RSJ Training Camp Kickoff Staff Mock Draft

On a muggy, late July night, The Wolf blew into a random animal horn to assemble a motley crew for our Training Camp Kickoff Staff Draft. Consisting of a blend of RSJ Staff Members and The Wolf's toughest hometown competition, these are the boldest, brightest minds in the industry.

Needless to say, the action was fast, furious, and, most importantly, very informative. Below, our own Roto Joe assigns grades and analyzes each and every pick (well, except when Old Man Truth forgets to make the last pick of the draft), allowing you to learn some key holistic drafting strategies, where to find steals and avoid busts, plus the manner of positional tiers and drop offs, plus so much more. Simply put - you can't draft without seeing how ours unfolds, and reading Joe's thoughts on the process. 

Oh, and because he's a teacher by day (and loves tearing bad picks to shreds), our own Wolf just had to toss in some grades and his insights as well. 

Without further adieu:

The Draft

The Teams

Trader Tim - Wolf's Grade = C:  Even if I'd prefer Dalvin Cook over Kareem Hunt, the backfield can't be argued against, especially if Shady can dodge all the risk surrounding him and put together another RB1 campaign. But the depth after his Top-3 is hideous.. and those WRs still have me blowing chunks into the toilet. Demaryius Thomas and Brandin Cooks both headline my "Overpriced" List, and while Larry Fitzgerald has been the model of consistency, there's a real risk he hits a cliff at any point given his "Advanced Age." Filling in the gaps with a currently unrostered Dez Bryant and a John Brown who has no idea what "consistency" is equally laughable. Can't argue on the prices of Russel Wilson, Delanie Walker, or Jimmy G... I just have a hard time seeing those through my glazy eyes as the puke still spews over his WRs crew.

Red Socker - Wolf's Grade = B+: Apparently our former baseball crew hates WRs, as we see another RB-centric squad. However, I am a far greater fan of Red Socker's WR choices, as both Marquise Goodwin and Jamison Crowder bring some very real ceiling for their late prices, Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate add a very steady floor, and Keelan Cole is a favorite WR Penny Stock of mine. If I was a bigger fan of Joe Mixon, I'd be in love with this squad, but I think he was among the biggest reaches of this draft in an awful offense behind an awful offensive line. Still, Trey Burton was a steal that allowed AJ to build depth elsewhere, Ty Montgomery is an excellent "Penny Stock" at RB, and this team overall is well-rounded, with a sturdy mix of Floor and Ceiling. Well done.

JimboSlice - Wolf's Grade = B+:  With a solid 1-2 RB punch, a bonafide steal and Top-4 QB in Carson Wentz, plus a great "hookup" to pair him with in Zach Ertz (a Top-3 TE), it's tough to find much to fault with Jimbo's squad here. The Ronald Jones selection was atrocious, however, and Jimbo's flex and WR3 spots could be real question marks heading into 2018. And that's assuming Marvin Jones pans out as his WR2 and maintains consistency two seasons in a row with Kenny Golladay nipping at his heels. In his favor, Jimbo selected a ton of upside between Randall Cobb, Cooper Kupp, Tyler Lockett, and Anthony Miller, and he should be able to find at least one dependable wideout out of this bunch. But that Flex Gap could prove costly against the more competitive teams each week. 

Keegs - Wolf's Grade = D+: Plenty to love early, and a whole lot more to hate soon after with Keegs' squad. While most would consider Jarvis Landry a reach in Round 3, I absolutely love the pick, and Melvin Gordon, Keenan Allen, and the new CLE WR had Keegs off to a fantastic start. Yet, it was almost exclusively all downhill from here, and at a very fast speed. Granted, this draft was just prior to Sony Michel's surgery... but a 4th Rd selection was already a horrendous over-reach, made doubly worse with his ugly injury history already rearing its gross head. I'm still laughing about the DeVante Parker Round 6 selection, but also crying and praying for Keegs in the process. His RB2, Flex, and WR3 are all GAPING holes, and TE could be a real problem if GB's historic lack of TE usage continues. This team stinks.

Truth - Wolf's Grade = B:  Apparently, The Truth actually pays attention when we record our Fantasy Fullback Dive Podcast together,  as he executed the "Build a Stable" strategy to perfection. Love how he afforded himself the ability to go Mark Ingram in Round 5 by having two studly horses in Todd Gurley and Devonta Freeman in the stable already. Plus, he has an excellent "Ceiling Floor" QB Combo in Philip Rivers and Tyrod Taylor. The WRs, however, are quite sketchy. This is an incredibly boom-or-bust crew, and when they boom to complement Truth's steady RB production, this squad will be unbeatable. However, when they disappear, Truth could lose to even the league's shitbums. He needs to find some stability here, and hope one of his two admittedly high-upside TE Penny Stocks pan out if he's to truly contend down the stretch.

Roto Joe - Wolf's Grade = B-: Moving past that complete joke of an RB stable is hard to do, as Derrick Henry isn't even a surefire No.2 option, nevermind RB1 (even if the Steam Roller could indeed blow up, especially if Dion Lewis' injury history reappears). And while I don't mind owning a "Team Backfield" to get the surefire No.1 guy, the Broncos RBs are one of the least appealing in my opinion, as it's a promised committee, in a mediocre offense, behind a bleh line. Counting on a committee-ridden Marlon Mack to be this backfield savior is laughable. But my God, once you get to the WRs... that's something of Fantasy Wet Dreams, even if I'm not the biggest Mike Evans fan.  Stir in the upside of Cam Newton and a quality Top-5 TE in Kyle Rudolph, and this team is sturdy everywhere but the backfield. If Joe can find that Waiver RB Hero or pull some trade magic, this squad will be one of the league's top. For now, he needs to pray he can find even mediocre production out of that piss-poor stable.

