We’re on to Fantasy Football 2016

Get the bowls packed and notepads ready, it's time for Fantasy Football 2016! Here comes the RSJ

Wrestlemania 32 is officially (and under-whelmingly) in the books.  I’ve buried my dreadful 0-9 performance. If you enjoy Russian Torture Porn levels of punishment, begin here as I lose my first $100. The consequent 8-9 posts capture my inner turmoil as this quickly turns into $310 evaporating right before my eyes. What a wonderful debut.

But if you’re here strictly for fantasy football, welcome. You’ve found us at precisely the right moment. Despite the intense, 15-inch ravaging the WWE delivered on Sunday, it’s time to put the chin up, glue the eyes stubbornly to the future, and, with the enthusiasm of Bill Belichick, joyfully announce:


bill belichick.jpg

As always, there’s so much wisdom beneath the ears of the Hooded One. Another season-defining lesson from Bill’s 2014 Super Bowl team was to Do Your Job; maintain a strict focus on 1, max 2 things, and execute those to perfection. Learned that one in the hardest of ways.

As I explained in my “Debuting” piece, and from this point, the RSJ is going to be (almost) exclusively fantasy football content. No fantasy hockey or basketball, baseball you definitely stay the fuck out.

In other words, keep the content centered on what we truly know, and write the hell out of it.

Just like the other guys, we’ll be cranking out rankings, sleepers, busts, positional previews, all the stuff you’ve come to expect from your typical site.

But we’ll actually be accurate with our systemic, investing-focused lens. A must read to understand our logic and why we’re the best around. To see our “Stock Rating System” in action, check out why it has me so high on David Johnson here.

Unlike the others, we hopefully can keep you entertained in addition to educated. Yes, we’re sick of Baldin’ Evans’ and The Not-So-Talented Mr. Roto’s weak stabs at humor too.

So in addition to the finest, most well-reasoned advice out there, we’ll also be taking an in-depth look at the culture of fantasy football. The addiction. The side-betting. The trophies and punishments. The trash-talk. The broken relationships, TV Screens, and souls in between.

This means  there’s plenty to look forward to during this glorious RSJ debut weekend. Get the bowls packed, the notepad ready, and be sure to follow us on all the social media to keep ahead of your league mates.

A quick preview of what to expect:

–Some hard-hitting analysis on the importance of ripping your league mates to shreds, produced by one of the most soulless, no-holds-barred bastards I’ve ever met in Sailor J. What he lacks in fantasy skill, he more than doubles in his message board “contributions.” Perhaps he’d turn in a winning season for the first time in our 10-year league history if he spent a little more time researching draft picks instead of digging up his opponents’ cat cuddling photos. Nonetheless, you have to respect the man’s dedication to his craft, and he’ll be letting you into his fucked up brain while collecting the best Unsportsmanlike Conduct out there.

–An in-depth look at rookie receivers from our resident draft expert King Drew.  While their true fantasy stock scores won’t be fully established until landing spots are determined, The King does a tremendous job fleshing out the talent and risk he sees on the tape. Prove loyal to King Drew and you’ll gain that “one-step-ahead” edge by scouting out this crop of young talent.

–Throughout the day / night, I’ll be releasing some football related posts that I wrote earlier in the offseason, yet still hold plenty of relevancy today. As the weekend progresses, you’ll be blessed with 2016’s Stream of Gut: rankings done while so hungover, nothing but gut feelings are possible. To foreshadow, I  produced my top-12 after an aggressive night of celebrating Sailor J’s birthday and return to America in the same night, so rest assured the hangover was a doozy.

Plus plenty more treats in store.

Leading up to the draft, we’ll continue pumping out King Drew’s Rookie Scouting Reports, in-depth coaching change analysis, and the value shakes from a busy free agency period. As a teacher, April Vacation is only a week away, and I can’t wait to have the time to really dive into the numbers and film, and flesh out if my gut was feeling right.

In the meantime, we’d love some feedback,  loads of shares, and a lively discussion board. If you like what we’re doing and want to be a part of it, reach out at thewolf@rotostreetjournal.com. Hopefully, you’ll find our content valuable enough to earn an addition to your draft prep tool box.

Here’s to helping you all become the BSD’s of your own Roto Streets. Subscribe to the RSJ, and several inches of growth are nearly guaranteed.

We’re on to 2016.


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