Trouble in Paradise:
Dissecting the Patriots Issues & Offseason with WEEI’s Ryan Hannable 


Time to Panic in New England?
What is going on with the patriots, and what will the offseason bring?

Season 2 of The Fantasy Fullback Dive ended in Patriots woe.

Unfortunately, Season 3 begins right where we left off.

While we'd have preferred moving on, The Wolf and Truth had no choice but to stay in New England after all this week's wild news: Bill Belichick / Malcolm Butler, Josh McDaniels, Rob Gronkowski... really, the entire team have all been under the microscope. So we've brought in the big guns to bring some clarity.

In our Season 3 premiere, we're absolutely thrilled to welcome on WEEI's Lead Patriots Beat Writer Ryan Hannable to the show, and pepper him with the burning questions.

Hannable gives us all the insider scoops he's scoured from the normally tight-lipped Patriots. From Butler's benching to McDaniel's return to Gronk's retirement and every other personnel, injury, and free agency question in-between, we get leave no New England stone unturned. 

Indeed, the Fullback Dive remains a fantasy-first podcast. In fact, a can't miss interview with an Oregon Guru around new Bears OC Mark Helfrich will be following soon in Episode 2, and a heated debate around the Top 20 of The Wolf's latest 2018 Big Board looms for Episode 3.

Still, with so much drama around The Wolf's hometown team, we needed to plow up the gut and get the inside scoops. A must-listen for any and all NFL fans, especially those who love or hate the boys in Blue n Red.

 Today's Guest

Ryan Hannable


Lead Patriots Beat Writer



A Boston native and diehard Patriots fan, Ryan Hannable is on the pulse of all things New England. Not one to ever sleep, Hannable is constantly unearthing valuable nuggets from the impenetrable Patriots fortress and churning out articles like a fiend. He's made numerous broadcast appearances on Boston Sports Radio's WEEI, and has now been to three Super Bowls and a World Series in his past five years. Decent job perks.

You'll Learn

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    What the hell happened with Malcolm Butler? Was it disciplinary, or is the CB telling the truth that there was no wrongdoing? Will there be any long term implications?
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    Why would Josh McDaniels leave the $$ and leadership of the Colts HC role to return as the Patriots OC? What does he mean to this team long term?
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    Is there legitimacy to Rob Gronkowski's retirement rumblings? 
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    What was really happening behind the scenes with Jimmy Garoppolo, and how will the team move forward at the position?
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    With Dion Lewis and Rex Burkhead slated for free agency, what's the team's outlook at RB? 
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    How is Julian Edelman's recovery going? What can the team expect out of their slot maestro in 2018?
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    Who will be taking over for the departed Matt Patricia, and how will the Patriots patch up this leaky defense?

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