Wolf - Wolf's Grade = B+:  Isn't it the worst when you don't follow your own advice and get trapped into players you didn't really want? That's what happened to me, as I ended up going WR-WR despite touting the importance of an RB stable all offseason. Had I gone Melvin Gordon over OBJ (which I have switched my rankings to reflect), this squad would be an A+. As it is, I have a 4-Pack of WRs I still haven't stopped Tugging too, and I couldn't ask for a better "Floor-Ceiling" QB Combo than Kirk Cousins and my boy Patrick Mahomes. But my RBs and TEs are pure Hail Mary's, though -- compared to Joe -- I like the odds of finding 2 highly usable backs out of Jay Ajayi, Rex Burkhead, and Dion Lewis as compared to his abysmal squad (and I made that Chris Thompson pick BEFORE the news broke he could be hampered until November... otherwise I'd be in A- territory). I'd gladly ride this team into battle, but know I can do better (and NEED a horse in Rd.1)

CJay - Wolf's Grade = B: This squad has "RSJ" written all-over-it, as Saquon Barkley, Jerick McKinnon, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Cameron Meredith are all among our "Must Draft" list, and overall give CJay a very formidable squad. Selecting Andrew Luck above guys like Kirk Cousins was hilarious, even if he has some humongous upside in Frank Reich's attack, and the WR3 spot will be a major question mark if Sammy Watkins doesn't pan out. Kenyan Drake in the FLEX also feels sketchy, as he could very-well be a committee back in a horrendous offense. But Greg Olsen has a huge ceiling, and the team is well-rounded with solid bench picks to hopefully fill in these perceived gaps. 

The Coyote - Wolf's Grade = B:  You'd have a hard time beating Coyote's first three picks, as he got a top-tier option and great value at RB, WR, and TE in David Johnson, Davante Adams, and Rob Gronkowski. Hell, even if I'm a "Wait-on-QB" diehard, I recognize the "Cheatcode Upside" Deshaun Watson brings to the table, and I also feel Michael Crabtree could be an absolute steal for his WR2 spot. Yet, Rashaad Penny was a complete force, and though Coyote has some intriguing bench pieces, he'll need at least three to really pan out to fill his RB2, WR3, and FLEX spots. If that happens, and all three of Johnson, Adams, and Gronk maintain health, the core anchors at all four spots will make this squad beastly. But none of these bench characters are guarantees to fill any of those 3 roles well, especially at the RB2 spot, thus giving Coyote's squad a boom-or-bust feel, despite an incredible early start. 

Mahan - Wolf's Grade = B+: Here's a classic example of how selecting a QB early comes with very real "Opportunity Cost" at your RB and WR positions. Aaron Rodgers may seem like a "steal" in Round 4 to most, but Mahan's secondary RBs and WRs come with massive question marks now. Granted, I'm confident that at least one of Tarik Cohen (love), Jamaal Williams, and Tevin Coleman will pan out as a quality RB2, and Julian Edelman's return will be a quality WR2 injection come Week 5. Moreover, Mahan built the necessary depth that comes with going for an elite TE1 (Travis Kelce) and QB1. But over those first four weeks, he could really be scrambling at his WR2 and WR3 spots, even if I do LOVE that he can fill the FLEX with Jordan Reed during the early weeks and for as long as that bag of glass holds up. Mike Williams and Kenny Golladay are also highly intriguing "Penny Stocks," and I could easily see one panning out huge. If that happens, this squad is going to be a monster once Edelman returns -- they just need to hope they aren't in too deep of a hole until then. 

Roto Duck - Wolf's Grade = D: When the first and only name at QB you see is Dak Prescott, you just know you're entering a Comedy Show of a team. Though I applaud Duck's commitment to "Building a Stable," and LOVE a 1-2 Ezekiel Elliott and Derrius Guice combination, his reaching for a pure committee back in Christian McCaffrey really hurt, especially with Devontae Freeman still available. Thus, his depth behind his top-two RBs really isn't all too strong for going "all-in" on the position, and the gaps at all the other spots are completely glaring. The Tight Ends are vomit-inducing, and Duck's very reliant on Corey Davis or Allen Robinson to reach their fullest potential to have any kind of WR hope. The Duck -- a bright overall football mind -- would be better served with a more balanced approach, and higher-quality RB selections, to have any shot at winning. 

Roto JT - Wolf's Grade = A-:  My favorite team of the draft, JT has no glaring weaknesses, a solidly built floor, and some very real ceiling here. Assuming Josh Gordon returns as his WR3 behind AntonioBrown and Stefon Diggs, JT could be trotting out 3 Top-10 WRs every single week, with Chris Hogan a high-end No.2 for at least the season's first-four weeks. Meanwhile, he has Top-5, high-floor and high-ceiling options QB and TE without having to overspend on either position. Plus, while RB is his definite weakness, Jordan Howard is a high-floor anchor with humongous, often unrecognized upside considering he's dominated in two straight seasons and is now in a far better overall situation. The RB2 spot is his only glaring hole, and either Marshawn Lych or CJ Anderson could surprise and fill this very formidably. The top team of this draft, without question.

Pick-by-Pick Analysis

PICKOVR    TEAMSELECTION GRADE                        RotoJoe's COMMENT
1.011TruthGurley, Todd LAR  RB

A+Top scoring player last year. Offensive trending up w/ Brandin Cooks addition and Goff in 2nd season.
1.022Roto DuckElliott, Ezekiel DAL RB

A+Avg over 20 (PPR) PPG over career. O-line got better. Dak 1 yr better.
1.033RedSockerBell, Le'Veon PIT RB

A431 touches (including playoffs) last yr raise injury risk. Hold out = slow start. Could miss games (doubt it). Stud when healthy.
1.044The CoyoteJohnson, David ARI RB

AFresh legs (wrist inury). Top scoring RB 2016. Offense could be so bad that he suffers Jeff Fisher effect.
1.055RotoJTBrown, Antonio PIT WR

A+0 question marks. Best WR in the league.
1.066CJayBarkley, Saquon NYG RB

A2nd overall pick. Supreme talent primed for high usage. Offense trending up. Unproven (rookie).
1.077Joe HHopkins, DeAndre HOU WR

A+Top 4 scoring WR past 2/3 yrs. QB Watson is not healthy.
1.088MahanKamara, Alvin NOS RB

A-RB4 last yr. HC Payton says Kamara's usage won't rise while Ingram serves sus. Small sample size. Can he sustain?
1.099WolfBeckham, Odell NYG WR

ATop 7 WR his 1st 3 yrs. Coming off fractured ankle. Contract year. Legit run threat could help free Odell deep.
1.110KeegsGordon, Melvin LAC RB

