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The Leek: Local Boss Aims To Boost Morale In Office Fantasy Football League

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A good boss knows things run best when it’s happy employees, happy company.

A great boss knows that philosophy applies to commissioning his office’s fantasy football league as well.

Unfortunately, fate brought Derek just the test to see if he could lift up his league mates who were getting frustrated, for some reason, and prove his place as boss as justified.

It happened shortly after Justin went on about how excited he was to get Cooper Kupp right after their league’s draft.

Well just before week 2, Justin woke up on Sunday morning to set his lineup to find that his WR1 slot was empty. In fact, Kupp was gone altogether.

At some point, Kupp wound up on Derek’s team. Now put in an awkward spot to call out his boss, Justin treaded lightly at the office that Monday.

“Hey, Justin!” exclaimed Derek. “Jay-dawg! Jay-d-o-o-o-g! How’s it hangin’ bro?”

“Uh good, um, good, mostly,”

“Good ‘mostly’? Why, most- oh! Yeah! Hey, I thought you wouldn’t mind, you know, the switch, I was really diggin’ what you were saying and everything, you know. Figured you know I’d give you Brandon Aiyuk in return, right, not bad, not bad?”

“Um, well, um…but why though, why? I mean, if you don’t mind me asking,”

“Nah, nah, bro, I guess you should know, huh? It’s only right, you know me, huh, I’m all about doin’ the right thing, well, listen. There’s this conference coming up with a lot of the bosses and they’re really into the game too. So, I know it might not seem like it now, but the better I do, the better the whole department looks, right? Like a trickle down effect, you know? It’s an economical thing, I don’t know how much you know about all that kinda stuff,”

“Uh, sh-sure, yeah. Okay,”

“Cool, cool! I knew you’d be cool about it, man, you’re alright, man, you’re on your way.”

After a couple months, league spirits hit an all-time low when it became obvious there was never any conference. Derek was determined not to let the universe bring the department down, and prove his greatness.

“Alright, Justin, man, Jay-dawg, bro, hey, remember what I told ya, man? Remember, about trickle down, man?”


“I got just the thing. You can get back double what you paid in for the league, no sweat.”

Justin’s brow did its best Rock “The Dwayne” Johnson impression, “No sweat, huh?”

“Nope. See these forms I got? When 5 o’clock hits, I’ll come by and drop these off on your desk, just fill ’em out this weekend, an-y-time, this weekend, and get ’em back to me on Monday. I figure you can knock it out in about…six hours, no sweat.”

“Trickle down…overtime?”

“Overtime. You know I look out for you, bro.”

Derek walked off, smiling, pondering what a privilege it is to be the boss his fine employees deserve.

Not all heroes wear capes.


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