On The Fantasy Beat 2:

How Beckham, Barkley,  Engram & Shepard Fit Into
Pat Shurmur's Offense 

w/ Giants Insider Dan Schneier 


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As promised, we stay in-division for Round 2 of “On The Fantasy Beat,” this time looking at the Giants revamped offense under Pat Shurmur, and how the many exciting pieces (Odell Beckham, Saquon Barkley, Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard) all fit in.

To do so, we welcome in Giants Insider and PFF analyst Dan Schneier, who’s impressive resume includes Giants coverage for 247Sports and CBS Sports, as well as fantasy for Pro Football Focus, and his own Giants Podcast, “Big Blue Banter.”

Before diving into specific players and their expected roles, Schneir gives us an excellent breakdown of Shurmur’s overall offense. Learn why it’s being compared to “musical chairs,” and how this offense will create mismatch nightmares if executed properly. Then, we dive into the big names:

  • How’s Odell Beckham looking post surgery, and fitting into this overall scheme?
  • What’s rookie Saquon Barkley bringing to the table, and will he be the next great “Shurmur Bellcow?”
  • Is Evan Engram set for an even more impressive sophomore campaign after his major rookie splash, and what different ways is Shurmur using him?

  • Plus, should Sterling Shepard be as far under the radar as he is, and can Eli Manning sustain all these fantasy products?

Then, Schneier shares his NFC East Predictions, before bringing his PFF Fantasy Background to our “No Huddle Fantasy Offense.” Here, it’s clear Schneier is equally versed in the virtual gridiron as he is with the Giants, as he powers through question after question with in-depth analysis and hot takes on potential season winners, losers, and major sleepers. This podcast is must listen material for all Giants and fantasy football fans alike, so don’t miss out!

Today's Guest

Dan Schneir

Giants Insider:

247 Sports & CBS Sports




Covering Football and Fantasy for nearly a decade now, Schneier has a deep analytical and historical expertise of both  the real and virtual gridiron. He's served as the editor and manager of all content on 247 New York Giantswhile also hosting both the Big Blue Banter Podcast and  'Giants Time' Facebook Live show and iTunes podcast. His access and analysis of all things Giants is pristine.

Equally impressive, Schneier's covered Fantasy for Industry Giant Pro Football Focus for over seven years. Thus, he combines his Insider Access to Giants Camp with the advanced analytical perspective fantasy owners have come to love and crave from PFF.

 You'll Learn

  • check
    The intricacies behind Pat Shurmur's scheme, and how it creates mismatch nightmares all over the field
  • check
    How Odell Beckham is looking in his recovery from ankle surgery, as well as how he's being used far more creatively under Shurmur
  • check
    What to expect from rookie RB Saquon Barkley in this workhorse-centric scheme
  • check
    How Evan Engram is being deployed as a sophomore, and why it could lead to an even bigger season in 2018
  • check
    Why Sterling Shepard should not just be a forgotten man here... especially in the Red Zone
  • check
    A Sleeper name to monitor which no one is talking about, but carries enormous TD upside
  • check
    Dan's takes on Who Should Go No.1 Overall in Fantasy Football Drafts, Most Overvalued and Undervalued Players, Late Round Sleepers, and so much more


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