A-Top 7 RB past 2 yrs. Pouncy, Lamp O-line upgrades. 2/3 yrs ended on IR with significant knee injuries (risk). Ekeler impressed last yr.
1.1111JimboSliceThomas, Michael NOS WR

ATop 7 WR each 2 yrs. TD's should rise after low 5TD last yr (9 in 2016). Could improve further in 3rd season.
1.1212Trader TimFournette, Leonard JAC RB

A-RB9 last yr. Norwell signed, Robinson 2nd yr = Oline upgrades. Lost weight in offseason. Chronic ankle injuries(risk).
2.0113Trader TimHunt, Kareem KCC RB

ARB4 last yr. REC expected to rise. Rush ATT could rise with inexperienced QB. If Mahomes is wildcard who could help or hurt offense.
2.0214JimboSliceCook, Dalvin MIN RB

A+On pace to be RB7 before ACL tear. Now healthy. Cousin elevates offense. RB tier drops off after him. Nice pair with M. Thomas.
2.0315KeegsAllen, Keenan LAC WR

AWR 3 last yr. Productive when heathly. Extensive injury history (sprain PCL '12, frac collar bone '14, lacerated kidney'15, torn ACL '16
2.0416WolfJones, Julio ATL WR

A+Top 7 WR past 4 yrs. TDs expect to rise to mean (3 last yr). Salary increased (happy).
2.0517MahanGreen, A.J. CIN WR

A-Top 10 WR past 2/3 yrs. 5 week last yr under 10 PPR points (boom or bust). Turned 30 has missed 3 or more game past 2-4 yrs.
2.0618Joe HEvans, Mike TBB WR

A-Top 23 WR all 4 yrs. Never miss more than 1 game. Numbers better with Fitz than Winston. TD's should bounce back.
2.0719CJayMcKinnon, Jerick SFO RB

AExpected to explode as Shanahan's lead 'back. Offense trending up. 0 experience as lead 'back. Never ecliped 202 touches in season.
2.0820RotoJTHoward, Jordan CHI RB

B+Top 14 RB both yrs. Offense trending up. Terrible pass catcher. RBs must catch in Nagy O. Cohen skill set could steal touches.
2.0921The CoyoteAdams, Davante GBP WR

ATop 14 WR past 2 yrs. Nelson gone (more TAR). QB Rodgers healthy. Only WR w/ 10+ TDs past 2 yrs. Series concusion problems last yr.
2.122RedSockerBaldwin, Doug SEA WR

ATop 11 WR past 3 yrs. Hasn't missed game since 2012. TE Graham gone could = more endzone TAR. Bad D = more shootouts. Offense struggle?
2.1123Roto DuckMcCaffrey, Christian CAR RB


RB 10 last yr. HC Rivera wants "25-30 touches per game." OC Turner elevates offense. C.J. Anderson threatens to steal touches.
2.1224TruthFreeman, Devonta ATL RB

ARB1, RB6, RB13 past 3 yrs. Never missed more than 2 games.
3.0125TruthHill, Tyreek KCC WR

A-WR8 last yr. Hill's performance unsustainably efficient. Mahomes exciting but unproven. Could suffer growing pains. Watkins steals TAR.
3.0226Roto DuckGuice, Derrius WAS RB

BWR needed after Zeke/McCaffrey. Guice REC upside limited by Thompson. Guice is last yrs Dalvin Cook (stud). Good O-line.
3.0327RedSockerMixon, Joe CIN RBBRB34 last yr. Missed 2 gamesGlenn/Price O-line upgrades. Offense better when switched OC to Lazor. Bernard will steal touches.

3.0428The CoyoteGronkowski, Rob NEP TE

ATop 2 TE past 3/4 yrs. Obvious advanted when in lineup. Productive offense. Less weapons=more TAR. Hasn't played full szn since 2011
3.0529RotoJTDiggs, Stefon MIN WR

A-WR46,WR30,WR19 last 3 yrs. Cousins upgrade QB. Miss at least 2 games every yr. Top D = unfriendly game script for passing.
3.0630CJayThielen, Adam MIN WR

AWR8 last yr. Never miss game (4 years). Cousins upgrade QB. Low TDs (4) should rise to mean. Land WR1 3rd pick after taking RBs.
3.0731Joe HHenry, Derrick TEN RB

BRB tier falls sharply after Henry/Ajayi. Timeshare with Lewis (limits REC). Stud O-line. Goalline work. Performed well in limited work.
3.0832MahanKelce, Travis KCC TE

ATE1 past 2 yrs. Kelce/Gronk tier above the rest. Miss 1 game in 4 yr career. Mahomes ? But offense should be at least ave.
3.0933WolfAjayi, Jay PHI RBBBlount gone but Eagles love committee (Clement Sproles). Talented runner. Stud O-line. Productive Offense. Chronic knee issues. Tier drops.

3.134KeegsLandry, Jarvis CLE WR

B+WR5, WR13, WR9 past 3 yrs. Never missed game (4 yrs). Talented offense but chemistry a ? Lot of mouths to feed. 9TD last yr should fall.
3.1135JimboSliceErtz, Zach PHI TEA-TE3, TE6, TE9 past 3 yrs. Big TE drop off after Ertz. Productive offense. Missed 2 games each last 2 yrs.

3.1236Trader TimFitzgerald, Larry ARI WRAWR4, WR11, WR7 past 3 yrs. Bradford/Rosen QB upgrade. Last WR1 available. Bad O-line could hamper offense.

4.0137Trader TimMcCoy, LeSean BUF RB

B-Top 7 RB past 2 yrs. Turned 30 (lots of mileage). O-line significant downgrade. Lose Tyrod QB downgrade. Serious investigation (SUS?).

4.0238JimboSliceCollins, Alex BAL RBBRB21 last yr. Ran well last yr. Clear starter. Small sample size. Lackluster offense.

4.0339KeegsMichel, Sony NEP RBB-Pats used 1st rnd pick (value him). Productive offense. Talented rookie. Unproven. Fumble issues. Pats RB usage unpredictable.

4.0440WolfCooper, Amari OAK WRA-WR36, WR14, WR21 past 3 yrs. Gruden force feeds his top WR. Crabtree gone. Cooper flopped last yr. Gruden experiment could be nightmare.

4.0541MahanRodgers, Aaron GBP QB

BQB29*, QB1, QB7, QB1, QB22* past 5 yrs. Reach for QB. Top tier talent.

