I would love to have Taylor in a QB committee, and see the every-week starter type of ceiling.

16. Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys)- joins this tier after reports of a sharp minicamp thus far.

17. Ryan Fitzpatrick (New York Jets) – Past history in Chan Gailey’s system and the dominant duo of Brandon Marshall and Erick Decker on the outside allowed Fitzpatrick to throw 32 TDs in 2015. With the same weapons plus Matt Forte, and another year of continuity, these numbers should be considered highly repeatable.

Tier 5.5 – Lesser halves of a committee
18. Marcus Mariota (Tennessee Titans)

19. Andy Dalton (Cincinatti Bengals)

20. Ryan Tannehill (Miami Dolphins)

Tier 6 – Remaining players to consider

21. Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions)

22. Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons)

23. Brock Osweiler (Houston Texans)

24. Joe Flacco (Baltimore Ravens)

25. Stock up – RGIII or Josh McCown (Cleveland Browns) – Josh Gordon’s return is huge.

26. Alex Smith (Kansas City Chiefs)

27. Chip Kelly’s QB (San Francisco 49ers)



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