FFBDPod 30:
Preseason Week 2 Risers, Fallers, Sleepers
AP, Barber, Midround TEs 


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Preseason Week 2 Risers, Fallers, Sleepers:

It’s official: Fantasy Football Drafts are here!

Though we don’t recommend drafting until after Preseason Week 3, we fully understand plenty of psychos are already full-steam ahead. This includes our own Truth, and we begin Episode 30 by looking at his Keeper League Draft. 

Though we preach “Building a Stable of Horses” as our favorite approach to 2018 drafts, The Truth found himself in a pickle after keeping DeAndre Hopkins and Rob Gronkowski. Find out how an unintentional “Zero-RB” Draft unfolded, and a new “Stock Tip” that emerged from our conversation: The 50% Rule. This is a crucial mindset and way of framing fantasy, so don’t miss this strategy-filled conversation.

But this is just the warm-up. Our Featured segment centers around breaking down Preseason Week 2: Risers, Fallers, and Sleepers. Perhaps more than any other Preseason, we’ve seen some massive fantasy value changes in 2018. This is especially true for Christian McCaffrey, Jimmy Graham, Trey Burton, Carlos Hyde, and so many more risers after Week 2, as well as fallers like Ronald Jones and Sammy Watkins. We touch upon some key Penny Stocks as well, in particular highlighting James White and why he offers enormous upside at his bottom-barrel price.

As always, we also continue two recurring segments: The Stock Watch and Tier Jerkers. On a shorter Stock Watch, we cover:

--Adrian Peterson’s potential value with the Redskins

--Peyton Barber’s strengthening grip on the Bucs’ starting RB role

--Ben Watson and his “Under Armour Mannequin” physique

Plus, in Tier Jerkers, our own Roto Joe is back, this time to break down 2018’s Tight End scene. While we recognize Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce, and Zach Ertz all form a vaunted “Big Three,” there’s still plenty of midround TE1 candidates that could explode and join this bunch.  Thus, to help you make the right decision if you miss on the elite, Wolf and Joe run through the ceilings and floors, as well as their rankings, of Evan Engram, Jimmy Graham, Delanie Walker, Greg Olsen, Kyle Rudolph, and *gasp* newly-added Trey Burton.

We wrap up with a packed mailbag, covering our strategy with D/ST, a brutal keeper decision involving Doug Baldwin and Zach Ertz, our reevaluated Rookie RB rankings, and a keeper choice that sheds light on going for a sure-thing at lesser value (Fournette in Round 3), or the potential homerun with enormous value upside.  (Collins in 14).

This Episode is completely jam-packed, and a necessity for any Fantasy Football Fan preparing for their 2018 Draft. 

 You'll Learn

  • check
    Why we prefer "Building a Stable" of RBs... but how you can still build an excellent team by applying the "50% Rule"
  • check
    How Adrian Peterson could fare in Washington, and if there's any semblance of upside here
  • check
    Peyton Barber's value as he continues securing the starting RB gig in TB
  • check
    How Ben Watson is looking at age-37, and why he still drips in a ton of upside based on his past NOLA history
  • check
    Why Christian McCaffrey has gone from a late third-rounder to a fringe first rounder over the course of this preseason
  • check
    How Trey Burton is filling the "Travis Kelce" role to perfection under Matt Nagy, which creates legitimate Top-5 TE upside.
  • check
    Why Ronald Jones is the biggest "loser" of this preseason
  • check
    James White is among the top "Late Round" Penny Stock RBs to have on your radar 
  • check
    How to rank and sift through Evan Engram, Jimmy Graham, Kyle Rudolph, Greg Olsen, Delanie Walker, and Trey Burton in the middle rounds
  • check
    Our approach to D/ST, and who has some of the top Week 1 matchups in 2018
  • check
    A re-evaluated list of Rookie RBs, and how we're approaching the position in 2018


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