4.0642Joe HHilton, T.Y. IND WRAWR5 & WR12 last 2 szns w/ Luck. WR24 & WR22 last 2 szns w/o (WR22 Luck played 7 gms). 3 WR league. Luck healthy. O-line/coach upgrades.

4.0743CJaySmith-Schuster, JuJu PIT WR

B+WR18 last yr. Productive offense. Should improve 2nd szn. 3rd option behind AB/Bell. Washington no scrub. TE McDonald could see + TAR.
4.0844RotoJTGordon, Josh CLE WR

BBoom or bust. Elite talent. Not in training camp. Mental health issues threaten availability. Lots of mouths to feed. Chemistry a ?
4.0945The CoyoteWatson, Deshaun HOU QB

BRecord breaking production to start career. Nice weapons. Small sample size. 2nd torn ACL. Awful O-line. Teams have tape now. Reach.
4.146RedSockerTate, Golden DET WR

BWR13, WR17, WR24, WR11 past 4 yrs. Hasn't missed game since 2012. Limited upside. Lots of mouths to feed. Offense more run heavy 2018.
4.1147Roto DuckRobinson, Allen CHI WR

B-Coming off torn ACL. WR6-15'. WR24-16'. Number 1 WR in accending offense. Offense unproven. Trubisky could flop. 1 good szn.
4.1248TruthJeffery, Alshon PHI WR

B-WR20 last yr. 1st full szn since 2014 (risk). Played through torn shoulder labrum. Productive when healthy. High scoring offense.
5.0149TruthIngram, Mark NOS RB

A-RB6. RB8, RB10, RB15 past 4 yrs. SUS 4 games. High scoring offense. Good O-line. Improving D = run heavy offense. Last missed gm '15
5.0250Roto DuckDavis, Corey TEN WR

B5th overall pick 2017. OC LaFleur expected to elevate offense. Dealt with injuries last yr. Healthy now. Breakout candidate. Tough sched
5.0351RedSockerMiller, Lamar HOU RB

B-RB16, RB20 in 2 yrs w/ HOU. Offense prolific w/ Watson. Terrible O-line. Lost carries to Blue down stretch. Foreman impressive before injury.
5.0452The CoyotePenny, Rashaad SEA RB


1st rnd picl (SEA values him). Not seen as 1st rnd talent. Bad O-line. Carson getting starting reps. Offense could struggle.
5.0553RotoJTEngram, Evan NYG TE

B-TE5 last yr. Could improve off rookie szn. OBJ, Marshall, Shepard injuries elevated usage. Barkley = more run heavy.
5.0654CJayDrake, Kenyan MIA RB

BAVE 15.12 PPG in 9 games after Ajayi trade. Would have ranked 11th RBs. Tannehill QB upgrade. MIA added Gore/Ballage.
5.0755Joe HFreeman, Royce DEN RB

C+Talent rookie 'back. FAV for early down work. QB Keenum upgrades Offense. O-line average at best. Booker looms. Defense=run heavy game script
5.0856MahanEdelman, Julian NEP WR

B-SUS 4 games. WR15, WR38*, WR17, WR14 last 4 szns played. Coming off torn ACL. 32 yrs old. Played full szn 2/9 yrs. Productive offense.
5.0957WolfLewis, Dion TEN RB

B-RB15 last yr. Coming off 1st full szn. Major injury history. Split touches w/ Henry.
5.158KeegsBrady, Tom NEP QB

B+Top 3 QB 17'/15'. 3rd in PPG 16' (SUS). Lost WR Cooks. Lost LT Soldier (pas pro). Edelman SUS 4 gms. 1st rnd RB could = more run heavy.
5.1159JimboSliceJones, Ronald TBB RB

CCrowded backfield (Barber/Sims). Boom or bust college player. O-line ave at best. Bucs 29th scoring last szn (17.3 PPG)
5.1260Trader TimCooks, Brandin LAR WR

AWR15, WR10, WR13 past 3 yrs. Hasn’t missed game since 2014. On top scoring offense. Goff should improve in 3rd yr. Lots of mouths to feed.
6.0161Trader TimThomas, Demaryius DEN WR

BWR16, WR16, WR11 past 3 yrs. QB Keenum upgrade. 30 yrs old. Loaded WR corps. Good defense could = run heavy game script. Last miss gm 2011
6.0262JimboSliceJones, Marvin DET WR

C+WR12, WR43 past 2 yrs. WR43 closer to norm. Production dips when Golloday plays (healthy now). More run heavy offense.
6.0363KeegsParker, DeVante MIA WR

C+WR50 past 2 yrs. Landry gone = more TAR. Wilson/Amendola added. Tannehill QB upgrade. Never played full szn. Expecting breakout def of insane. (Wolf CommentHow is this anything but an F?! HORRIBLE)
6.0464WolfBurkhead, Rex NEP RB

 B-RB39 last yr. 8 TDs on just 94 touches. Missed 6 games. NE drafted RB rnd 1. Unpredictable RB usage. High scoring offense.
6.0565MahanCohen, Tarik CHI RB

B-RB30 last yr. Role increase under HC Nagy. Offense trending up. Good O-line. Rack up receptions.
6.0666Joe HRudolph, Kyle MIN TE

B+TE8, TE2, TE15 past 3 yrs. Last missed gm 2014. Cousins best QB of career. Cousins loves TE's. OC DeFilippo loves TE's (Ertz/Barnage)
6.0767CJayWatkins, Sammy KCC WR

A-Very talented WR (upside). Highly paid (team values). Remained healthy last yr after missing 11 games 15'/16'. Mahomes a ? Many mouths to feed.
6.0868RotoJTLynch, Marshawn OAK RB

C+RB24 last yr. 32 yrs old. OAK signed RB Martin. Gruden experiment could be disaster.
6.0969The CoyoteCrabtree, Michael BAL WR

B+WR30, WR12, WR16 past 3 yrs. Unquestioned top WR in BAL. Should hoard REC. 31 yrs old in SEP. Lackluster offense but is trending up.
6.170RedSockerGoodwin, Marquise SFO WR

B+WR31 last yr. AVE 14.5 PPG w/ Jimmy G (would placed 10th). Full offseason to work with QB. 2nd yr w/ Shanahan. Garcon is back.
6.1171Roto DuckJohnson, Kerryon DET RB

