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RotoVegas | NFL Week 13 Fantasy Football Results and Breakdown

Welcome back to #RotoVegas, where we give you the rush of gambling without the pain of losing all your money. The readers finally did it. You went 4-1 and dominated #RotoVegas for the first time this season. It only took 13 weeks, but the correct answers have been trending upwards.

Our polls were posted on Friday onto our Twitter and Instagram pages — as always — so I hope you all voted. Now, let’s see how everybody did.

1. Cam Newton has been on a tear in 2018 and is our QB2 this week against a weak Bucs D. He’s a 5-point favorite against Philip Rivers, who’s our QB6 when his Chargers face the Steelers. Who you got?

Newton -5: 37%
Rivers +5: 63%

Winner: Rivers +5

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this may be the first QB poll the readers have been right on all year. This one surprised me, as even though the Panthers had lost 3 straight heading into this week, Cam Newton had been on a tear. He slowed significantly this week, throwing for 300 yards and 2 TDs but adding FOUR interceptions to finish with a modest 15.3 points. Philip Rivers, meanwhile, lit it up on Sunday Night Football with just similar yardage and TD numbers to Cam (299 yards, 2 TDs) but zero INTs and two 2-point conversions for a total of 24 points and the cover.

2. Saquon Barkley, our RB5 for the week as the Giants face the Bears’ stout D, is a 6-point favorite over Philip Lindsay, who’ll go up against the Bengals. Who’s your pick?

Barkley -6: 33%
Lindsay +6: 67%

Winner: Lindsay +6

And the readers jump out to a 2-0 lead! Saquon Barkley put up a decent fight in this one, putting up just under 150 total yards, but Philip Lindsay was not to be denied. He rushed for 157 yards and 2 TDs, putting up 28.9 points for a top-5 week that wins him this matchup easily. 2-0 lead early for the readers.

3. Adam Thielen, coming off a big performance against the Packers. Kenny Golladay is 9 spots below him at WR16 when his Lions face the Rams. The line is Thielen -5; who you got?

Thielen -5: 69%
Golladay +5: 31%

Winner: Thielen -5

Now THIS one was close. Neither player had particularly impressive weeks here, but Adam Thielen did just enough to cover this one. Yardage-wise, this was Thielen’s worst game of the season, finishing with just 28 yards on 5 catches. He snagged a TD in the 1st half, however, allowing him to finish with a decent 13.8 points on the day. Kenny Golladay was targeted 8 times in Detroit’s loss to the Rams, but caught just 3 passes for 50 yards, finishing with 8 points. He was that close to covering the 5-point spread here, but he doesn’t, and the readers lock up a victory with a sweep still in play.

4. Eric Ebron, our TE3 for Week 13, has seen his stock skyrocket since Jack Doyle was placed on IR. He’s a 5-point favorite this week over Cameron Brate, who has also risen due to injuries. Who you taking?

Ebron -5: 57%
Brate +5: 43%

Winner: Ebron -5

Anotha one! And this one wasn’t close at all. Despite Indy being shutout by the Jags, Eric Ebron caught 10 of a season-high 16 targets for 81 yards, putting up 15.2 points for a top-5 week among TEs. Cameron Brate, meanwhile, played little role in Tampa Bay’s upset win over the Panthers. He caught just 3 passes for 36 yards, putting the readers up 4-0 looking for their first sweep of the year.

5. The Chiefs D is our #3 option this week as they hope to get Eric Berry back and face the lowly Raiders. Just below them is the Seahawks D, who’ll face the 49ers at home. At Chiefs -4, who you got?

Chiefs -4: 64%
Seahawks +4: 36%

Winner: Seahawks +4

So close! The Chiefs were one of our top options for the week but definitely let us down, grabbing 3 fumbles and recording 3 sacks but also allowing 33 points for just 5 fantasy points. Seattle, meanwhile, had a pick-six, 2 fumbles, 3 sacks, and just 16 PA to finish with 11 points. The sweep would’ve been great, but with how this season has gone, I think the readers will take a 4-1 week. Now, with 4 weeks remaining, our season score sits at 38-25-2 in favor of RSJ.

Be sure to vote each week on our Twitter account and Instagram Story, and check back after the games are over for the breakdown. If you enjoy it, tell your friends! Nothing would make me happier than getting this series big enough that I can take your money for real. And if you have any questions about real-life wagers or fantasy, hit me up on Twitter as well.

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