The RSJ Official Launch Letter

The Dream Begins.

Dear Reader – likely a friend, family member, coworker, someone so addicted you somehow found a random blog by some random Beverly kid. Perhaps a facebook friend after all these years

Thanks for getting this far — it shows you have some rooting interest in the success (or failure, you sick fucks) of Allow me a few more minutes (or hours) to explain why you should continue.

1. There’s worse ways to spend a Saturday reading about some moron blowing $310 on Wrestlemania Bets. Yup. Great person to take investing advice from. But even if you could give two plodders about the WWE, I hope you’ll get a chuckle or three from those posts. The sheer idiocy is worth a gander, particularly if you’re grilled right now.

Just like Keenan Allen this season, The Wolf will bounce back fiercely. There’s no choice but to be dominant after an 0-9 Mania night, so ride this motivation to 2016 Fantasy Football Stardom.

2. While the above serves as yet another glaring example that The Wolf is incapable of strong life choices, his one redeeming quality is fantasy football knowledge. Strictly the result of a socially crippling addiction, The Wolf understands the virtual gridiron better than anyone out there.

In fact, this fantasy-warped brain has created the perfect system for successful talent evaluation. Give it a read and revolutionize the way you prepare and finish in leagues forever. Wouldn’t an extra $500 come Christmas time be worth a few minutes of time?

If you’re a “casual” fantasy footballer, doing it to have something to talk about with coworkers, you might not recognize how profitable thegame can be. I’ve never finished a fantasy season down money, and nearly always been up at least $1000. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I kind of am. Stop throwing away $25 away. Use our addiction and actually go win the pool.

3. I truly love writing and the whole creative process. I enjoy this blogging format even more. As such, I really pride myself on trying to have an authentic, unique voice. This is especially true among the fantasy football market, where content is often ill-advised and attempts at humor fall fiercely flat. But it’s about fantasy football, which we love, so we read on anyways.

No more.

Anything we post is either going to be educational and well-reasoned, or entertaining. Most often it’ll hopefully be both. But being funny is not easy. It requires risks to be taken.

And the only way at figuring out if parts of the voice are working or not is constant feedback. What you’re enjoying, what’s forced or not funny, styles you like and times that it drags on. If you’re funnier than me, not all that difficult, submit some stuff. If it’s good, we’ll post it.

Same things on our opinions. I you disagree with crazy shit like David Johnson deserving serious consideration at #2 overall in your PPR leagues, write about it. Make sure you have the evidence to back it up, but those are the type of debates where all fantasy owners profit most — hear the thinking process behind the decisions, and align with the ones they agree with the most.

In the process, any high quality writing — entertainment or fantasy wise –will be posted. Whether you want just a one-time post, or a consistent column, anything worth posting will be up. Think of The RSJ as the ultimate fantasy football forum. All submissions will be considered as we grow our team of writers. Send it over to:


To close, some requests:

One of my lone skills is judging ceilings of fantasy players, and I’m pretty damn good at it. With The RSJ, I see 2016 Sammy Wakins levels of upside. But to reach Tier 1, Elite status, I’ll need help.

Thankfully my #1 League, the Fight for the Fez, is composed of some of the biggest shitheads around. They contribute to the foolery that’ll make this site great, but are also some smart, uniquely talented people. Many have already begun columns, given feedback and long-term wisdom, and just helped tremendously in getting this up and running. Many thanks to you all so far.

As great as this crew is, they won’t be enough to help The RSJ realize its fullest potential. Though it’d be unreal to make The RSJ a feat accomplished with only fezzers, the reality is I still need other skillsets.

As such, I’ll be posting a lot more detail on openings soon. Any interest or ideas for any type of contribution is very much appreciated and can be sent over to

I genuinely could not be any more excited for this final moment when I click “Post” and this first step towards The American Dream has been taken. Potentially turning what I love and what I’m best at and making it into a (hopefully highly lucrative) life. All of it done alongside some of my favorite people. Truly, what could be greater than a potential life changer?

Please, even if you have no interest in being part of this ride, I would truly appreciate you sharing it with someone who might enjoy us. Everyone knows someone who’s in a league who knows someone in a league who knows another 12 people in another 12 leagues.

This is the type of stuff that could literally spread like Game of Thrones Wildfire.

So let’s spark it up in every which way, and celebrate the launch of The RSJ. Let’s usher in a new era of fantasy football content for the better of everyone.


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