D+Talented runner. Good O-line. Crowded backfield (Blount, Abdullah, Riddick). Usage seems very limited. No clear role.
6.1272TruthJohnson, Duke CLE RB

 BRB11, RB30, RB23 past 3 yrs. Never missed game. 3 yr extension (team values). Crowded backfield (Chubb/Hyde). Needed WR more.
7.0173TruthAnderson, Robby NYJ WR

BWR18, WR70 past 2 yrs. Premiere deep threat. Could improve in 3rd yr. Same chemistry if Bridgewater/Darnold win job? 1 yr wonder?
7.0274Roto DuckFunchess, Devin CAR WR

B-WR21, WR89, WR67 past 3 yrs. Enter szn CAR top WR. Miss 1 gm in 3 yrs. CAR added WR D.J. Moore/Torrey Smith. TE Olsen back (redzone).
7.0375RedSockerCrowder, Jamison WAS WR

B-WR33, WR31, WR51 past 3 yrs. REP connection w/ QB Smith. WR Richardson added. TE Reed likely play more (6 gms 17') WAS run more w/ Guice (24th ATT 17')
7.0476The CoyoteWoods, Robert LAR WRB-WR32, WR67, WR57, WR45 past 4 yrs. High scoring offense. 2nd yr w/ Goff. Miss 2 or more gms 1/5 yrs. Lots of mouths to feed. Cooks>Watkins. Kupp improves.

7.0577RotoJTHogan, Chris NEP WRA-

WR63*, WR61 2 yrs w/ NE. Missed 7 gm last yr. AVE 13.5 PPG in 8 gms pre injury 17' (WR21). Miss 1 gm prev 4 yrs. Productive offense. Cooks gone. Edelman SUS 4 gms.

7.0678CJayOlsen, Greg CAR TEA-Miss 9 gms 17'. TE3, TE5, TE5 prev 3 yrs. 2 100 yd gms post injury. OC Norv Turner usage +. Under 30 REC yards 6/8 gms 17'. Offense had added weapons.

7.0779Joe HNewton, Cam CAR QB

AQB2, QB17, QB1, QB17, QB3, QB4 past 5 yrs. Best weapons of career? OC Norv Turner +. Miss 3 gms in 7 yrs. O-line is shakey.
7.0880MahanWilliams, Jamaal GBP RB

B-FAV to be GB lead 'back. No fumbles, catches well, pass-block+. Productive offense. Timeshare w/ Montgomery/Jones.
7.0981WolfFuller, Will HOU WRB

WR61*, WR66 past 2 yrs. Miss 6 and 2 games past 2 yrs. AVE over 20 PPG in 4 gms w/ Watson (high TD). Added weight to stay healthy. 1 of last 20 games over 62 yds

7.182KeegsGraham, Jimmy GBP TEBTE6, TE4, TE20*, TE2 past 4 yrs. Productive offense. Redzone threat. Past 6 yrs Richard Rodgers only top 12 GB TE (11th in 15'). Mercedes Lewis could steal TDs.

7.1183JimboSliceCobb, Randall GBP WRB-WR35, WR52, WR25, WR8 past 4 yrs. Productive offense. WR Nelson gone. Always playing through injury. TE Graham/Lewis could steal redzone TAR.

7.1284Trader TimWilson, Russell SEA QB

A-QB1, QB11, QB3, QB3 past 4 yrs. Bad O-line. Lost WR Marshall downgrade from TE Graham. Tier drops after.
8.0185Trader TimWalker, Delanie TEN TE

B+TE4, TE5, TE2, TE8 past 4 yrs. Offense trending up. Never miss more than 1 gm past 7 yrs. Tier drops after. Ascending talents Davis/Taylor/Smith could steal TAR.
8.0286JimboSliceWentz, Carson PHI QBA-QB5 last yr. Missed final 3 gms. Coming off torn ACL. Could miss start of season. Good O-line. Lots of weapons.

8.0387KeegsShepard, Sterling NYG WR

C+WR42*, WR36 past 2 yrs. Offense trending up. Heathly. More run heavy. 4th option after Odell/Barkley/Engram. Better options avail.
8.0488WolfThompson, Chris WAS  RB

B-RB28*, RB28, RB53 past 3 yrs. AVE 15.1 PPG in 10 gms last yr (RB11ave). Good O-line. 1 full szn in 4 yrs. Guice will steal touches.
8.0589MahanColeman, Tevin ATL RB

B-RB22, RB19, RB84 past 3 yrs. Productive offense. Good O-line. Contract yr. Split with RB Freeman. Never played full szn.
8.0690Joe HMack, Marlon IND RB

C+RB48 last yr. Gore gone. O-line improved. Offense trending up (Luck/Reich). FAV for lead 'back. Played through injury. Committee (Hine/Wilkins/Turbin).
8.0791CJayMeredith, Cameron NOS WR

B-WR40 in 16'. Sains starting WR job open. Productive offense. Brees has supported 2 1,000 WRs same yr. Coming off torn ACL/MCL. NO run heavy last yr.
8.0892RotoJTBrees, Drew NOS QB

BQB9, QB3, QB6, QB6 past 4 yrs. Good O-line. Watson/Meredith upgrades. 39 y/o. Offense more run heavy last yr. Carrying offense behind him?
8.0993The CoyoteHyde, Carlos CLE RB

CRB8, RB18, RB60* past 3 yrs. Above ave O-line. Coming off 1st full szn in 4 yrs (risk). Crowded backfield. CLE offense unproven.
8.194RedSockerRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB

C+QB11, QB18, QB20, QB5 past 4 yrs. Good O-line. Great weapons. Awful on road. Missed 6 game injury from 15'/16'. Reach. Better options avail.
8.1195Roto DuckNelson, Jordy OAK WR

DWR46, WR2, ACL tear past 3 yrs. Looked washed up last yr (33 y/o). Carr downgrade from Rodgers.
8.1296TruthRivers, Philip LAC QB

BQB8, QB14, QB12, QB12 past 4 yrs. Pouncy/Lamp O-line upgrades. Good weapons. TE Henry injury could hurt redzone TD's.
9.0197TruthRidley, Calvin ATL WRC-26th overall pick. Productive offense. Lots of mouths to feed (Jones/Freeman/Sanu/Hooper/Coleman) ATL hasn't had 2 top 30 WRs since 2014 (Jones/White)

9.0298Roto DuckSanders, Emmanuel DEN WR

A+WR60*, WR20, WR19, WR5 past 4 yrs. QB Keenum upgrade. O-line should improve (Bolles developes/Veldheer)
9.0399RedSocker45Burton, Trey CHI TEB-TE26, TE34 past 2 yrs. Signed 4 yr $32MIL contract (team values). Offense trending up. Nagy likes athletic TEs.

