FFBDPod 18:
First Fantasy Football
Mock Draft of 2018


First Mock Draft of 2018

As painful as it has been, The Wolf has held out from any Fantasy Football Mock Drafts or Draft Wizards...until now. He wanted his first Mock to be a live, unbiased breakdown of his true thoughts, and we've captured this to perfection.

In this 12-team, half PPR draft, The Wolf is assigned the 4th spot. Immediately, the debates begin with David Johnson vs. Antonio Brown, and they don't let up from here. Find out if The Wolf followed his coined strategy of "Building an RB Stable," what picks he thinks will be the Steals of 2018 drafts, and so much more. Plus, we breakdown breaking news on Dalvin Cook, Darren Sproles, and David Njoku. 

This live mock draft yielded so many market insights, it truly can't be missed! 

 You'll Learn

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    Who should you target at No.4 -- Antonio Brown or David Johnson? 
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    Why the Building a Stable of Backs remains 2018's top strategy... but where you should execute may need updating
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    Which RB in Round 2 could be this year's Todd Gurley and jump into the Top-5 RB.
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    What mid and late round WRs bring enormous upside so you can pull off the RB Stable without sacrificing WR ceiling
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    Which potential RB1s are falling insanely late in 2018 drafts 
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    Why Darren Sproles could be a genuine Penny Stock in the Eagles high-powered attack
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    Can David Njoku finally capitalize on his insane athleticism? 
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    The latest on Dalvin Cook's health and why he belongs in Round One
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    The importance of getting "your guys," even if it means aggressively reaching


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Just like the real game, fantasy football is truly a game of inches. From that crucial waiver wire pick-up, to the right draft-day selection in Round 9, fantasy titles are won with those hard-nosed, unsung, fullback-esque moves. That’s where the astutely researched, undeniably bold, and unfathomably genius opinions of our very-own Wolf and Truth come in. Gritty. Dirty. Always pushing the pile. Gain that crucial yard with the Fantasy Fullback Dive.

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