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Mark Helfrich:
The Sleeper NFL Coaching Hire Fantasy Owners NEED to Know 


Breaking Down the Bears Attack:
What does Mark Helfrich bring to the table?

The Fantasy Fullback Dive plows into Season 3 like an absolute sledgehammer, welcoming on the Godfather of Oregon Football: Charles FIscher

A fantasy sheep may ask, "Why would you invite a college analyst to the show, even if a mastermind?"

But a true wolf knows that exact answer: Mark Helfrich.

The former Oregon HC has joined Matt Nagy as the Bears Offensive Coordinator, forming one of the most intriguing coaching duos of 2018. Understanding just how much Helfrich brings to the table is crucial.

Though Nagy will be calling plays, Helfrich and his bright, innovative mind weren't brought in without reason. The college coach is regarded as a QB Guru -- one Marcus Mariota attributes everything to (according to Fischer). The new OC will undoubtedly be bringing plenty of Spread and Zone Concepts into Nagy's West Coast attack. 

Thus, we bring in Fischer, who might know more about Helfrich and the Oregon Scheme than anyone who hasn't coached there (and maybe them too).  

In arguably our most nitty gritty, "X's and O's" Interview of all time, Fischer digs in deep to every facet of Helfrich's attack. In the process, Fischer lays down the foundation, and The Wolf and Truth bring the fantasy hammer. 

Today's Guest

Charles Fischer



A lifelong Ducks fan, Fischer is known by many as the Oregon Spread Guru. He's been crunching film and producing video breakdowns for countless years now. Over 50 videos later, prestigious papers (WSJ, Wash. Post) and coaches worldwide seek out his insight anything Zone Read and Oregon related.

You'll Learn

  • check
    Who Mark Helfrich is, and why, despite some head coaching struggles, he's an ideal offensive coordinator
  • check
    What general offensive philosophies and schemes Helfrich's attack will be grounded in, including in-depth breakdowns of the Zone Read and Spread attack.
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    Why Mitch Trubisky could legitimately be 2018's Jared Goff... if his weapons get a boost
  • check
    How Helfrich's run scheme could fit Jordan Howard and his impressive vision 
  • check
    Ways Tarik Cohen will find space and explode all over the field in 2018 
  • check
    The reasons TE Adam Shaheen will be the late round tight end who explodes 
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    Why the different West Coast and Spread concepts could form a perfect, explosive offensive marriage


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