9.04100The CoyoteAgholor, Nelson PHI WR

BWR22, WR87, WR101 past 3 yrs. Productive offense. Missed 1 game past 2 yrs. Could become top WR if injury prone WR Jeffery misses time.
9.05101RotoJTAnderson, C.J. CAR RB

RB18, RB45*, RB31, RB10 past 4 yrs. Presumed goaline 'back in productive offense.
9.06102CJayLuck, Andrew IND QB

A-Coming off shoulder rehab. Doing great in camp. QB4, QB28*, QB2 past 3 szns. Best O-line of career. Coaching upgrade (Reich)
9.07103Joe HGarcon, Pierre SFO WR

B+WR75*, WR23, WR31 past 2 yrs. WR26 pre-injry last yr w/ Hoyer/Beathard (0 TDs). QB upgrade (Garoppolo). Offense trending up. Late round value.
9.08104MahanBenjamin, Kelvin BUF WR

B-WR47, WR27, (ACL), WR16 past 4 yrs. Chronic knee issues. Says knee is finally fully healed. Contract yr. Only legit WR on roster. Offense is void of talent.
9.09105WolfCousins, Kirk MIN QB

B+QB6, QB5, QB8 past 3 yrs. WR upgrades (Diggs/Thielen). O-line Downgrade. Strong DEF could prompt run-heavy gamescript.
9.1106KeegsCrowell, Isaiah NYJ RBCRB31, RB14, RB33, RB33 past 4 years. Never missed gm. Crowded backfield (Powell/McGuire/Rawls/more?) Lackluster offense (24th scoring 17')

9.11107JimboSliceChubb, Nick CLE RB

C+35th overall pick. Talented rusher. Good O-line. Offense trending up. Crowded backfield (Hyde/Johnson).
9.12108Trader TimBryant, Dez FA* WR

FWR24, WR39*, WR80*, WR4 past 4 yrs. Current FA. Looks to have lost a step (9th szn). Injury issues in 15'/16'
10.01109Trader TimJaguars, Jacksonville JAC Def

B+Top scoring DEF by far last yr (36 pts). Retained majority of defense.
10.02110JimboSliceKupp, Cooper LAR WR

BWR25 last yr. Expected improvement yr 2. Top scoring offense. Role not threatened by Cooks. Lots of mouths to feed.
10.03111KeegsWhite, James NEP RB

C+RB38, RB26, RB39 past 3 yrs. Productive offense. 1 full szn in 4 yrs. Crowded backfield (Michel, Burkhead, Hill).
10.04112WolfMahomes, Patrick KCC QB

B+10th overall pick 17'. Impressed in lone start last yr. Elite physical gifts. Good O-line. Great weapons. High ceiling. Unproven.
10.05113MahanReed, Jordan WAS TE

B+TE36, TE9, TE3 past 3 yrs. Never played full szn in 5 yrs (risk). Elite when healthy. 113th pick good value for games he does play.
10.06114Joe HBooker, Devontae DEN RB

   B-RB53*, RB32 past 2 yrs. O-line improves. Keenum QB upgrade. Current starter. Split carries w/ Freeman. AVE O-line at best.
10.07115CJayJones, Aaron GBP RB

C+RB61* last yr. Explosive runner. Productive offense. SUS 2 games. Crowded backfield (Williams/Montgomery). Missed 4 gms last yr (risk).
10.08116RotoJTHurns, Allen DAL WRBWR67*, WR79*, WR18, WR49 past 4 years. Prescott QB upgrade. Little competition for lead WR role. Run heavy offense. Missed 11 game past 2 yrs (risk)

10.09117The CoyoteStills, Kenny MIA WRBWR28, WR46, WR81, WR38 past 4 yrs. Missed 1 gm in 5 yrs. Tannehill QB upgrade. Landry gone opens 160 targets. Not a high-volume guy.

10.1118RedSockerMontgomery, Ty GBP RB

CRB52* last yr. Productive offense. Crowded backfield (Williams/Jones). Missed 18 games in 3 yrs (risk).
10.11119Roto DuckBernard, Giovani CIN RB

B+RB27, RB40*, RB16, RB17* past 4 yrs. O-line upgrades (Glenn/Price). RB Hill gone. Mixon lead back.
10.12120TruthKittle, George SFO TE

B-TE19 last yr. 12.1 PPG in final 3 games. Garoppolo QB upgrade. Should improve 2nd yr.
11.01121TruthHines, Nyheim IND RBB-4th rnd pick. Speed/REC talent. Will play the Sproles/Woodhead role. Productive offense w/ Luck back. Stuck in Committee. Unlikely for goaline work (small)

11.02122Roto DuckPrescott, Dak DAL QB

BQB10, QB6 past 2 yrs. Great O-line. Should improve in 3rd yr. Lost Dez/Witton. Run heavy offense. Weak receiving options.
11.03123RedSockerBarber, Peyton TBB RB C-RB57, RB81 past 2 yrs. Ave 11.7 PPG over final 6 gms (2017). Compete w/ Jones/Rodgers/Sims. Subpar O-line.

11.04124The CoyoteLee, Marqise JAC WR

B-WR40 last yr. Enters szn as JAGS top WR. Run heavy offense. Strong defense hurt passing volume. Blake Bortles is QB.
11.05125RotoJTWilkins, Jordan IND RBC+5th rnd pick. GM (Ballard) compared him to Matt Forte. Productive offense w/ Luck back. Stuck in committee (Mack/Hines/Turbin) Unproven.

11.06126CJayNjoku, David CLE TEBTE 24 last yr. Eite athletically (2017 1st rnd pick) Offense trending up. Taylor/Mayfield QB upgrade. Lots of mouths to feed. OC Haley not historically TE friendly.

