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RotoVegas | NFL Preseason Week 1 Results and Breakdown

This week I was SUPER excited to debut #RotoVegas. Building on my work from last season, where I’d explore Vegas odds and what they meant for your fantasy rosters, this takes it a step further both in innovation and interactivity with you, our loyal readers.

So, what is it exactly?

Each week, I’ll be loading up five poll questions on our Twitter and our Instagram Story (if you aren’t following already, smack yourself in the head once for me….. great, now follow them). Four will be fantasy-specific, gauging opinions and interest from our fans in certain topics and head-to-head matchups. The fifth will be something unrelated that I feel like asking.

So without further ado, here are the results:

1. DeAndre Hopkins was 2nd among WR in PPR points in 2017 with 309.8. With (hopefully) a full season with a healthy Deshaun Watson, does he pass that mark?

Over 310: 70%
Under 310: 30%

Our first poll is a simple over/under for DeAndre Hopkins, who’s currently The Wolf’s WR2 (8th player overall). He finished as last year’s WR2 with a shade under 310 PPR points, and that was while playing over 60% of his games with Brock Osweiler or T.J. Yates under center. With DeShaun Watson‘s ACL looking completely healed, Houston’s dynamic duo will look to continue their success together which yielded over 550 yards and 6 TDs in Watson’s 6 starts in 2017. With Will Fuller V the only other proven WR on the roster, a huge leap for Hopkins seems inevitable, possibly even into the coveted WR1 spot that Antonio Brown has held down for the last 4 seasons. The consensus pick here was the over, and I agree.

2. Dalvin Cook’s consensus ADP sits at 13 as he attempts to return from an ACL tear. You taking the over or under?

Under (Before) 13: 51%
Over (After) 13: 49%

I knew this one was going to be close, but the results even surprised me. Dalvin Cook was an absolute monster in Minnesota’s backfield last year, averaging 4.8 yards/carry and racking up over 110 total yards per game before tearing his ACL in Week 4. Latavius Murray is still in the picture on this roster, but it’s unquestionably Cook’s backfield, especially after he’s “shown no lingering effects” of the injury throughout camp. The Wolf has him 1 slot higher than the consensus ADP, coming in at RB9, just ahead of Kareem Hunt and Jerick McKinnon. I personally think that’s right on the money, and would certainly take Cook in the first round given the opportunity.

3. Todd Gurley’s breakout 2017 season netted him 383.3 PPR points, the most in football. Ezekiel Elliott broke out in 2016 with 325.4 PPR before a rocky 2017. With the spread at -30 pts for Gurley, who scores more in 2018?

Gurley -30: 43%
Zeke +30: 57%

Setting the spread for this one was no easy task, but I felt 30 was around the right area. Ezekiel Elliott‘s best season as a pro, his 2016 rookie campaign which netted him a rushing title and First Team All-Pro honors, still put him almost 60 points behind what Todd Gurley was able to do a season ago. Gurley now has a new deal and finds himself yet again a part of one of the most dynamic offenses in football. But will the Rams spread the ball too much for Gurley to repeat his 2017 dominance? Only time will tell. I’ve personally been very high on Zeke heading into this season, with the mindset that he’ll finally be distraction-free and get to focus solely on running through the holes provided by his beast of an offensive line. Ultimately, I’m going to side with the people on this one and say Zeke covers the spread.

4. Greg Olsen (5.2) and Evan Engram (5.6) currently have very similar ADPs for PPR format. Given the choice, which is your TE1?

Olsen: 41%
Engram: 59%

This one was less of an odds question and more a simple pick-em: you’ve got a pick, likely around the fifth round, and you’re going for your TE1. Who’re you picking? Evan Engram was the fantasy TE5 last year, racking up 173.6 PPR points on the year, while Greg Olsen‘s season was hampered by a broken right foot which occurred in Week 2 lingered through the rest of the season. He stated in April that the foot is 100% healed and signed a 2-year, $17.1M extension a few weeks later, so the Panthers obviously agree that the foot will no longer be an issue. In Olsen’s last full season in 2016, he finished as the TE3, tallying 207.3 points while playing in all 16 games. And while Olsen is a huge part of the Panthers’ offense anywhere on the field, Engram does most of his damage in the red zone where he caught all 6 of his TDs last season, with 5 coming from inside the 10-yard line. It remains to be seen whether or not those close-range targets will persist now that the Giants employ one of the strongest and best young RBs in the game in Saquon BarkleyThe Wolf has Engram as his TE4, 2 positions ahead of Olsen, but I’m going against the people and my boss here, and I’m picking Olsen.

5. For the rest of your life, would you rather only have access to cold showers or warm drinks?

Cold Showers: 72%
Warm Drinks: 28%

This is a would-you-rather I heard awhile back and frankly, I think it’s pretty obvious. Yeah, obviously showers are better when they’re warm. You ever take a shower when there’s no hot water? Yuck. But c’mon; you’re telling me you couldn’t deal with chilly water in your shower for a few minutes every morning or night if it meant you could have a cold beer or glass of water whenever you want? I might have to rethink my stance on our readers because approximately 28% of you are friggin’ whack jobs. I’m taking cold showers on this one 1,000 times out of 1,000 and if you disagree, you should take a long look in the mirror and figure out where your head is at. Seriously.


And that, my friends, is Roto Vegas. You have as much fun as I did? Good. Be sure to vote in our polls every week and check back every Friday all season long for my breakdown of the results. And please, for the love of God (Tom Brady), give me a better showing in the 5th question next week.

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