Fantasy Football Team Preview Rankings: No. 11 Atlanta Falcons

Get Julio the damn ball.

Fantasy Football Team Previews

#11 – Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons offense has fallen from its elite category under the play calls of Kyle Shanahan, but they still have plenty of talent to put up numbers fantasy owners can rally behind. With one of the league’s best WRs paired with a promising rookie, Matt Ryan could bounce back towards his 2016 kind of self.

QBs: Matt Ryan (QB16)

Flacons QB Matt Ryan had an MVP season in 2016 making him one of the biggest steals of the draft and flourished under Kyle Shanahan’s offense scheme. After his departure to San Francisco last year, Ryan’s numbers dropped considerably, especially in the touchdown department. He’s still a serviceable fantasy QB to roster, but you aren’t getting top tier QB numbers similar to Rodgers anymore.

RBs: Devonta Freeman (RB13), Tevin Coleman (RB30)

The Falcons have a pretty solid tandem in their backfield with one of the more talented pairings. Devonta Freeman is the leader of the duo, but actually saw his touches decrease from his previous seasons in Atlanta. He’s still the guy when the team gets down to the goal line, but Tevin Coleman has been etching his way into Freeman’s carries and starting to even out the distribution. Freeman still goes relatively earl in drafts around the third round or so, but his production last year and the absence of Shanahan have lowered his stock from his prior first round talent.

Coleman has shown he’s a valuable piece to have on fantasy rosters, especially when Freeman is out with injury. It’s difficult to spend such a high price on a backup running back though despite how talented he is. This almost has the look of developing into even more of a timeshare and ugly committee we dread seeing.

WRs: Julio Jones (WR5), Calvin Ridley (WR63), Mohamed Sanu (WR84)

One of the premiere receivers in all of the NFL still gets a bad rap when it comes to fantasy football. Julio Jones has undeniable talent that is on another level few can match. It’s just so annoying when one of the best receivers ends up with 3 touchdowns in the 2017 season. He’s WILDLY inconsistent despite a huge 148 target total in 2017. He’d average about 6 catches a game for 90 yards and no scores. If you take out his absurd 12-253-2 game against the Packers, his stats are very pedestrian. With this little production last year, his ADP has fallen considerably compared to what it once was. He offers some pretty good value as a mid-second rounder for being one of the league’s best receivers.

Atlanta did spend their first pick this year on Alabama rookie Calvin Ridley to line up opposite Julio. Ridley has been highly touted for a while now and is hoping to put out some quality WR2 numbers in Atlanta. Rookie WRs have often had trouble in their initial season so his ADP comes in the middle rounds. He’s hoping he can fill into Mohamed Sanu’s role as a fantasy relevant WR2. Sanu ended up with more touchdowns that Julio last year with five and still finished with 67 catches for 703 yards. Sanu is likely to take a hit ADP wise with Ridley in the fold and probably won’t be high on draft boards if he’s still there.

TEs: Austin Hooper (TE29)

Hooper has serious potential being in an Atlanta offense with Matt Ryan at QB, but he just hasn’t capitalized on said opportunity. Former great Tony Gonzalez thrived, but Hooper is no hall of famer. He’ll always be a fourth or so option in the passing game, maybe even around 6 with the RBs in the fold. He’s not worth going after in fantasy.


Atlanta has a great offensive line clocking in at #3 overall. Center Alex Mack is one of the best in the league, and the team went out and signed guard Brandon Fusco which should help bolster the line even more. Left tackle Jake Matthews has been great for the team, and just the line’s overall production has been great for helping everyone else on the offense do their jobs.


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