11.07127Joe HCarson, Chris SEA RBB

Ave 9.9 PPG in 4 gms last yr. Currently SEA's starter. Recovered from broken ankle. Bad O-line. SEA drafted RB 1st rnd (Penny). DEF downgrades =pass heavy game script.

11.08128MahanGolladay, Kenny DET WRB-

WR69* (NICE!) AVE 17 YPC as rookie. Productive offense. Compete for TAR w/ Jones/Tate. Missed 5 gms (hamstring) More balanced offense (Patricia) = less pass ATT

11.09129WolfMurray, Latavius MIN RB

C+RB25, RB13, RB11 past 3 yrs. Productive offense. Great DEF = run heavy game script. 2nd string behind Cook.
11.1130KeegsMoore, D.J. CAR WRC24th overall pick. Productive offense. Chance to start immediately. Lots of mouths to feed. Unproven.

11.11131JimboSliceKirk, Christian ARI WRD47th overall pick. Chance to start immediately. Lackluster offense. At best 3rd weapon behind Fitz/DJ. Chad Williams early fav to start.

11.12132Trader TimForeman, D'Onta HOU RB

CImpressed in limited work as rookie. Productive offense w/ Watson. Rehabbing torn Achilles. Compete w/ Miller/Blue.
12.01133Trader TimMartin, Doug OAK RBC-RB64*, RB54*, RB5, RB51* past 4 yrs. 2 full szns in 6 yrs (Missed 28 gms). Lynch is starter. Looks washed up. OAK could flop under Gruden.

12.02134JimboSliceMiller, Anthony CHI WRB-51st overrall pick. Offense trending up. Slated start in slot. HC Nagy compared to AB. Lots of mouths to feed. Trubisky could flop. Unproven.

12.03135KeegsClement, Corey PHI RBCRB50 last yr. Productive offense. Stuck in committee w/ Ajayi/Sproles/Smallwood

12.04136WolfDoyle, Jack IND TE

A-TE7, TE13 past 2 yrs. Productive offense w/Luck back. Luck QB upgrade. Team signed Ebron. Reich's systen can support 2 TE's.
12.05137MahanWilliams, Mike LAC WR

B7th overall pick (2017). Rookie szn wrecked by back injury. Productive offense. At best 3rd option behind Allen/Gordon.
12.06138Joe HZuerlein, Greg LAR PK

A-K1 last yr by 11 pts despite missing last 2 gms. Coming off back surgey. Kicking again. Missed 4 games in 6 yrs. Gives owner weekly advantage.
12.07139CJayMariota, Marcus TEN QB

C+QB18, QB12, QB22* past 3 yrs. Offense trending up under OC LaFleur. Good O-line. Never played full szn. Run game strength of offense.
12.08140RotoJTGore, Frank MIA RB

CRB19, RB12, RB14, RB20 past 4 yrs. Hasn't missed gm since 2010. Compete with Drake/Ballage. So-so offense. 35 yrs old.
12.09141The CoyoteStafford, Matthew DET QB


QB7, QB7, QB9 past 3 yrs. Upgraded O-line (Ragnow/Crosby/healthy Decker) Great weapons (Jones/Tate/Golladay). Bad DEF = heavy passing. Could run more in 18'

12.1142RedSockerCole, Keelan JAC WRC-

WR42 last yr. AVE 20.3 PPG from weeks 13-16 (4 gms). Should improve in 2nd yr. JAX added WRs Moncrief/Chark. Also competes w/ Lee/Westbrook. Run heavy offense.

12.11143Roto DuckRiddick, Theo DET RB

BRB26, RB25*, RB18 past 3 yrs. 3rd down 'back in productive offense. DET added RBs Blount/Johnson.
12.12144TruthKelly, John LAR RB

D+6th rnd pick. Potential handcuff for Gurley. Currently behind Brown/Davis on depth chart.
13.01145TruthTaylor, Tyrod CLE QB

B-QB16, QB8, QB16 past 3 yrs. Schematic/weapon upgrade w/ CLE. QB Mayfield could eventually become starter. Chemistry w/ new offense a question.

13.02146Roto DuckSanu, Mohamed ATL WR

B-WR29, WR51 past 2 yrs (ATL). Productive offense. Missed 2 gms past 5 yrs. ATL drafted WR Ridley 1st rnd. May lose targets to Ridley.
13.03147RedSockerIvory, Chris BUF RB

CRB59, RB48*, RB12, RB22 past 4 yrs. Handcuff to McCoy (SUS?). Offense trending down. Bad O-line. Not much passing threat (loaded boxes).
13.04148The CoyoteDixon, Kenneth BAL RB

D-Coming off torn meniscus. Has missed 20 games in 2 yrs. 3rd string behind Collins/Allen.
13.05149RotoJTPowell, Bilal NYJ RB

C+RB29, RB16, RB34* past 3 yrs. Offense 24th scoring 2017. Crowded backfield (Crowell/Rawls/McGuire)
13.06150CJayJackson, DeSean TBB WR

C+WR44, WR38, WR68*, WR23 past 4 yrs. Lots of mouths to feed. WR Godwin lurking. 13.4 YPC last yr lowest of career (age 31)
13.07151Joe HGoff, Jared LAR QB

AQB12 last yr. Should improve in 2nd szn. Productive offense. WR Cooks is upgrade. Viable starter for cheap.
13.08152MahanMatthews, Rishard TEN WR

BWR37, WR21 past 2 yrs (TEN). Offense trending up. Could lose TAR to ascending 2nd yr WRs Davis/Taylor. Run heavy offense.
13.09153WolfMcDonald, Vance PIT TEC+

TE52*, TE30*, TE30 past 3 yrs. Listed as starter. Productive offense. Never played full szn (injury risk). Compete w/ TE James
13.1154KeegsHoward, O.J. TBB TE

CTE 21 last yr. 2017 1st rnd pick. Winston loves TEs. Split time w/ TE Brate.
13.11155JimboSliceRams, Los Angeles LAR Def

B+D/ST4 last yr. Trending up (Peters/Talib/Suh). No offensive juggernauts in division. Can DEF gell?
13.12156Trader TimGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

AImpressed in 6 gms (undefeated). Full offseason to build chemistry. Shanahan offense productive. Landed him late. Small sample size.
14.01157Trader TimTucker, Justin BAL PK

