The Plight of the Fantasy Football Addict

Addicted to fantasy football? Welcome to rehab...let us share your pain.

Written 2/14/16, the first of 28 football-less Sundays 

Empty. Dark. Hollow.

A plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again. So, so paper thin.

No Katy, there’s not still a chance for me.  Not until that “Red Zone” countdown appears once more and the glowing Scott Hanson / octo-boxed TV screen follows to fill my empty soul.

And it remains 28. Sundays. Away.

As the temperatures drop and PBA Bowling or Women’s NCAA Basketball become Sunday’s best sports offerings, the icy cold realization sets deeper into the bones: winter has come.

roto street journal winter has come

You desperately try convincing yourself that The Walking Dead still makes Sundays something to look forward to. Really the pathetic attempts just serve as a reminder of how blank the day now feels.  

You woefully scroll through the Rotoworld blurbs while taking your morning piss (and for every other bathroom visit the rest of the day) realizing nope, no news has broken between 11:23pm and 6:14 a.m.

Truly, you’re no better than the infected zombies, grunting and wandering aimlessly while chasing your lone impulse: feeding (on fantasy).

You, my friend, are a fantasy addict.

Say it with me: “I’m addicted to fantasy football. I’m addicted to fantasy football.” There now, doesn’t it feel freeing to get that out of the way? Good, good let it out. You’re among friends here. Welcome to your safe haven, you’ve found a home.

roto street journal walking dead

Indeed, nothing can truly fill this deep void other than football itself.  Still, I’m hoping this blog can bring some shred of emotion back into my unfilled, wasteland soul. Perhaps reading our content can flare some sparks of life in you too. We’re in this together.

28 Sundays left. Here’s hoping we can help carry you through for 27 more awkward weeks of failing attempts  to engage random party-goers in back-and-forths on Dirk Koetter making Jameis Winston an ideal QB2 Target.

Falls short every time.

Below are the memes we feel best capture this sinking, desolate feeling that accompany Sundays. The first three are created by yours truly and are specific to Fantasy Football. The last few are from NFL Memes Facebook page,  for some more fantasticly hilarious NFL content, check them out at

Here’s hoping this can bring you some minor shred of hope for these dark, dark months ahead:







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