B+K4, K2, K5 past 3 yrs. Offense trending up.
14.02158JimboSliceGostkowski, Stephen NEP PK

B+K2, K9, K1 past 3 yrs. Productive offense. Never missed game.
14.03159KeegsVikings, Minnesota MIN Def

BD/ST11 last yr. Stacked defense. Play high powered GB/DET offense twice a yr. Bears no push over anymore.
14.04160WolfRavens, Baltimore BAL Def

B+D/ST2 last yr. No key losses. CLE no longer pushover.
14.05161MahanEagles, Philadelphia PHI Def

B+D/ST3 last yr. DEF trending up (Bennett/Ngata/young CBs improve).
14.06162Joe HBreida, Matt SFO RB

14.07163CJayElliott, Jake PHI PK

K12 last yr, Missed 2 gms. 26/31 FGA. Productive offense. Should improve in 2nd yr.
14.08164RotoJTChargers, Los Angeles LAC Def

A-D/ST5 last yr. DEF trending up (D. James).
14.09165The CoyoteSaints, New Orleans NOS Def

BD/ST10 last yr. DEF trending up (young players improve/Davis/Davenport). Tough division (ATL/CAR/TB)
14.1166RedSockerBroncos, Denver DEN Def

B+D/ST13 last yr. DEF trending up (Chubb).
14.11167Roto DuckPrater, Matt DET PK

BK10, K6, K14 past 3 yrs. Productive offense.
14.12168TruthTexans, Houston HOU Def

BD/ST26 last yr. DEF trending up. Watt/Mercilus healthy. HOU signed DBs Mathieu/Colvin.
15.01169TruthLutz, Wil NOS PK

B+K6, K7 past 2 yrs. Productive offense. Never missed game. Entering 3rd szn.
15.02170Roto DuckClay, Charles BUF TE

C-TE18*, TE16, TE18* past 3 yrs. QB downgrade (Allen/McCarron/Peterman). Offense trending down. 1 full szn in 7 yrs (injury risk).
15.03171RedSockerBryant, Matt ATL PK

B+K5, K1, K25* past 3 yrs. Productive offense.
15.04172The CoyoteButker, Harrison KCC PK

B+K8 after taking over for Santos in week 4. Should improve in 2nd yr. Offensive production unknown w/ Mahomes at QB.
15.05173RotoJTBoswell, Chris PIT PK

BK7, K19, K9 past 3 yrs. Productive offense.
15.06174CJayGallup, Michael DAL WR

B-3rd rnd pick. Extremely talented. Opportunity to start immediately. Run heavy offense. How quickly can rookie master routes?
15.07175Joe HDoctson, Josh WAS WR

B-WR56 last yr. Redzone threat. Could improve in 3rd yr. Starting outside WR. Missed majority of rookie szn w/ achilles injury. Inconsistent.
15.08176MahanBailey, Dan DAL PK

BK28*, K9, K8 past 3 yrs. Misse 4 gms last yr w/ groin injury. Offense trending up (Zeke/improved O-line)
15.09177WolfGould, Robbie SFO PK

B+K3, K30*, K4 past 3 yrs. Offense trending up (Garoppollo/McKinnon/Garcon)
15.1178KeegsGano, Graham CAR PK

BK14, K8, K2 past 3 yrs. Offense trending up (OC Turner/WR Moore/Olsen)
15.11179JimboSliceBallage, Kalen MIA RB

C4th rnd pick. Elite athlete. Crowded backfield (Drake/Gore).
15.12180Trader TimBlount, LeGarrette

C+RB44, RB9, RB39* past 3 yrs. Productive offense. Goal-line 'back (TDs). Stuck in committee w/Johnson/Abdullah/Riddick
16.01181Trader TimBrown, John BAL WR

D+WR86*, WR75, WR26 past 3 yrs. Great reviews in camp. Offense upgrade w/ BAL. Chronic injury recovery slowed by sickle cell trait.
16.02182JimboSliceLockett, Tyler SEA WR

C-WR57, WR65, WR44 past 3 yrs. Could see more TAR w/ Baldwin injured. Added value as returner. Offense trending down.
16.03183KeegsKearse, Jermaine NYJ WR

C+WR26, WR81, WR48 past 3 yrs. Added WR competition (Pyor/Enunwa)
16.04184WolfEifert, Tyler CIN TE

B-Missed 40 games past 4 yrs. Elite TD rate when healthy (21% of REC past 3 yrs) Currently healthy. Late enough in draft to take chance.
16.05185MahanPatterson, Cordarrelle NEP WR

D+Highest fantasy finish of 5 yr career WR46 in 2013. NE best offense of career. Great camp reviews.
16.06186Joe HTitans, Tennessee TEN Def

B-D/ST16 last yr. DEF trending up (Butler/Evans/Landry). Play MIA week 1.
16.07187CJayScott, Boston NOS RB

D6th rnd pick. Productive offense. Ingram SUS 4 games. NO signed RBs West/Vareen. At best split w/ Kamara for 4 games.
16.08188RotoJTTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB

B-QB28* last yr. Offense trending up (Nagy/Robinson/Burton/Miller). Solid O-line. Unproven.
16.09189The CoyoteEdmonds, Chase ARI RB

D4th rnd pick. Potential handcuff for DJ. Bad O-line.
16.1190RedSockerRyan, Matt ATL QB

B+QB15, QB2, QB19, QB7 past 4 yrs. Offense trending up (Ridley/TDs rise to mean). Drafted late (value). 3 top 12 finishes past 6 yrs.
16.11191Roto DuckSeals-Jones, Ricky ARI TEC+TE45* last yr. 9 REC, 170 Yds, 3 TDs weeks 11-13 last yr. TE Gresham recovering from achillies injury. Bradford/Rosen QB upgrade. SUS from recent arrest?

16.12192TruthWaiting On Truth FPlease end this…

RotoJoe's Overall Team GPAs (Averages of all 16 picks)

TRUTH – 2.9

Roto Duck – 2.8

Redsocker 45 – 2.8

The Coyote – 2.8

RotoJT – 3.0

Cjay – 3.0

Joe H – 3.2 (lol, bias, anyone?)

Mahan – 3.0

Wolf – 3.1

Keegs – 2.7

Jimboslice – 2.8

TraderTim – 2.9